TOP 5: Best Bluetooth Speaker 2020

there are so many Bluetooth speaker

options to choose from and it can be

hard to narrow down the best ones to

meet your specific needs in this video

we break down the top five best

Bluetooth speakers on the market this

year based on portability sound quality

build quality and more we'll be taking a

look at products in every budget range

so regardless of whether you've got a

few bucks to spare and want the best

value or are looking for the best of the


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starting our list off is the JBL Xtreme

to our pick for the best rugged

bluetooth speaker

loud rugged and portable if that's what

you're looking for in a Bluetooth

speaker then the JBL extreme 2 is top in

this arena it's loud enough to host a

party yet still portable enough to take

on a trip to the beach the JBL extreme 2

is built like a tank and has a

waterproof rating of ipx7

measuring 8 by 12 by 18 inches and

weighing in just over 5 pounds this is

one of the most rugged and durable

Bluetooth speakers on the market the

portability of this speaker is in the

beauty of its clever design with two

metal loops on top of the speaker and a

detachable shoulder strap you can just

sling it over your shoulder and it's

ready to go

lining the top of the speakers where

you'll find all the buttons including

playback controls and power while the

ports are hidden underneath a waterproof

flap on the back in sound the extreme 2

handles the lows nicely with just the

right amount of emphasis while the

thumping bass kicks through without

getting in the way of the vocals and can

be plainly felt the extreme 2 has

bluetooth 4.2 connectivity with a range

of 30 feet however it does not have

codec compatibility so you might

experience a slight delay if you're

using this as a speaker for your YouTube

videos or movie viewing on the plus side

JBL connect plus lets you connect the

speaker to up to a hundred other JBL

speakers but for average use one extreme

2 speaker rocks plenty loud enough still

it's nice to know that option is there

if you need it the extreme to gives 15

hours of continuous playback so you can

enjoy a full day of music on a single

battery charge if you want a rugged

portable bluetooth speaker that's loud

sounds good and will last you a full day

of music playback then the extreme 2 is

hard to beat and nails most important

aspects required in a tough Bluetooth

speaker next is the NS sound boom mini

our pick for the best budget Bluetooth

speaker the NS sound boom mini proves

that good things do come in small

packages if you are in the market for a

compact bluetooth speaker that won't

break the bank

then the sound boom mini may just be up

your alley this is a relatively new

offering from northern solutions and

with a price tag under $50 it is fast

becoming one of the best budget

Bluetooth speakers in its class this

little 2.75 inch cube speaker sports a

silicone outer casing that not only

gives it a nice feel but also helps to

shock protect the speaker from

accidental drops since it is smaller

than a palm the sound boom mini fits

easily into your bag or your pocket the

simplistic and unobtrusive design makes

the NS sound boom mini perfect on-the-go

or as a home edition small compact and

easy to use a drawback is its 5 hour

battery life but that is understandable

given the sound boom minis tiny size the

ipx4 rating means the sound boom mini

will survive small water jets from any

direction so light rain won't damage it

but it can't survive full submersion and

water the dual channel passive bass

driver pumps low end bass from either

side allowing the sound boom mini to

produce decent bass levels you can't

expect the strong and punchy bass or

crisp clean highs found in the Sonos

move or other high-end Bluetooth

speakers but at a fraction of the price

the sound from the sound boom mini is

relatively well-balanced with only a

small amount of distortion at high

volume for a budget mini bluetooth

speaker the anna sound boom mini

performs remarkably well it's small size

keeps it extremely portable and the

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity makes for a

more stable higher quality connection

overall this is one little speaker that

performs well above its price point if

you're looking for a cheap Bluetooth

speaker that offers great value per

dollar the newly released ms sound boom

mini might be a perfect option for you

up next we have the Sona smooth our

choice for the best high-end Bluetooth

speaker at four hundred dollars its

pricey but for those looking for a

top-of-the-line Bluetooth speaker

the portable Sonos move justifies every

penny with its smart connectivity and

living room worthy sound standing nine

and a half inches in six and a half

pounds the Sonos move is portable but

it's not small the heavier weight is

caused by the large driver magnets in

place which is a fair trade-off for the

excellent audio quality that's delivered

this speaker comes with an elegant

docking base that functions like a

little stand giving the move a home when

it's not mobile the move also works in a

stereo pairing or as part of a sono

system in a multi room group allowing

music to play in multiple locations

without missing a beat if you move out

of range of a Wi-Fi connection there's

Bluetooth to fall back on

however features such as voice assistant

