BEST SPRAY TAN GUIDE | Tips & Tricks | How to Get a Spray Tan

hey guys so today I'm gonna doing a

video all about spray tanning one of the

most if not the most popular video on my

channel is a video I made four years ago

to the date that I'm filming this tips

and tricks for spray tanning spray

tanning for dummies I forget exactly

what I called it but I still get

comments on that video every single day

questions about it every single day and

I'm so happy that it's helped so many

people but I wanted to be like okay how

can I expand on that video since I still

get so many questions I figure the next

best thing to kind of level up would be

to take you kind of with me to get a

spray tan the day before the spray tan

the day after the spray tan to show you

kind of the pre post and during care

what goes on it's not around say a big

shout out to sunkissed glow airbrush

tanning in Bridgeport Connecticut right

in the Blackrock area for helping me

with this video but absolutely love

nothing more than to make this video

kind of forum for all sorts of spray

tanning questions Q&A kind of a thing so

write your questions down below in the

comments and I'll be sure to answer as

many as I possibly can

if you guys are not already be sure to

follow me on Instagram I'll be linking

my Instagram down below I'll also be

linking the Instagram of sunkissed glow

they've been doing my spray tans for

free and it is by far the best for a

town I have ever personally had I know

Nicki the owner has spray tan Christina

Aguilera so you guys know that goes a

long way with me actually I'm also gonna

take you guys into the spray tanning

booth with me per say I will be linking

sunkissed glow down below so that you

guys can book your own spray tanning

appointment they also do other services

there as well but I do have to say it's

just really second to none in terms of

their spray tanning in the past I've

done more of like the booth spray tan

where you go into an automated stand up

booth that spray tans you now that I'm

getting it done you know by somebody

airbrushing me it's a little different

but not really all the same rules

basically apply getting it done by a

person I feel like it's just a little

bit more thorough and honestly there's

not that much of a difference at least

around here in price between a booth

spray tan and somebody actually

airbrushing you this video is kind of

gonna be shot like vlog style of me

prepping for the spray tan getting a

spray tan and then after the spray tan

so I guess go also gifted me their

product range which I use throughout

this video so you'll be able to see that

again I'm not being

they just gifted this to me I can link

their like shoppable page down below as

well yes so anyways onto the video so it

is the night before my spray tan twas

the night before my spray tan and all

throughout the shower so always the

night before a spray tan I shave and

exfoliate shaving naturally kind of

exfoliates but it's always good to get

that second pass though the biggest

thing and this is something I learned

recently is when you exfoliate before a

spray tan you want to use an oil-free

scrub now I have like three exfoliant in

my shower and only one of them was

oil-free it's actually from sun kissed

glow slime the place where I go to get

my spray tan

it's a sun kissed exfoliating body scrub

and this is obviously oil-free I'm also

always really careful as to what body

wash I use in the shower or soap

definitely do not use dump stove they

sit up they say dev soap is like the

worst hope that you can use for a spray

tan just have to use a very low acidity

body wash

so high-back looking a little different

I'm super important point I just forgot

to make so number one apply the body

scrub I use a like bamboo brush

exfoliating brush the biggest tip of all

I came to me and tell you if you do

nothing else exfoliate and do this or

don't do this do not put lotion on when

you get out of shower my instinct I grab

my amino don't put your lotion on that

will not allow it to absorb that spray

tan but yeah anyways guys I'll check in

with you all okay good morning guys

so I just got dressed and ready for the

day I want to show you guys is like the

optimal spray tan outfit morning like

these loose shorts from Target this

Hamilton t-shirt which like falls off me

it's perfect and then a bra but to be

honest with you I normally end up

putting like my bra it's a nice one

underwear in my purse after I get my

spray tan and just have on like the

outermost layers the winter I'll wear

like really baggy sweatpants and a

really baggy t-shirt I pretty much

always make sure I have like flip-flops

or like slides to wear out so we'll

check in with you guys later tonight


at sunkissed glow in Bridgeport and just

want to show you guys like their setup

so this is the backsplash kind of area

stand on that kind of sheet of paper

they've got their gun over here this is

pretty standard I feel like in most

places where you'll go where they spray

tan by hand in any place where it's like

a booth they'll pretty much just have

hair caps and like nose plugs but so I

always grab a hair cap actually when I

say a hair cap I mean two hair caps

because I should just drop my shower cap

from home because of like plastic I

usually grab two just because I have so

much hair and it's so light I like extra

protection and then I typically go

topless I do not put one of these bras

on if you are more modest you are 1,000%

