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clip so yeah let's jump straight into

that and all software links you need to

be down below and some others as well so

yeah let's jump into the clip so this is

like we're gonna be using its called Wix

logo making up before you go and click

off and check out this awesome software

do not because I'm showing you all the

best tips on how to use the software and

make the most of it so yeah let's get

straight into this don't click on start

now once you're on the site so it's Wix

calm logo / maker or I'd simply googled

elope and Wix logo maker so you don't

click start now and we're own people the

settings so you to quickly sign up here

so I'm going to do that right now let me

quickly do this enter your password and

then enter it again and then click sign

up and what you signed up you're now

gonna be loaded here now as you can see

the first step is start signing your

logo so here's empty your name so

depending what type of lugu designing

need to enter it specific height you

wanted to look on the logo so in my form

up for myself I'm making a logo for

YouTube and my channel name is tutorial

Tucker and that is all you need to do so

enter your name like that if it's got no

spaces make it no spaces and keep adding

your timeline so for me I'll make

tutorial so I could say all tutorials

here just like that so all Turturro's

needed here so I'm actually added that

needed are here and when it comes up

with this and we need to do is enter

YouTube and as you can see it comes up

the dashi so many here they've got so

many it's literally made for youtubers

it's insane there are so many so for me

I guess it is my detector no but I may

quickly go down you're cooking DIY so

much from stuff you know dancing Fitness

Beauty every niche on YouTube is on air

which is so useful so I think I'm gonna

go for the tech one so I'm gonna click

YouTube tech channel and then go and

click Next and it's this is so cool

because it's its root giving you

everything you need so I want a dynamic

but that'd be quite cool creative techy

yes I know it's modern yes definitely

fresh and quite like a full one so yeah

that's something you want you could

obviously click all of these and you can

skip these steps if you really don't

care about them but I think it's pretty

important to have like an idea of what

you want your logo to actually look like

because it's something personal to you

and I didn't take too long to go and

choose what you want to click next so

now as you can see here it's giving you

options on what logos you like better to

help it come up with the idea for you so

for this I actually photo on the right

I'm gonna go for this one

that's too basically I'm gonna go for

this one here this one here this one

here and then I'm gonna I think this is

a nice one for me so then it's gonna cup

of all these here and it tells you how

you need to choose where you want to use

your logo so obviously to make your

website logo just for a presentation

just it's just your merchandise for me

it's social media oversee but because I

don't need business cards or anything

like that so I'm gonna people social

media you could select multiple but for

now I think I'm just gonna use on

YouTube then I'm going to click Next and

now it's coming up with your logo so as

you can see it's finding your style

after this do not worry if you aren't

making youtube logo I'm going over a

different design so now it's gonna come

with this so this is really cool so

these are the logos it's come up with no

do not worry this is not the final logo

you can actually go and edit this

yourself so it's always gives you a bit

of base work to carve something cool so

look for these and click load more see

it has so many so she made Hungry's for


oh so one I quite cool I do quite like

this one

but I was like a bit more bold I think

so I'm gonna keep going down sighs he's

saying I really like so I think I wanna

go with this one I really like too so I

guess it's the planet with a rocket so

then you come over it and you get the

you get the squid the pop up same

customize so click on that and then we

can go and edit it ourselves you can

change all the colors and it literally

is so cool because you get sometimes

life I have a logo design it's really

hard to come up with that basic idea of

what you want your logos to look like

but or something this it gives you so

many ideas and then you can just change

them all little features and add more

icons so let's go and jump straight into

this so you can go and change the logo

if you want she's really really cool but

the main thing is you know changing the

size so it will change the offset

answering by doing that a bit bigger and

you can grab it and it'll help you

Center again so you want it to be about

there maybe a bit higher so it's not

touching and I may change the tagline I

know I did originally set it up but it's

so easy to change you just double click

it and then it comes up here actually I

think I'm just gonna remove it I'm not a

fan so click on it and then press Delete

and then you'll be back here so what I'm

going to do is no 1 remove that I'm

gonna increase the size of this a bit

just like so and I'm gonna make these on

two separate lines because each rocket

they're two words I'm gonna separate

them so I'm gonna double click it again

and simply come down here and press

ENTER and further down you can actually

flip the logo around up is quite cool

sort of going down by a clock the idea

that going up like YouTube channels

growing overseas so the Rockets going up

and you can flip it around so you just

make it look a bit different so it's

going up to the left but you can also

rotate it like marginally so you don't

have to do it by you like 180 degrees or

