16 High Calcium Foods (700 Calorie Meals) DiTuro Productions


hi this is Daniel D taro last month I

published a video about the best sources

of vitamin D one reason for getting

adequate vitamin D is calcium absorption

calcium is an essential mineral and the

fifth most abundant element in the human

body calcium is element 20 in the

periodic table and located next to

sodium magnesium and potassium bones and

teeth need calcium and contain over 99%

of the calcium in your body calcium is

also required for your heart nerves and

blood clotting the current recommended

dietary allowance for adults is between

1,000 to 1,200 milligrams of calcium per

day the best food sources for calcium

include dairy leafy green vegetables

fish with edible bones and calcium

fortified foods the percent of calcium

for a 2,000 calorie diet is listed on

the Nutrition Facts label for calcium

rich foods 16 high calcium foods include

at number 16 sunflower seeds one ounce

of dried seeds provides about 20

milligrams of calcium about three and a

half ounces of fresh figs provides 35

milligrams one-half cup of cooked okra

popular in South Eastern cuisine has

about 60 milligrams of calcium white

beans that can be used in hundreds of

different recipes provides about 65

milligrams of calcium per 1/2 cup cooked

serving one ounce of roasted almonds has

about 75 milligrams while one half cup

of cooked mustard greens provides about

80 milligrams and far less calories than

seeds and nuts another low-calorie

source is cooked kale providing about 90

milligrams of calcium per 1/2 cup

serving a 1/2 cup serving of cooked

black-eyed also known as cow peas

provides about 105 milligrams of calcium

you also get about 100 milligrams of

calcium from five and a half ounces of

cooked rainbow trout cooked spinach has

about 120 milligrams of calcium per 1/2

cup cooked serving 2 ounces of firm tofu

used in many Asian dishes and vegan

recipes has about 150 milligrams of

calcium one ounce of dried chia seeds

has about 180 milligrams of calcium

equivalent to about 80 milligrams per

tablespoon 6 ounces of yogurt made from

cows milk has about 205 milligrams

one ounce of Swiss cheese provides about

250 milligrams

other popular cheeses provide between

145 to 335 milligrams of calcium hard

cheeses like Romano and Parmesan have

higher calcium levels than soft cheese

1/2 ounce of romano or parmesan provides

more calcium than one ounce of

mozzarella cheese cheese is made from

milk and 1 cup of cow's milk unfortified

has about 300 milligrams of calcium the

top spot goes to sardines with bones a 3

ounce serving has about 325 milligrams

sardines without bones would tie for

number 14 at 60 milligrams of calcium

for all you carnivores who limit or omit

dairy leafy greens and seafood from your

diet you should take a calcium

supplement because your diet may not

provide enough calcium the best sources


pterri calcium includes dairy fruits

vegetables especially leafy greens nuts

and seeds fish eaten with bones is

another source of dietary calcium most

of the calcium is in the bones the

current RDA is 1000 to 1200 milligrams

talk to your doctor about calcium

supplements if you do not eat a calcium

rich diet to absorb calcium

you must get enough vitamin D please

leave a comment if you have any

questions about this video thank you for

watching and healthy eating