welcome to do I do put a thong on these

are actually really really good and

they're disposable so that's what I

always do and then I wipe my face with a

makeup wipe that they have here you put

the barrier cream this is again standard

like whether you're getting a spray tan

with the person doing it or with the

booth light at the palms of your hands

the back of your heels and your nails so

I'll put this on put this stuff on and

then we'll get to spraying okay and hot

tip normally what do you do if I'm doing

a booths right hand is

I will pull this back

so that you can see my hair lines that

the booth gets like everything but then

right after I will go and wash the spray

tan off my hairline and just my hairline

to make sure that it doesn't absorb into

my bleach because my hair will turn

bright orange but because I have them

doing it here I kind of just pull this

over like I'm covering everything and

then they can always go in and like do a

spot big touch-up

but yeah that is the gist of it I used

to put duct tape on my hairline to cover

it you know he's getting a spray tan so

that I could have this back and not get

a line but still cover my hairline okay

so this is Melissa she was spray tanning

me and as you can see she's doing the

poses for me too like mock as I'm

getting my spray tan done I think she

was actually doing with the toner

portion here but you can see it's very

artful in the way that she sprays this

is the actual tan you can see the the

can changed but she has me flipping

around doing different poses with my arm

my legs to make sure that she gets

absolutely everything and obviously the

great thing about having an actual

person do it is she's keeping a watchful

eye on areas that need potentially more

spray tanning than others and she goes

through and does the inner leg he or she

is drying I love this part

it's so fun and feels so good and then

afterwards they actually wipe off the

spray tan from your palms which is so

appreciated this is one of those kind of

like personalized touches that you get

with a person then they actually set the

spray tan this is really novel for me I

hadn't seen this done before they set

the spray tan they've got a shimmer

powder or a matte powder that you can

use to set it so it's not tacky feeling

this is immediately found our three

tanning as you can see definitely a


get darker though and when I got dressed

I did


back in my car posts righthand I forgot

to mention so the type of spray I'm not

driving from the table spray tan that I

got is called a wrap in spray tan so

it's not like your typical where you

like can't shower for eight hours that

kind of thing that's the normal type of

spray tan like unless they tell you

otherwise that's the type of spray tan

normally what I do is I'll get those

spray tans at night and then sleep and

then shower it off in the morning

because you have to shower the first

layer off you just you have to like

don't try to think that you can get a

spray tan let it settle for a few hours

and then do your makeup I really really

prefer to shower off that like first

layer of like tan fills I don't know how

to describe it but you if you gut spray

tans like you know what I mean this one

is like I said the rapid development one

so you can actually kind of choose your

level of darkness depending on how soon

you shower after getting it so if you

shower two hours after getting this

right now at 6:30 if I were to shower at

8:30 it would be light a shower three

hours medium for hours dark five hours

double dark I probably will shower I'm

probably gonna shower maybe around like

10 ish 9:30 10:00 so I will check you

guys later tonight you want to go to

shower I don't think I actually showed

you guys like full body but this is pre

shower I'm maybe gonna leave it on for

another half hour like max before I go

in the shower okay so I just got out of

the shower as you can see your first

shower will take off some of that

initial color when I got out of shower I

do use my lotion again back to back to

business and tomorrow I'm gonna check in

with you guys and yeah show you I guess

the real final look that's the next

morning I actually completely forgot to

mention / forgot that the rapid spray

tan solution after you wash it off

continues to develop you just kind of

like stunt it depending on where Burks

is me when you decide to wash it off but

yes I woke up this morning a lot Tanner

so this is really truly the actual final

t'ayn so guys that is it for my


vlog if he will come spray tanning with

me video I hope this helped you I hope

this gave you a visual representation of

what to expect what to do tips and

tricks things like that obviously you

can go about using your normal lotions

and things like that

I am 1000% going to make sure to be

using a kind of approved body wash if

you will the sunkissed glow body wash

like I said has low acidity and then

there's also products like this I know

there's like different variants of this

but like at an extender I've actually

never used one of these after a spray

tan but I've always kind of wanted to

but never knew the exact one to get and

this one is perfect because it's

obviously compatible with the type of

spray tan then again like I said before

be sure to write down any question that

you have below me or maybe somebody else

can help answer it that is it for this

video thank you all so much for watching

please comment subscribe bye guys