Best Way To Clean Grout | Bissell Steam Shot

some of you guys that Scout with

everyday home repairs and got a little

job today that involves a tile floor and

some dirty grout not something uncommon

where you have a white or lighter tint

grout and it kind of turns brown over

the years that's exactly what's going on

with this floor and I'm trying to look

for the easiest way to get it clean so I

had always seen these little steam

cleaners online and I was really curious

if how water and high-pressure would do

the job so I got this bissell steam shot

for about 35 bucks

which i thought was a pretty good price

in it overall I'm just unboxing it the

quality looks really good but to see if

this can actually get the job done and

it doesn't take all day so that was the

question that's what we're gonna do

today so stick with me and we'll see if

this guy would work for your project

around the house as well

I do recommend just doing a quick

cleaning of your trim and right in the

corner there where it meets the tile so

you'll do it you'll dust and then maybe

like in our all-purpose cleaner like

this and then just do a quick wipe down

and this is just gonna make so you get

any of that dirt and debris and hair off

and then just do a sweep around a

sweeping or vacuum up to get any of the

loose debris before starting then once

you're ready go ahead and plug in the

power cord and you'll see that power

light will go on and what you're waiting

for now is the the reservoir to heat up

so it's ready to produce steam this is

going to take about a minute and a half

and then once the light goes off now

you're ready

good work there's many different

attachments that come with this team

shot this one specifically is made for

cleaning grout the other hard bristle

attachments would work okay but might as

well use this one because it's made for

this job then all you have to do is hold

down the trigger on the handle and the

steam will start to come out of the

nozzle and you can go back and forth and

kind of work through the different grout

lines you can see the dirt kind of

loosening up and it's you need to go

slow especially when the steam the steam

doesn't deliver all the time it's not

super consistent so you got to take your

time and make sure actual bursts of

steam are coming out because that's

what's really gonna loosen up that dirt

and debris

all right so taking a look at let dry

for a second

now this grout is not it's not perfectly

white it does have a little bit of grays

and browns in it but I am pretty darn


so obviously clean section that we just

did right and D not so clean through

here not too clean not clean not clean

that I clean

so overall the two little tiles that we

addressed look good so early impressions

I like it gonna keep working I wanted to

give you a close-up and at real speed so

you can see kind of how fast I was

moving back and forth how much steam is

coming out of the steam shot and here

probably playing a little bit too much

pressure on those bristles which will

wear them out if you're really grinding

them into the grout so let the steam do

the work and then the bristles will

loosen up that dirt for you as you go

along the grout lines

all right and the project is done

overall super satisfied for $35 the

bissell steam shot performed as


i wouldn't say the grout got till as new

condition but as you saw in the video

dirt and grime easily lifted off the

grout with that high-pressure steam so I

will be using this going forward on

grout I'll be using it on like kids toys

like a jumper hard plastic to sanitize

that and get some of the grime off also

I have a really tough chandelier and I

was I had no idea how to clean that

thing that's what I'm gonna put this

thing to the test a few pros and cons

I'd say so cons let's start with the bad

there's not much capacity obviously so

it only holds six point six ounces for

this size bathroom it took me three

fills of this so you have to unplug it

let it cool down a little bit take this

safety cap off obviously you want all

the pressure out of the unit and then

fill in another six point six ounces

plug it back in let the light go on

light go off it's ready to go and then

go back to work so you're gonna have to

fill it quite a few times especially if

you're doing like a kitchen also you

need to be careful high-pressure steam

right if you want to get a burn fast put

high-pressure steam on your skin so all

the connections to the hose and the

nozzles have a cam locking mechanism and

end an o-ring to keep you safe but you

might accidentally loosen that up and

get a little steam coming out so just be

careful not to burn yourself on the pro

side I mean you're you're getting grime

and dirt out of grout which is not easy

and you're not using any harsh chemicals

you're not exposing yourself to that so

overall I mean I'm very happy with it

one thing so pros I mean it it's a good

unit especially my 35 bucks if you want

a more high party they're out there

they're gonna cost you though it's gonna

be at least 100 bucks another thing to

look out for don't apply too much

pressure to the brush right because this

will wear out

I'd say at the rate that I'm going this

is probably only gonna do three or four

bathrooms before you you lose that nice

hard bristle that really helps to work

the grime out so you can get new ones

you can get some extras for about five

bucks I saw I'll put another link in the

description so you'll see a link for

those extra ones you'll see the link for

the actual Bissell Steam shot that I

used so you guys can jump over and if it

fits your needs and it looks like it's

gonna meet the cleaning that you're

gonna do around your house I would

highly recommend one if you like these

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take care