Top 5 BEST Steam Mop of [2020]

what's up guys today's video is on the

top five steam mops in 2020.

through extensive research and testing

i've put together a list of options that

will meet the needs of different types

of buyers

so whether it's price performance or its

particular use

we've got you covered for more

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now let's get started the first steam

mop on today's menu is shark steam

pocket mop shark has quite a lot of

budget cleaning products and accessories

and s3501 is an

excellent representative of their

quality basically this is a petite small

and highly compact steam mop with

dimensions that measure 51.2 inches by

12 inches by 5.9 inches

it weighs only 4.87 pounds which makes

it one of the lightest full-size steam

mops available on the market

let's have a quick rundown of its main

specs the s-3501 pocket mop

rocks 1200 watts of pure power and

operates on 8.8 amps

sadly it does not have led lights or

magnetic charging unlike the shark vac

mop for example

but it's still pretty versatile in terms

of the features it comes supplied with

the shark s3501 steam pocket mop

typically comes with a bundle of

accessories that can be used to greatly

boost its well-roundedness

including a pack of fully washable pads

made of top quality microfiber

a filling flask a quick release cord


and rectangle-shaped mop head the

microfiber pads are pretty convenient as

they are reusable and pretty easy to


if you do happen to misplace or lose one

of the pads you can always order

replacements directly from shark's shop


another big benefit of shark's s3501 is

two-sided cleaning

while most mid-priced and boutique steam

mops provide this advantage only a

handful of budget models do and s3501

is one of them this particular feature

substantially reduces the total cleaning

time as you'll be able to efficiently

mop up the floors in one go

furthermore shark's steam pocket mop can

heat up in less than 30 seconds which is

pretty amazing for a low end steam mop

obviously one of the biggest benefits it

has to offer is affordability

the features it comes out fitted with

are of great quality but there are a

couple of things that you may not

particularly like

first and most obviously the cord is

simply too short for convenience it's

just about long enough for you to clean

one room at a time which makes cleaning

the entire house

apartment a bit of a bother secondly

there are no mechanisms for mop

dislodging it's great that they are

reusable and easy to clean

but removing them from the mop is dirty

work overall shark's pocket steam mop is

an excellent choice for people who are

on a bit of a tighter budget

its functionalities are excellent the

features it packs are quite amazing and

even though there are a couple of bumps

along the road it's still one of the

best steam mops in 2020

next up we have bissell's power fresh

liftoff steam mop as our best

multi-purpose mode

this is one of the most versatile steam

mops that money can afford in the sense

that it is suitable for almost any kind

of mopping task

whether it involves larger chunks of

debris pet hair or gritty floors

it does not really matter let's start

off with its dimensions

basically bissell's power fresh

liftoff's dimensions measure 13.2 inches

by 11.14 inches by four 4 4.7 inches and

it weighs 10.6 pounds

this means that it is somewhat bigger

and just slightly heavier than an

average steam mop

this is a two-in-one handheld cleaner

that emits a continuous stream of steam

most bissell's cleaners features one

based steam control

so it's a bit of a bummer not to see

much of a feature on this model too

on the flip side bissell's power fresh

lift off it does offer variable steam


so you can shift between various steam


outputs to adapt to different types of

floors just like our previous pick the

power fresh features a pad made of high

quality microfiber that is both reusable

and easy to maintain

this steam mop is suitable for use on

sealed hardwood

linoleum granite and ceramic it could

prove to be

useful on other types of floors too but

it is the most efficient on the

aforementioned types

aside from its top quality features it

also comes supplied with a huge number

of complementary accessories such as the

window squeegee

the flat surface tool the fabric steamer

several bristle tools the angle

concentrator tool the flat scraper tool

the grout tool

and many more essentially the purpose of

these free accessories is to optimize

the performance of

bissell's power fresh liftoff with even

more versatility

making it suitable for both outdoor and

indoor use

furthermore the warm-up time of

bissell's power fresh liftoff is merely

30 seconds which is exactly the same as

our previous pick

even though it's remarkably versatile we

still think that there is some room for


basically the grout tool is not overly

efficient you'll have to put your back

into it if you want to clean

anything with it additionally the tank

bissell's power fresh liftoff comes

supplied with it's pretty small

be it as it may the powerfresh steam mop

is almost unparalleled in terms of

well-roundedness and versatility and the


of features it comes supplied with bring

plenty of innovations and

exquisiteness to the table so we highly

recommend that you check it out if

you're looking for an all-rounder

steam mop we're moving on to specialized

steam mops and this particular model

works wonders for laminate flooring

