Best Space Heaters in 2020 [Top 5 Picks]

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check out the best space heaters in 2020

I made this list based on my personal

opinion and I'll try to list them based

on their price quality durability and

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in this video at number five it's the

Lascaux 750 for 200 the Lascaux 750 for

200 is a budget-friendly portable space

heater that's currently among the most

popular ceramic space heaters on amazon

and i'm sure you've seen this name

popping up numerous times as you were

doing research so let's get started

right away and reveal what you can

expect from it in practice to begin with

this particular model sports an

attractive yet sturdy silver finished

body that holds a manually adjustable

thermostat a convenient handle that

makes this unit exceptionally portable

since you can place it anywhere you want

to manual heat settings of which you can

take advantage and adjust the

temperature according to your

preferences and a self-regulating

ceramic element

moreover the manufacturer has

implemented safety features as well

including protection against overheating

a convenient handle that may not get as

hot as the other space heaters in this

price range and more also its exterior

stays cool most of the time even if this

unit is operating in high settings so

for this part I don't have any remarks

when it comes to performance velasco 754

200 operates at three different settings

including the fan only setting the low

setting of 900 watts and the high

setting of 1,500 watts so you can choose

the one that feels the most suitable in

a specific situation in addition the fan

is pretty quiet as well and this is

really cool because you can leave this

unit to operate as you're taking a nap

since its operation will unlikely cause

you discomfort overall I definitely

recommend you consider the Lascaux 750

for 200 as your next purchase especially

if you're looking for a quality space

heater without spending a lot of money

at number four it's the ICO for space

eater the ike over space heater is a

portable electric oscillating heater

that combines an attractive look

affordable price and a consistent

performance that's strong enough to

provide a proper heating throughout your

household aesthetically speaking this

model has an all-black finished Tower

shaped construction that employs an

intuitive control panel positioned on

the top with a bright LCD screen that'll

keep you informed regarding the

temperature whereas on the bottom you'll

notice the base that's sturdy enough to

keep the eye coppa stable on any surface

at the center there's a large grill

that'll spread a wide oscillation across

your rooms and what's also interesting

is that the grill is well protected so

you shouldn't worry literally about

anything performance wise the I Koba

comes with two heat settings and given

the fact that the temperature adjustment

is done by an interval of one degree in

Fahrenheit you'd be able to customize

the temperature to suit your preferences

on the other side its maximum

temperature of 1500 watts is good enough

to quickly and effectively heat your

place whereas it's carry handle is a

great addition here because you'd be

able to move the I Coppa anywhere you

want moving on there's also an eight

hour timer which will allow you to

customize the operation of the I Copa

and at the same time the inclusion of

the remote control will help you to do

everything with a simple tap on a button

so as you can see the I Copa is all

about convenience to conclude the ico

four space heater deserves its place in

your household because it's affordable

and strong enough to boost your level of

satisfaction as high as possible at

number three it's the vornado mvh vortex

the vornado vortex would be a really

good option for you especially if you're

looking for a durable and innovative

space heater the PAX numerous useful

features to ensure that small to medium

sized rooms are going to be as warm as

possible during the winter days speaking

of the design the vortex boasts a

compact space saving construction that

won't take a lot of space on one side

while on the other since it weighs less

than four pounds by default means you

won't have difficulty moving it from one

place to another if you take a look on

the top you'll notice an adjustable

thermostat to turn on or off button and

a button that will grant you access to

three heat settings while on the center

there's a spiral-shaped grill whose

blades will spin in the opposite

direction of the grill exactly like a


in addition there's an integrated handle

that will promise you easy portability

as well as a small LED indicator located

on the upper side of the front which

will notify you whether this heater is

turned on or off but now let's talk

about performance first of all given

three settings that the mvh vortex has

you can choose the low 750 watt setting

medium 11 25 watts setting than high

1500 watt setting depending on what you

want to achieve in a particular mode and

leave the rest of the space heater

because this unit will produce enough

heat to keep your rooms warm as you've

always wanted the heat is precise as

well because the internal thermostat has

seven settings that will automatically

turn the heater on or off to maximize

the precision and maintain the set

temperature also the vortex is a very

safe space heater because it has an

automatic safety shutoff system and its

exterior is most the time cool to the

touch and at the same time this unit

will drastically lower your winter

energy bills

lastly aside from having the space

heater in your house you can also take

it to your office because of its ability

to spread heat up to 300 square feet in

space so I think the manufacturer has

done a really good job here at number

two it's the dr. infrared heater dr 968

the dr. infrared heater dr 968 is a

highly portable 1500 watt space heater

that's received dozens of positive

reviews by customers on the market and

since its release date this unit has

quickly established itself as a superb

option for everyone who wants to keep

warm during the cold winter days from a

design perspective the dr 9 6 8 features

a wooden box shaped body that consists

of a large control panel positioned on

the front center that's accompanied by

an array of five LEDs and five physical

buttons to help you choose the best

setting for you a strategically

positioned large grill that sits on the

top and two smooth rolling wheels on the

bottom which do not only support the

cabinet but at the same time they'll let

you place this heater anywhere you want

furthermore there's also a removable

filter that does not require any

specific treatment for cleaning because

it's easily accessible and replaceable

which therefore means that the

performance will be nothing less than

consistent throughout the winter days

now let's briefly explain the features

for your information the dr 968 comes

armed with an electronic thermostat that

ranges from 50 to 86 degrees users 12.5

amps of power incorporates

heating systems that are based on an

infrared quartz tube and one of the

biggest highlights regarding this unit

is its ability to remain quiet during

its performance moving on those who've

purchased this product claim that it

doesn't take long before you feel that

your room is warm well they aren't far

from the truth

the reason behind this is the ability of

the tr9 6:8 to deliver air at 155

degrees in Fahrenheit and around 2.2

meters per second this is excellent

right in conclusion the dr 9 6 8 should

be considered seriously as your next

purchase because it's cost-efficient

quiet and performs well and fast enough

to transform your household into a cozy

environment during the cold temperatures

and that number one it's the dyson pure

hot HBO for the dyson pure hot HBO 4 is

a magnificent piece of craftsmanship and

once again Dyson has proven itself to be

the brand among the leading companies in

the market because this model has

everything it takes to heat your room

properly and to boost your health as

much as possible in terms of the design

the HBO 4 has a handsome looking and

compact construction that consists of

two parts the first part is the base

which does not only support this unit

but also is where the filter air input

and adjustment controls a house the

second part is the amplifier which is an

open vessel that allows the HBO 4 to

spread heat evenly and filter the air at

the same time additionally since there

aren't physical buttons you're given a

remote control through which are able to

give greater control over the settings

and assigned the hpo4 to operate

according to your preferences speaking

of performance the dyson pure hot HBO 4

is an exceptionally versatile device

because it can heat and it does its job

pretty well thanks to Dyson's bladeless

technology which produces enough heat to

cover large areas while remaining

extremely silent on the other hand this

unit can act as a purifier as well

because of its sealed HEPA filter that

can capture up to 99% of the allergens

and even the smallest microns so your

household will be a warm and healthy

place to stay however I will be focused

more on the heating options because

primarily the hpo4 is used as a space

heater moreover this unit uses yet

another technology which is known as the

air multiplier technology and this

technology enables the HBO 4 to

oscillate for 350 degrees and project

heat throughout your room after the

winter is gone you can

and cool your room with this unit and

honestly I think that this device is an

example of what versatility means in

practice lastly even though the Dyson

pure hot hpo4 may not be the most

affordable space heater that you can

find in the market considering its

enormous versatility and reliable

performance I think that this unit is

worth every penny spent on it thanks for

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