90 degrees so you can just change it

what a bit more marginally so you could

go straight up but yeah that's really

cool so I'm gonna have it just what was

it what was it about here is probably um

so it's not where the letters perfect

and you can go and change all of these

as well and you can change the opacity

to make it sort of like shade anymore

and not I guess but you can change

basically the boldness of I guess I

think that's the best way to explain a

passkey so you can lower it up and down

like that I went on for just so you get

the flow idea so now you can actually go

and change the background as well so you

can literally do anything you could have

a transparent background so if you do

that then it just makes it a white

background and you can go and change the

colour so that I quite like this color

so I am gonna save this so if you're


testing colors what I do recommend

sometimes is just coming here and

copying the background color if I can

double-click it right click copy just so

in case the new color I'm not happy with

how it turns out you can just go and

change it really easily so let's just

try to just move along different colors

what I do sometimes is they put it here

and slowly move it along seeing how all

the different colors work essentially so

I just slowly move it along until I see

a color I like I'm imagine it might be a

greeny blue but I'll just continue to go

through to see what I think so we've got

to the end I've got there I'm not gonna

head back and see so let's try it a blue

highlight this like a night sky but

after too dark because of the of what

the font is and the color at the font no

you know what in the end I'm gonna go

back where that is how you can change

the color

I don't windows there we go and now yeah

that's pretty basic just like so and

then you can go off this and yeah you

can go into add shapes as well which is

really really useful so if you want to

hand here you click add shape and then

you can add all of these who have just

got a square here but you could add

other stuff obviously you can change the

circle say if you want to put your text

inside a circle possibly and then you

could move backwards and then it'll put

your text inside it so I may need to

move that down just a bit just like so

and it's just a bit too small actually

so I may increase the size quickly just

by dragging it out and again and it fit

so yeah it's so so easy to use and that

just adds like a bit of boldness still I

think and just makes it you know makes

the name come out from the actual

background and makes it clear so yeah if

you want that you can go and do that I'm

going to delete it I just I've got a

minimalist I do quite like keeping stuff

simple but anyway so then you come back

to the shapes and you'll see you can add

shade to do that like I said before and

you can change all the settings just

like I did and I'm going to leave that

again cuz I don't need it and then you

can come to the icons now here you can

add more icons or even change this one

looking customized I really do like that

one though so I am gonna keep that but

you can change if I change icon and

there are so many here it literally

gives you hundreds of logo is depending

on what solve I guess you don't run your

businesses like that really quite quite

like that sort of like splatter effect

but so much depending when business is

like all these sort of item I guess he's

about minimalist and sort of like 3d

icons really cool as well in my opinion

like you could just have a full screen

of that logo

really professional so yeah but there

are so many that's just the trendy you

can click abstract and it all load so

much more of these decorations

hand-drawn animals nature that anything

you can imagine is here to make your

dream icon so I guess I probably should

change it because I cut I did get given

that one so that was quite cool sort of

like the effect of the big sort of a

city so I'm gonna keep this one and then

just rotate it back to zero if I can

align that perfectly enough to finish

this off you need to go I'm gonna line

these up quickly so let's just line

these up again just perfectly like so

and then you've got your finished logo

so you can add so much more to that if

you want to I'm put unperson aliy really

happy of how it's turned out so I'm

gonna keep it just like this and I could

go and use that for my channel icon but

I think for me I'd probably use this

more unlike maybe another social media

Instagram post so cool like that and

maybe add like a different background

just like a general picture of anything

like nature be quite cool to have a sir

just a plain background so once you've

made your ideal logo you then go and

click next and you'll be brought to this

page so as you can see you could

actually go and build a logo with it and

it literally makes it look how your

website look because you can change it

more in-depth but it still looks really

really cool it gives you the idea of how

it's gonna look on a website but no I'm

gonna go and download it and you click

get it now and you'll be given this but

then to go and get it free you can click

download the free version and it's gonna

go and download it for you and you get

that you get the sample just like so

there it is there is your finished logo

on your computer and you can go and zoom

into and see it it's really really cool

so yeah I hope you have found this video

useful if you have go and smash I like

you don't actually have to pay pretty

sneaky down here so make sure you do go

and just click download the free version

again and you can go and open it up just

like so so yeah if you have funding use

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catch you in the next one peace