Smartphone Awards: 2014!

hey what is up guys MTV HD here and a

lot of smartphones come out every single

year right in 2014 was clearly no

exception to that rule so with the

holidays coming up and beyond there are

a lot of different options to choose

from a lot of different choices to make

your daily driver so this video is your

one-stop shop for picking one this will

hopefully give you the best option to

choose for your phone for the next two

years to sign a contract with so of all

the smartphones that were released into

the world in 2014 these are the best

options from each category and I'm not

just going to give it best I'm going to

give a first-place so generally the best

option a second-place so sort of a

runner-up still really good and an

honorable mention or two so also some

really good options even though they're

not first place worthy of consideration

so all the stuff we've seen come out in

the last 300 something days these are

the smartphone awards 2014 so the first

category is big phones and we've seen a

lot of huge phones released over the

course of the year they keep getting

bigger every single year I hesitate to

use the word phablet because even the

definition of that word changes from

year to year but these are the best big

phones and your first best option is a

samsung galaxy note 4 the note 4 is an

awesome phone it has a 5.7 inch quad HD

AMOLED display that I'd say is arguably

the best in any smartphone right now it

has a massive battery really good

battery life an excellent camera beastly

specs and performance and it's the one

that's actually best at taking advantage

of being so big with the software so

what you want about TouchWiz but it's

multitasking capabilities on top of

Android 4.4 and hopefully lollipop soon

are second to none it has a ton of

features that use the entire display and

it has a stylus that s-pen for even more

multitasking fun so overall the best

large phone experience is with the note

4 and if you're going to go huge you

might as well go all the way the second

best option I'll give for a really big

phone to consider this year is the

iPhone 6 plus it's the first huge iPhone

that Apple has put out it has a 5.5 inch

display which is like barely making the

cut for huge phones but it counts so big

they've ever made and it's really good

my honorable mention for a huge phone is

going to go to the Nexus 6 which has a

5.9 inch quad HD display and also worth


is a Samsung Galaxy s5 it's not quite as

huge as the other ones we've talked

about but the Nexus 6 is running stock

Android it's a pure Google experience

phone it's going to be first in line for

updates all the typical pros of being a

Nexus device again all the reviews all

have of all the devices I talked about

in this video will be linked right below

that like button if you want to check

them out and the Samsung Galaxy s5 it's

a standard Samsung flagship even though

the note I think is a clearly better

phone in a lot of ways there are a lot

of things to like about the galaxy s5

and a not quite as massive package also

I want to mention one more the LG g3 I

put it in the big phones category as it

has a 5.5 inch display but it's the one

that actually doesn't have a huge feel

in the hand it does a great job of not

feeling really big with these thinner

bezels and nice design so worth

considering as a big phone

now speaking of and not quite as massive

package then this is the next category

which is compact phones the best compact

phones released in 2014 and by far and

away the best option here is the Sony

Xperia z3 compact it fits in a tiny

footprint and this is the little brother

to the larger Sony Xperia z3 but it

makes almost no trade-offs or

compromises when moving down to the

smaller size which is what compact phone

lovers really want so it has excellent

specs and performance with the

snapdragon 801 and 2 gigs of ram has a

20 megapixel Sony camera which is of

course excellent in typical Sony fashion

and has a four point six inch 720p

display on the front which is great and

yes by today's standards that does make

it compact you're packing a 2600

milliamp hour battery with clicked our

technology front-facing speakers

and it's IP 68 certified so there's a

lot going on in this little package and

it is on top of its game right now for

the second best compact phone of the

year I'm going to give that to the

Samsung Galaxy alpha which is

essentially a miniature version of the

Galaxy Note 4 which is the best large

phone of the year so there's not a lot

to dislike about the Galaxy alpha its

compact it's well built it has metal

everywhere of course is what it's known

for plus it has a great display and

again high-end internals and nice specs

in a small phone it's really what small

phone lovers want in a nutshell so my

honorable mention for compact phones is

the iPhone 6 and although I like the

iPhone 6 plus better in basically every

way it has more space inside for a

larger battery and optical image

and various other things but the iPhone

6 is still a great phone for people who

don't want to move up to a huge phone

the three that I've listed here are

excellent options if you still like to

