Top 5 Stainless Steel Cleaner

hi everyone this is chef mark with a pie

factory a mattress Kingdom I'm here at

appliance factory mattress kingdoms

flagship location in Thornton Colorado I

had to be testing some cleaners for

stainless steel I tested five different

items here I have a couple of household

cleaners Lysol on 401 Windex and then a

couple dedicated stainless steel

cleaners I gave them all a chance to see

which one is gonna give me the best

results and I think the results are

gonna surprise you stay tuned

my first choice here Lysol it's not a

dedicated stainless steel cleaner let's

see how it does you can see here that it

really does a great job cleaning and it

doesn't really leave any streaks I know

it's a little hard to see on camera but

there's a decent shine so I would say

this is not a bad choice for stainless

steel cleaner particularly if you have a

lot of sticky fingers this is a great

choice something similar 409 when I

tried this what I found was that it

doesn't leave as much of the shine as

the other cleaner but it does a good job

cleaning but I find that it leaves a

little bit it kind of evaporates to the

point where I see some streaking so

although you know it's got good sanitize

sanitizing properties and things like

that I definitely see streaking and I

don't think it's as good of a choice is

the other one Windex I know it's for

glass but how's it gonna do on stainless

let's take a look here I see a nice

shine and its really doing a good job of

wiping everything down

however pretty dramatic streaking but

when I notice is as it dries the

streaking goes away so I think it does a

good job and it leaves really no shine

it almost kind of polishes off any of

the service that might have been there

so I think this does a little bit better

than the 409 but maybe not as good as

the Lysol now when I tested the wyman

stainless steel wipes what I noticed was

that you get a beautiful shine

it doesn't lift as much dirt off so I

definitely find for best results I wipe

it down with a cleaner like 409 are the

Lysol and then I go back over it with


these wipes now what's the wipe when you

initially start the wipe down it's

really wet and then as you kind of used

the towel up becomes less wet so I find

you have to go over it a couple of times

and you get a beautiful shine with zero

streaks however if you leave it on too

thick and you have a dusty environment

the dust might stick to your

refrigerator I notice that when I tested

this at my house as well so I think this

offers the best shine however it's the

most work to apply and it works best on

at our ready clean surface my top choice

its eco Cintia and I love this finish

and the shine it's really easy to apply

and I find that if you use a lint-free

tile I'm using this yellow lint-free rag

that I only use for a stainless steel I

get two things I get a really nice

streak free finish and a really nice

subtle shine and also what I find is

that it does a good job of lifting any

dirt so if you have the sticky fingers

sometimes you get them on the inside of

the handles just a little spray here and

give it a nice go and it really gives

you a beautiful shine then you can see

the grain and a note might be hard to

see on the camera but the grain really

lifts out also eco-friendly

biodegradable all of those kind of

things and in my experimenting what I

discovered was if you have a lint-free

towel and use it only for cleaning your

stainless steel that kind of keeps the

grease off of it for polishing so I just

kind of leave these two in the corner of

my pantry at home when I need a quick

shine I find this to be the quickest it

has the least chemical feel and really I

think checks all the boxes so my choice

eco cíntia

I think this does a great job you can

pick it up seeing in a lot of stores I

know appliance factory happens to carry

it as well and this would be my top

choice but make sure you're pairing it

with a

lit free tile for best results this is

chef mark of the pine factory mattress

Kingdom I want you to like it subscribe

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