on top of that it's incredibly light

kills more than 99

of microbes allergens and bacteria and

more importantly it does not leave any

chemicals behind

we're talking about oh cedar's

microfiber steam mop

let us first discuss exactly how compact

and portable the steam mop is

when assembled the dimensions of oh

cedars microfiber steam mop measure 53

inches by 12 inches by 8.75 inches and

it's remarkably light with only 5 pounds

of weight

what is more it can be disassembled into


parts allowing for super easy storage

and maintenance

one of the most unique features of

osedar's microfiber steam mop is the

rapid startup time

it heats up in mere 20 seconds and is

good to go

the adjustable steam level settings are

incredibly convenient as they allow you

to adapt to different kinds of floors

even though the microfiber pad

attachment is best suited for laminate

it works just as great on squeaky

lighter floor types

another very cool feature that oh

cedar's microfiber steam mop comes

supplied with is the carpet glider which

keeps the microfiber pads in the same

shape providing consistent cleaning

angle and area at all times

what most people adore about oh cedar's

microfiber steam mop is simplicity

it's a low-cost steam mop that is

surprisingly durable and versatile for a

low end model

and it packs a variety of unique

features such as the aforementioned

glider and the customized microfiber pad

the only problem you might have with

this steam cleaning mop is that its high

steam setting is not particularly strong

in comparison to similarly priced models

it would be fair to say that this steam

mob actually has low

and medium settings rather than low and

high even so oh cedar's microfiber steam

mop does a major bang for the buck on

top of the fact that it's very


its performance is consistent and well

rounded so we highly recommend that you

check it out if you have laminate floors

at your home

our following pick is better suited for

hardwood floors but it performs just as

great on brick marble and other gritty

floor types

the carpet mop we have labeled as the

best hardwood steam mop

is light and easy mop cleaning steamer

the dimensions of

this steam mop model measure 46.4 inches

by 11.8 inches by 6.8 inches

and it weighs approximately 6.3 pounds

it's neither the most compact nor the

lightest model in our review but it's

still very easy to use

even though it's best used on hardwood

floors the various attachments it comes

supplied with make

it more suitable for cleaning bathrooms

kitchens and furniture

the special microfiber pads that light

and easy mop a cleaning steamer is

outfitted with removes nearly a hundred

percent of wrinkles on thinner clothing

and its exquisite design eliminates

almost all bacteria

allergens dust and similar nuisances one

of the coolest features that light and

easy mop cleaning steamer is outfitted

with is the smart switch

basically this feature prevents the

steam from being released when you place

it in the upright position

you can override this functionality by

tilting its handle

another very interesting feature is the

touch sensor essentially light and easy


cleaning steamer does not feature a push

button action

rather it sports a sensor that activates

the steam mop when you put your finger

across the designated area

there are three steam power settings for

you to use including high medium and

low all of which are convenient in

different situations

while some might think that this steam

mop is a bit too expensive for

everyone's pocket we dare say that this

price tag is more than justified

the versatility reliability and

consistent performance of the light and

easy mop cleaning steamer

have earned it one of the prime spots in

our review

we're pulling the curtains down with

another one of bissell's models

actually this is another steam mop from

the power fresh series labeled as 1940

the one we reviewed earlier on is 1544a

essentially the 1940 power fresh picks

up where 1544a left off and it

is more than fair to say that every

feature that this steam mop comes

supplied with is an upgrade over its


there are a bit of similarities between

all power fresh steam mops such as

variable steam power settings the

washable pads made of high quality


and they're all pretty light however

this model features a bigger

water tank reservoir the exquisite easy

scrubber for beginners and the

versatility of every other power fresh


the dimensions of the 1940 power fresh

measure 11.6 inches by 7.1 inches by


inches and it weighs 6.82 pounds it's

decently light and certainly smaller

than an average steam mop

the easy scrubber is a feature that is

unique to this power fresh steam mop


just like its name suggests it aims to

simplify any cleaning process by

improving the ergonomics of the


speaking of which 1940 power fresh is

exceptionally durable

now the only potential issue you might

have with this steam mop is the bottle


certain models come with caps that are

not properly screwed in so you might

want to check that as soon as you unbox


other than that we dare say that 1940

power fresh is one of the most versatile

high performance steam mops on the


ideally you'll want to use it on sealed

hardwood ceramic

granite marble or linoleum it doesn't

fare so well for

above floor cleaning but with proper

accessories even that should not be that

much of an issue

thanks for watching and that's all for

now i hope to see you guys in the next


till next time see you guys later