The Best Way to Burn DVDs Fast and Free

hey guys what's going on this is V bags

or monomorphic mater and today I'm going

to be showing you guys a video it's on

how to make DVDs now I made this video a

while ago this is going to be a remake

this is going to be a more updated

version of a video and um my first video

was using a let me pull it up really

quick it was using this program which is

Windows um Windows DVD maker which is

good but it's you know it could be a lot

better it's sometimes a little buggy so

I figured I'd go ahead and show you a

better way of doing this okay so the

first thing that I can point out right

away is get larger discs because the

more the larger the disk is the more

better quality you can put onto it

things like that

now I have a link in the description

it's going to be to these discs they're

actually pretty cheap the $29 there

there were only three stars but I bought

them you can look at the reviews people

saying that they fail and stuff like

that but I have no problem with these


I bought a hundred of them and I've been

through almost 50 of them with no

problem it says that they're 8 X 8 X

which is 8 times the right speed what I

recommend is just doing the minimum not

the maximum I think I run it like 2 2

times or something like that it's like I

don't remember what I run at but run at

the lower and it'll it'll work fine for

you every single time so now these will

be in the description um so basically

that's all I can really say is get

bigger discs you know I don't think it'd

make you a lot easier it'll basically

you know

I don't really know how to explain it

any more than that but uh and then

another step would to be get good

software this this software right here

is called rock co-create I think it's 12

or 2012 or something like that 2011 I

don't even know what what what thing

this is I think it's 12 yeah it is 12

right here

so this is and a more updated you know

software that you can run with um I've

got a couple of other ones for my HD PVR

I've actually got a software called

total media extreme and then within

total media extreme there's another

software that you can use to burn DVDs

and as you can see it's right here then

what you do is you pick the size of the

DVD you pick that size and then you you

know you add videos and you add whatever

you're going to add to it but you know

that's any software there's other

software's out there called I know this

one the DVD flick that's a free software

that you can that you can use which is

another good one but most of most

software's that you're looking for you

can find anywhere on the Internet

they're good software's things like that

this one in particular if I wanted to I

can create labels I can I can do a lot

with this one in particular but you know

like I said there's any anyone that you

can you guys can really look for but the

main thing get bigger discs you're going

to have less crashes you're going to

have less problems but what I recommend

you do is make sure that when you're

getting the bigger discs before you get

a bigger disc make sure that your DVD

burner can burn dual-layer discs because

if it can't then there's no point of

even getting those discs because the

dual layer allows you to put more on the

discs so I hope you guys enjoyed the

video that's really all I can really say

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I guess I'll see you guys in my next

video peace