Best Streaming TV Services 2020 | Honest Reviews, In-depth Comparisons, & Helpful Advice.

hey guys it's Mike that helpful dad with

what I hope is another helpful video for

you how to get rid of cable TV and move

to streaming TV online so you can save

some money let me show you the topics

we're going to talk about today so you

can decide if this video is worth

watching for you

so we're going to talk about AT&T TV now

we're gonna talk about fubo TV we're

gonna review Hulu with live TV we're

gonna review Philo we're going to review

sling TV we're gonna review a new entry

vid go we're gonna talk about YouTube TV

so those be your main streaming options

we're also gonna touch on low-caste

TV as an option for local channels we're

gonna talk about Amazon Prime video

Netflix a little bit and there's ozark

just releasing today as I record this


Pluto TV the roku channel so those are

the things we're going to talk about if

you're interested in this topic and you

want to know kind of what my advice is I

kind of a thumbs up or thumbs down so to

speak for each of those you'll be able

to get that from this video so as far as

who I am

well my name is Mike that helpful dad

and I've got a website called that

helpful dad basically if I if I'm trying

to learn something on my own and I think

it's helpful I put it on my website and

maybe it helps you too so that helpful

dad calm one of the things that's been

real popular my website is you know some

of the experience I have in terms of

cutting the cord also like making

spreadsheets comparing things so I've

got all the ones that were going to talk

about today I kind of had them listed on

a spreadsheet you can access this

spreadsheet you can either get it on my

on my home page when you sign up for my

free email list you can download the

spreadsheet as well too

or I'll just put a direct link in the

description of this video if you don't

want to get my emails that's fine too

everything is free it's totally up to

you but I've got little comparisons that

kind of help you decide you know

hopefully quickly which one of these

streaming options is gonna be best for

you the last time I made a video on this

topic was about six months ago or so and

you can see that here but a lot has

changed since then so we want to make

sure we're making a new video to talk

about what's available now so without

further ado let's get started so the

first option is going to be and we're

just kind of going on alphabetic

really AT&T TV now used to be called

Direct TV now it's supposed to be

switching in the near future to HBO max

or HBO now since AT&T bought Direct TV

they've been doing through a lot of

changes including a lot of price changes

this option would be best for those

people who want an experience similar to

cable TV and I'm going to show you their

different packages in a second here

there's a lot of different packages to

choose from but it's not gonna be an

option really for you to save a lot of

money okay so the two basic plans they

have is called the plus and the max and

you can see 65 a month - 80 a month now

you do get HBO included or HBO and

Cinemax included any time you're trying

to decide on whether you want to really

get rid of cable TV and move to online

streaming it really depends on you know

what channels are available and so as we

go through each of these here I'm gonna

kind of show you how can you find out

what channels are available and also

very important as does the service

provide local channels if that's

important to you to be able to watch

live local news and sports if you don't

want to have to deal with an antenna you

know if you just kind of want to all in

one location you can do that here okay

so H AT&T TV now is actually very good

from a local standpoint and from giving

you lots of options and so but it just

cost a little bit more money so in terms

of the plus package you get 45 channels

you can kind of see them here right and

then if you want to add on more channels

you can also add an additional you can

also add on like additional you know

premiums as well - okay so I encourage

you to go to this area at the bottom

here so you can see which local channels

and regional sports networks are

available in your area

unfortunately when we try to click on it

today and enter a zip code the service

as you can see is not working this has

been one of the problems with AT&T now

whether it's the DVR or whether it's

surfing like this there's a lot of

glitches with unfortunately with this

service and it's one of the reasons I

actually left it when the price which

was changing with Direct TV now and AT&T

bought it and the

the glitches with the DVR I left this

service it used to be a service I had in

any case hopefully by the time you check

that little bar will actually be working

again if you want to compare the a

channel list of both of these two right

here you can do this see all channels

between plus and max and you can kind of

go down that way and you can look again

