Top 5 Best Snake Repellent Review in 2020


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number one most popular authors snake

begone snake repellent granules have a

hearts dr. T's snake repellent hose and

spray 32 ounces is a potent formula of

proven essential oiler felons in a

concentrated blend the nude lines of

seven active ingredients - the terse

snakes and other pests from your


- use this spray attach your garden hose

to the head of the bottles sprayer and

apply where you have snake activity or

areas of snake food surfaces such as

mice you can also use this deterrent as

a perimeter treatment spray which

creates a barrier around your home this

spray works by unsettling a snakes a

sense of smell to disorient them so

snakes slither away to find fresher air

just use caution around prized plants as

this formula can burn leaves is sprayed

on heavily

number two have a heart doctor cheese

four-pound nature products snake

repelling granules

contains sulfur Fuller's earth that

water as the inactive ingredients and

these biodegradable granules are

comprised of cedar oil 3.1% and cinnamon

oil 0.6% along with the clove oil 0.3%

this easy to apply snake repellent comes

in granule form and natural repel snakes

by emitting sulfur and left to lean

which temporarily affects a certain part

of the snake's brain dis are using them

to use it just shake the granules are

out in the area that normally gets

infested gloves are recommended while

using was product at all times to ensure

safety the core ingredient used here is

naphthalene a chemical and for full

effectiveness needs reapplications every

few weeks particularly after drains


number three AB Hajj six four hundred

snake shields snake repellent four

pounds snake shield works as another

option for property owners who want to

use an environmentally friendly

alternative to traditional chemicals the

product uses coil extract from plants

like a cinnamon or cedar to create an

odor unpleasant to snakes the granules

can be spread around the edges of a

property and will form a barrier take a

look at the below video of a user

showing how well this brand works

we personally don't think this test is

entirely fair as the snake is

essentially trapped in the circle and

it's forced to confront their parents

but have a look for yourself


number four dr. T's snake repellent hose

and spray 32oz DT three six four AG

ortho snake begone snake repellent

granules were probably of huelga snakes

sense of smell so it can't smell

potential prey snakes will move on to

areas of fresher air to hunt and eat

this product is non-toxic and made from

her bust essential oil blend these

granules are super easy to use just open

the lid and shake them around any area

you need repellent these granules are

also safe from plants and pets

we found it helpful to apply copious

amounts especially in snake prone areas

and even dampen the pellets a little bit

to try to help activate the set we love

these granules for gardens near garages

and around areas mice or other snake

food sources might be active



number five Liquid Fence snake repellent

granular to pound this naphthalene free

granular snake repellent as diatomaceous

earth wintergreen oil mixture with 96.2%

along with corn mint oil 2.9% and cedar

wood oil 0.9% as the active ingredients

in the product it starts the work

immediately and is effective in curbing

snake activity for many weeks until its

effects begin to work away make sure

you're applying it evenly and thoroughly

around the perimeter of the affected

area leaving gaps or spaces may result

in less effectiveness meant for outdoor

use this product can be used in yards

landscapes and Gardens to ward off

snakes from the property reapplication

is advisable to restore its

effectiveness in case of heavy

infestation of snakes or in places where

heavy rain is occurred for more details

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