and the Sonos app only function over a

Wi-Fi network by far the single most

standout feature of the move is the new

Sonos true play tuning technology that

enables the speaker to self calibrate by

analyzing its own sound output against

how the surroundings are affecting it

the speaker will automatically rework

the audio output to suit its current

environment what also sets the Sonos

move apart from other portable Bluetooth

speakers is the sound the move gets

surprisingly loud and is able to fill

even the largest of rooms the mid-range

driver offers forceful and space-filling

low-end even when competing with the

acoustics of a wide open space and

there's no drop-off in vocal clarity

that can often occur with lesser

portable speakers with its powerful

driver and full access to the sono

software ecosystem the move is really a

full-blown Sonos home speaker which just

so happens to be portable few portable

speakers on the market have as rich a

feature list as the Sonos move although

the higher price tag is going to sting

initially with the Sonos move offers in

both features and sound makes this

speaker well worth the investment for

those who are looking for a

top-of-the-line Bluetooth speaker if

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next is the Ultimate Ears mega boom 3

our pick for the best overall Bluetooth

speaker the 200 dollar Ultimate Ears

mega boom 3 makes a strong case as the

one to get striking an excellent balance

of portability power and sound quality

the 8.9 by 3.4 inch 2 pound mega boom 3

is a cylindrical shaped Bluetooth

speaker with a durable weatherproof

finish that feels indestructible yet

still remains light enough to carry

around in a backpack and can be held in

your hand just like a water bottle a

notable feature is the top button called

the magic button that can play in pause

songs with a single tap skip tracks with

a double tap and with a long press

instantly access your playlist the magic

button can be programmed to launch

playlists on Apple music or Deezer

streaming services but it's more useful

for controlling playback the DJ mode

lets you invite up to 2 other friends to

help in controlling the mix this

utilizes the speaker's multi-point

bluetooth pairing and it can all be

controlled via the free mega boom app

one minor caveat to mention is that

there is no three-and-a-half millimeter

or other port for a wired connection the

20 plus hours of music playback on the

mega boom 3 is one of the best battery

runtimes for a portable bluetooth

speaker in this class unfortunately you

still have to use the dated microUSB

connector for charging the speaker but

if you don't want to deal with cables at

all an optional $40 powerup wireless

charging dock is available the 360

degree dispersion of sound is impressive

easily filling up a room push it too

hard and you'll clearly hear its limits

but otherwise the overall sound is

satisfyingly solid with a nicely

balanced space mid and treble tones the

mega boom 3 is a relatively small

waterproof speaker that can pump out

enough sound to fill a patio features a

portable rugged design that can handle

the elements place for a long time on a

single charge and compared with other UE

speakers for stereo sound at its

aggressive price point there really

isn't much to rival it making the

Ultimate Ears mega boom 3 hands-down one

of the best all-around Bluetooth

speakers out there

finally we have the Bose Soundlink micro

our pick for the best micro portable

Bluetooth speaker while the Soundlink

micro may not be a bargain at just under

$100 boses smallest and most affordable

wireless speaker is arguably the best

sounding pocket-sized bluetooth speaker

that is able to play louder and produce

richer quality bass sound that puts it a

cut above competing models in size class

at just over half a pound the Soundlink

micro maybe a tad heavier than some

others but still extremely portable

thanks to its 3.8 inch small form factor

and is durable enough to keep up with

nearly every pace of your life the micro

uses a semi elastic silicone strap that

can loop around almost anything with a

diameter of under two and a half inches

not only is the Soundlink micro

impervious to spills but it's fully

waterproof and can endure full

submersion for up to thirty minutes

thanks to its ipx7 rating singing in the

shower has never been easier as far as

the sound goes this little speaker has

impressive base for its size it doesn't

offer the sound quality of Bose as

larger more expensive bluetooth speakers

but it delivers significantly more bass

and volume than other pocketable

speakers the Soundlink micro also has a

built in microphone for speaker phone

calls but there are noticeable latency

issues where the audio may lag behind

the video with a one-second delay the

same goes for skipping tracks or using

voice commands this isn't a deal breaker

but can be annoying at times the six

hours of playback time is a bit short

but on the flip side the Soundlink micro

can simultaneously play music while

charging this isn't ideal but it's an

acceptable compromise that helps to

offset the shorter battery time if

you're after maximum portability the

well-built and travel-friendly Bose

Soundlink micro is arguably the best

sounding Bluetooth speaker in its tiny

size class making it a solid purchase

that you cannot go wrong with alright

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