you could go to my website and you could

also get the channel list here with all

of them together and you can kind of see

how to do it but you are going to want

to know what the what local channels are

available and really the only way to do

that is if this thing here works now

besides the two main packages there are

other packages they have and these are

pretty high priced packages as you can

see but you know again if you if you're

choosing this service is because price

is not really an issue for you and you

want the flexibility that AT&T TV now

offers okay so they have other options

entertainment choice extra ultimate $135

and basically you get their their their

whole kit and caboodle right there they

also have very good international

coverage with 18 18 t TV now this is

just one of the options but I have a

whole nother video that's all about the

international options and really AT&T TV

now and sling TV are your best bets for

international options the purpose of

this video in order to keep it somewhat

short we're not going to go super

in-depth for each for each of these

services right here the key for 18 T TV

now is that you want to find out if

that's the channels that you want you

want to look at the extras and see you

know is it important for you to have

these little extras right here and then

also how many TVs do you need at one

time they give you three streams unless

you're willing to pay more how does the

DVR work again I've got other videos

about that those are kind of extra

considerations that you would go into if

you're really strongly considering 18 T

TV now my number one takeaway for this

service is if you don't mind paying more

and you want the extra flexibility AT&T

TV now could be the service for you not

my service but could be for you okay

they can ask of you if the video is

helpful for you

I'd ask that you please like the video

maybe share it with a friend of course

if you if you're liking what I'm saying

to you over time subscribe to my youtube

channel so the next is fubo TV now fumo

TV used to just be for kind of

and really in last year or so they

really have upped their total streaming

game it is a viable option for a

streaming service right now are multiple

different plans besides the main one

there's the family plan here

there's the Ultra plan as well too and

so you can see what's kind of included

with that and of course they also have

you know a Spanish option as well to

fubo TV is also on my list right here

some other things to note two streams

unless you pay more you can get three

streams the DVR is thirty hours you can

get 500 hours if you want to pay a

little bit more locals are gonna very

late also when you're going to check for

HUBO TV it's probably going to give you

a cookie to pop up so that you could

enter your zip code location and this is

what's available in my area so from a

local perspective

remember we weren't able to do this with

AT&T TV now cuz that wasn't working but

here I can see I could get my locals CBS

FOX NBC and ABC I don't see listed right

here so that's interesting so ABC might

not be an option in my area but it could

be in yours but a lot of other options

right here this is one of the few

services that does give you the bean

Sports Network if that's of interest to

you I know that sometimes hard to find

and you can see some other things that

are available as well too including I

believe Nick jr. which is another yeah

Nick jr. which another one that's also

hard to find again find out what

channels are important to you and see if

the service offers it to you and again

if you want to see all the plans that

are available they actually do have a

number of different plans and you can

kind of just sort that here for you and

you can see the price per month and what

and what's included in there and so

that's fubo TV I think fubo is a really

an up-and-coming service and if it has

the channels that you want it seems to

be a pretty reasonable price to me I've

heard good things about fubo from those

who have it let's move on to hulu hulu

with live TV so remember 18t TV now gave

you like five different plans to choose

from right all the different plans and

packages that were available fubo had a

number of different packages available

to hulu with live TV basically just

gives you one package okay and so it's

simplifies it if that's what's of

interest to you then it could be a great

service Hulu is one of the most popular

services in America

today and you could come here and you

can enter your zip code so I would be

able to in my area to get ABC remember I

wasn't able to get ABC on fubo so I get

ABC with Hulu CBS Fox and NBC as well

too as well as the regional sports

networks for myself and then we can see

all the channels that would be available

in my area along with some add-ons if I

wanted to add on and either premiums or

some entertainment type options as well

to minimal Spanish options here with

Hulu not nearly as much as you might

find with a teen teen now or or sling

