Fastest Way to Burn Video To DVD BEST QUALITY!!! EASY!!

hi this is Windows 7 user and this is a

quick video on convert X to DVD in my

opinion this is the best way to maintain

a high amount of quality on a regular

DVD this is really good for stuff like

home videos and stuff like that here's

the program I'm going to put this link

in the description there is a free trial

if you just want to try it out without

buying it it's pretty small it's about a

17 megabyte file here's the program

right here it's called from vertex to

DVD again this is the fourth edition and

the newest update if you click on the

settings I want to show you the settings

that I use I changed my theme to

aluminum that's not necessarily you

don't have to do it but I check for

updates regularly change the language to

whatever language is in your country so

English for me

chapters um this is how you can choose

how to create your chapters this is my

personal preference this is also the

default settings I think they're pretty

good for the DVD menus you can choose

whichever one you prefer I just prefer

the black mirror but it's pretty nice

you could add DVD menu labels a couple

more options here leave all the sound

events normal that just tells you when

there's different things happening with

the program I'll leave the DeAngelis

into automatic if you change the video

resize message in it's a letterbox so

you I'm sorry

stretch so that you can fit your whole

TV for the resize put linear via so just

put the amount of cores that you have in

your computer so I have 4 core so I'll

use a fork or for the encoding options

always leave it to automatic it will

automatically put the highest possible

amount onto the DVD size that you have

chosen now there's a couple different

options I'm just doing it on a standard

DVD and just leave the conversion

priority and normal if you want to do to

pass encoding that just basically

ensures that the DVD is is going to come

out successfully for DVD specifications

put it to whatever your area is so if

you're in Europe put it to pal

America or Asia put the ntsc odd the

resolution you're gonna want to put

twofold d1 and the aspect ratio is 69 if

you have a widescreen 4 by 3 if you have

full screen burning the easiest way to

do that this is I first select your

burner so I have my blu-ray burner here

I won't be burning blu-ray right now

just a standard disc and look on the

disc that you're actually burning

whatever the number is on the discs

we'll say it's an 8 X disc you want to

burn it half of that speed that will

guarantee that you don't have any

skipping or anything like that label the

DVD whatever you want like my video so

there's a couple other options this is

more just customizing what if you have

different things that you want there's

nothing too much I can show you there

subtitles you can put them in there if

you want there is options for it and

here's the audio convert to format

I have 5.1 surround sound so I'm gonna

want to use that and we'll click OK when

the conversion starts so I just have a

home video here it's off my blackberry

it's like a 3gp video so if you want you

can just click on the video right here

and you can rename things like a at a

title set name so balloon and you can

rename this if you want to rename the

DVD itself you're going to settings

you're going to general and I believe we

were at DVD specifc burning you changed

my video right here if you wanted to

change that so it'll tell you your

encoding option gives you the best

possible result which is great and then

um you just click put in a DVD click

convert and it'll go thank you for

watching this video if this video helped

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