which we haven't got to you but Hulu

let's check the current price of Hulu's

because it has changed recently so fifty

five dollars a month and now this is not

regular Hulu this is Hulu with live TV

regular Hulu is a whole different

service it's not the live TV options

here it's more of like you know either

Hulu originals or prior shows that have

previously been recorded but for our

purposes from a streaming standpoint you

want to talk about Hulu with live TV so

make sure that if you look up here see

where my cursor is it's back

slash live TV okay so in terms of other

things related to Hulu let me just go

over to my spreadsheet real quick and

look at Hulu one package good local

channel availability DVRs 50 hours No

Limit you can pay a little extra and get

200 hours only two streams at once

pretty good on the premium channels and

again typical seven-day trial very

limited though on international channels

but lots of people love Hulu I know a

lot of friends that have Hulu I had Hulu

with live TV I didn't like the TV Guide

that they had if I was a bit hard to

find things but otherwise and also

didn't like that you only had one option

there really wasn't a lot of

customization options but if you want a

simple way to go to streaming TV online

Hulu TV could be a very popular choice I

know a lot of older people you know and

I'm almost 50 I consider myself somewhat

old but people even older than me that

like the simplified option of Hulu with

live TV and that might be an option for

you as well too if you're in that

category all right I also want to point

out that I'm just an average Joe I don't

know everything so you probably have

some tips that you could share with

me why not add a comment to the comments

section and let us all learn together

and that includes criticism if you don't

like the video let me know and I'll try

to do better in the next time as well

too but if you have a tip to share add

it in the comment section so we can all

learn together now let's go so we're

gonna move on to Philo Philo is a

fantastic little option a lot people

don't know about it 60 or almost 60 so

you know is 59 channels for $20 a month

so what's Philo's not gonna give you is

this not gonna give you your local

channels I think that's on my

spreadsheet here let's see ya file out

see see all the locals here they're all

blacked out so you're really not going

to get cuz locals cost money for the the

streaming services to have and that's

what you'll see when we get to sling in

a moment here Philo just doesn't even go

that route but they do give you a real

nice little selection of channels right

here and this includes Nick jr. as well

- this is not gonna be for your sports

but for your regular kind of you know

kids channels and lifestyle channels

like HD HD TV history and some of the

news channels Philo could be a great

option here is a tip for you a lot of

people to interact with me on youtube

and on my webpage they talk about the

the great combination of YouTube TV

which we haven't got to yet YouTube TV

plus Philo plus Pluto TV is a

combination a lot of people do that

really can kind of check almost every

box that you want outside of including

Netflix which is a different animal

we'll talk about in a moment but if

these channels are of interest to you

and or if you have an antenna to be able

to pick up your local channels this

could file could be a great little

option for you and it's only $20 a month

so that that's one of your low-cost

options okay now let's get to sling so

sling used to be one of the most popular

really it was one of the pioneers of

cord cutting and streaming TV on Lennon

it used to be number one I don't know if

it still is anymore because YouTube TV

and Hulu have really come on like

gangbusters see right now we're in the

middle of the coronavirus crisis and I

hope that by the time you're watching

this video this is not even a thing

anymore but right now sling is doing a

free 14-day trial if you're if you're in

the middle of it and experiencing this

you can watch the service completely for

free so that's pretty nice

little feature right there otherwise

though assuming that we've kind of moved

beyond that let's talk about slang in

terms of what's available here for you

now they used to have two different

packages and things are kind of up in

the air because of the whole coronavirus

thing but the way that they were working

in the past you'll see over here on my

spreadsheet let's see they had something

called sling Orange which gave you 30

channels for $25 a month and sling blue

which was 40 channels for 25 a month or

you could combo those because they had

different plant up they had different

channels in each list and you can get

them both for 40 dollars a month so in

terms of what channels are available for

sling you can kind of see the services

you can see the channels that they offer

and you know there's quite a lot here

from a basic online channel standpoint a

lot of kids networks including Nick jr.

lifestyle networks that we can see here

some movie options as well - very good

for news and then you can add various

premiums as well - if these are of

Industry of course everything has a

price and then from a sports standpoint

sling also does have the NFL Network and

the NFL red zone that's another one

that's kind of hard to find a cope

hopefully we will have NFL again

sometime soon here also MLB options and

NBA TV is all there it's all based on

you know it's sling is like this is this

is what's good about sling it's like an

ala carte service right you pick the

basic package that you want so again I

can kind of show you this with my

spreadsheets let's say you chose the

sling Orange and you would get all the

channels here that you see listed and

then if you wanted to add some extras so

you see like if you want a Disney Junior

you could add the kids extra package or

if you wanted to have extra sports

channels you could add the sports extra

package so you can kind of add and

customize with like you know little

add-ons in terms of what you want and

they have lots of different add-ons and

I think I may have them listed here you

like so the comedy extra is $5 and it

gives you all this the kids extra if you

wanted boomerang for $5 you get

boomerang Nick jr. etc Hollywood extra

and yada yada yada sling is fantastic

for international options you can see

look at the different options from an

extra standpoint for

Spanish and then tons of options here as

well too from an international

perspective that I've got another video

all about the international options for

sling suffice it to say though that if

you're interested in sling and and this

little deal is still going on with the

coronavirus situation it's a great way

to be able to try it right now otherwise

again it's very good from a

customization standpoint so what's the

problem with sling it seems like it's a

low cost everything is great the problem

with sling is they keep the cost low

because they don't really offer a lot of

local programming sometimes you may be

able to get let me just see here I think

it's Fox and ABC are the main ones yes

Fox and NBC are kind of

location-specific not very good coverage

for ABC and CBS

so what sling recommends and they know

this and that's how they keep the cost

low what they recommend is that you have

an antenna in fact they actually have

multiple deals where they will send you

this combination of this air to TD air

TV to device and an HD antenna and there

used to be some options where they would

actually even install it for you and the

air to TV device actually helps you get

the local channels kind of already

integrated into your streaming app so I

have a lot of people on YouTube and my

website that talked about this

combination being very effective for

them if you don't mind having a an

antenna having to having to kind of deal

with that if you're in an area that gets

good reception that may work for you in

Florida where we're at where we have you

know bad weather that causes trouble

with antennas it just never really

worked for me so I don't want to mess

with antennas I want the streaming

service that kind of has my locals

already included in there and so sling

unfortunately is not an option for me

but I know a lot of people that have

sling and love sling and they

specifically love it because the locals

they access through an antenna right if

that's an option for you check this area

out right here and you can see you can

take advantage of of you know how many

how many you might need depending on the

number of TVs that you have so sling

customization those are the two words

that go together right there okay next

is a new service called vid go you may

not even heard about this one because

it's real

new but it actually is about a viable

option here for you so they have a

couple main packages right here the core

package in the plus package with the

core package right this is the channels

that you're going to be able to get you

can kind of see them right here

right and then with the plus package you

can see what you get right here look

there's Nick jr. again there's NFL

Network and NFL red zone so those are

some great options as well - okay so as

far as vid go goes you know you're

really not gonna probably get very good

local coverage there may be some Fox

possibly some NBC depending on your area

it's hard to find that information out

there's a kind of a blog that they have

but it's there's every local service

i've chose didn't come up with anything

available in that area so they've kind

of said it's kind of coming soon it is a

new developing service so it's just

something you're gonna kind of have to

check back with in the future

a couple latin options as well - and you

can kind of see what's available right

there the way I view kind of vid go

what's the bottom line on video is this

kind of a developing service if you like

being on the forefront of trying new

things maybe you might want to try vid

go for the prices right there I think

you can do better with a sling or a

Philo or you know one of the other

options Hulu or YouTube right okay

speaking of YouTube TV let's move on to

YouTube TV this is the service that I

have now now I used to have something

called PlayStation View which I

personally still think is the best

streaming option that was ever created

and unfortunately when Sony bought

PlayStation they killed PlayStation View

last year they actually killed it maybe

it was just in January here this year

but anyway it's not available anymore

so I've since moved to YouTube TV now

again going back to my spreadsheet right

here in terms of a summary I chose

YouTube TV because it's a relatively

recent price it only has one channel

package option which I'll show you in a

moment but great local channel

availability unlimited DVR world

renowned for its DVR service three

streams and you know there are some

other limitations with it that just

weren't as good as PlayStation View but

for my purposes basically I want to have

the best local channel coverage so I

like watching local news and sports

and weather and so that was important

for me to have all of the locals and I

and I am a big Google YouTube type

person so I want to be able to you know

have a service that I'm used to and so

YouTube TV seem to be it for me so the

way you check to see what channels are

available in your area is you come here

you enter your zip code and then you can

see hopefully fairly easily let's see if

it works better than in AT&T now and so

I can see I do get ABC CBS FOX NBC as

well my regional sports networks I get

so if and when the Rays ever play again

I'll be able to watch that also MLB

channel and get the ESPN's doesn't have

NFL network or NFL red zone so that's a

limiting factor so you know but what's

great about all these services there's

no contract so you just cancel this

service during NFL season and switch

over to food with FUBU or sling or

whatever it is that that that you want

at that time and you can kind of go back

and forth you're never locked into a

contract with any of these services here

great news coverage lifestyle it's

really all there they have premiums that

you can add on as well to youtube TV the

reason why i choose it again although i

don't like the fact that there's only

one package and I really can't customize

it is it's a good reasonable price it

gives you good streaming quality it's

very easy to use

everybody in my family uses it from my

five-year-old to the 75 year old

mother-in-law as well too we all use it

and it's just very easy to do so if you

want an easy service that gives you that

unlimited DVR YouTube TV can be a great

option for you but again I encourage you

to compare it see what's best for you

again go to my website or look in the

description of the video and download

this or access this cord cutting list

right here and again I have YouTube laid

out with all the channels that are

available as well too and you can kind

of see that there for you okay so that's

YouTube TV I'd definitely give YouTube

TV a thumbs up alright next let's talk

about some additional things right so

we've mentioned multiple times that when

you're choosing one of these packages

you want to make sure the local channels

are available and so if it's not

available in your area then you either

need to get an ant

right so you need to go to Amazon and we

need to get an HD antenna and you need

to kind of figure out what's best for

you I've tried lots of antennas in my

area in Florida just didn't work for me

right just whether it's the weather or


you may find that you're in an area that

you can find something called low-caste

if you're in one of these areas right

here you are in great luck because I

have so many people on YouTube talk

about how much they love low-caste for

their local channels it's a free

not-for-profit service that gives you

broadcast television over the Internet

so what a wonderful option unfortunately

in Florida big goose egg right here

right now but maybe if you're in one of

these areas then this could be a way for

you to say get sling for a low cost or

Philo for a low cost twenty twenty-five

dollars for one of those two and then

get low cast for your locals that's a

great combination all right now let's

move on to Amazon Netflix things like

that so if you're a Prime member of

Amazon like you're paying that monthly

or that yearly or monthly prime fief you

know you get the free delivery you may

not know this but you also have prime

video so on Prime video you have access

to a lot of free movies and TV content

and that includes Amazon original series

so Prime Amazon original series things

like Jack Ryan which is very popular a

new show with Robert DeNiro called

hunters some other shows that we like I

know the expanse is very popular some

people are talking about the boys as

well too man in the high castle that's a

complete series that's there now as well


what's another one that we liked Sneaky

Pete I don't see it here but had

Giovanni Ribisi Avani Ribisi was on it

Oh Bosch there's Bosch and Sneaky Pete

both of those are great services these

are free Amazon series that you can

watch so similar to like Netflix S

series these are on Amazon you can also

let's let's say you had sling and for

whatever reason they didn't have HBO or

PBS masterpiece to add you can add a

prime video channel through your through

your Amazon account and then that app if

you download it will appear on your

amazon firetv interface or Roku or

whatever you use and so let's say you

wanted to a

at HBO it's like $15 a month you add it

for a month or so watch your game of

Thrones or whatever it is you want to

watch and then you can cancel it right

there right through your Amazon account

we watched a series called Poldark on

PBS masterpiece it was fantastic

watched it for a month cancelled this

service' it's like I think $5 for that

or something so they have a lot of these

Amazon channels you can add so if you

are cord cutting you can kind of pick

and choose what you want and just add

what you need through Amazon Prime video

they also have movies and a lot of other

stuff as well too so that's Amazon to

balance with you

Netflix is a blocks channel gosh my kids

would love it I better not show them

that because they'll watch it all day


kids channels Latino channels and then

Internet music as well too so you can

see that here so Pluto is TV is

completely free find the app and

whatever you watch your streaming TV on

whether that's firestick or whether

that's Roku or Apple TV download this

and use it it's just a great way to have

additional free content it's kind of a

must-have okay finally if you have roku

TV then roku TV has something called the

roku channel it's kind of like Amazon

Prime video it's their little version of

that they've got each month I don't know

how often it changes but they've got

free movies they've got binge where they

TV and then there are just like Amazon

how those channels they can that you

could add through Amazon you can also

add channels through Roku as well two

premium channels like HBO or what have

you so this is just another option for

you to be able to get rid of cable TV

and customize what you want depending on

the interface that you have and then you

can then you can get rid of cable TV and

get everything that you want okay so

let's start wrapping up this video right

here so if this was helpful for you

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