one-handed text if you still like to use

your phone all the time with one hand if

you still put it in your front pocket

and you don't like the huge phone

sticking out the front these options you

can't really go wrong so this next

category is for you photographers who

like to take pictures or photos on your

smart phone all the time these are the

best smartphone cameras out there or

really the best cameras that also happen

to be a part of a smart phone and I'm

going to give the first best option to

the iPhone six-plus and the second best

option to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and

I mentioned these at the same time

because they're so very similar in a lot

of ways if you focus a lot on photos

I'll give the edge to the iPhone 6 plus

but if you focus a lot on videos I'll

give the edge to the Galaxy Note 4 so

the iPhone 6 plus gets the edge in the

photo Department for its superior image

processing and optical image

stabilization and it also has a

relatively large sensor and pixel size

so while it's just an 8 megapixel camera

that does mean it has really good

low-light performance it also happens to

be ridiculously fast even taking HDR

shots and overall it produces some of

the most pleasing and most accurate

colors from any smartphone camera I've

ever seen unfortunately 8 megapixels

does limit it in the video department to

1080p and that's where the Galaxy Note 4

steps in so if you take a lot of video

on your smartphone and if you absolutely

must have the best of the best the note

4 is the clear choice shooting 4k video

from a 16 megapixel sensor which is

super sharp and crispy and colorful and

beautiful it also has optical image

stabilization and takes great photos to

just a very different character

altogether the note 4 photos tend to be

much more saturated and sharpen than

normal while you may or may not like

that is definitely the clear winner here

for video now after the top five or so

smartphone cameras do tend to

deteriorate very quickly but I'll give

an honorable mention to the Sony Xperia

z3 Sony we already know does excellent

smartphone camera optics and this z3 is

no exception it's a 20 megapixel camera

like the Xperia z3 compact I talked

about and it takes excellent photos as

well and does happen to be capable of 4k

video again so if you're in the market

for a smart phone camera or a camera

that takes really good pictures and also

to be attached to a smartphone those are

the three best options now let's be

honest a lot of the phones we're talking

about here are basically super phones

they have all the high end specs they're

essentially the best of what these

manufacturers have to offer and that's

why they're winning awards as they have

all these high-end parts but they often

cost a lot of money on or off contract

but sometimes you want a new smartphone

and you don't want it to cost an arm or

leg especially during the holiday season

you might want to get a nice inexpensive

phone that's still really good

so I'll consider under 400 bucks off

contract the best budget smartphones of

the year for 2014 and my easy-easy

hands-down first-place choice is the

oneplus one now the thing about the

oneplus one I mean it's an excellent

phone in basically every way the build

quality is great the cameras really good

the display is really good it's a fast

performer the software is excellent the

battery life is incredible it's going to

be first in line for updates when

CyanogenMod gets to this thing so it's a

really really good phone in a lot of

ways and for 16 gigs 3 to 50 bucks it's

a no-brainer but the thing is you can't

really buy it yet I review this thing

months ago and it's still really

difficult to place an order and just get

this phone without going through some

convoluted invite system or something

like that so if you don't want to have

to wait to try to get this thing you

don't have to jump through hoops the

second best option is your Moto G 2014

sort of like the little brother to the

new Moto X with a stock Android

experience and a front-facing speaker

again and it not awful camera and super

inexpensive game-changing at 180 bucks I

also have to give an honorable mention

to the Nexus 5 it wasn't released this

year it technically it's a 2013 release

but it's basically a steal right now

it's also under 400 bucks and it's a

really good phone again you're going to

get essentially first in line for

software updates for at least the next

year or two and I think this would not

be a bad phone at all to sign a contract

with for two years but you probably

don't have to because it's a nice easy

budget phone so Nexus 5 is worth


just for that now I want to give out a

couple specialty awards because there

are some noteworthy phones that would

not have otherwise been mentioned in

these top categories the first one I

want to mention is a most improved award

and this one might come as a bit of

surprise for people who have seen my

videos or watched me for more than a


but I'm giving the most improved award

for 2014 to a blackberry and it's not

just because it's red and black but this

is the blackberry Passport now I still

wouldn't use a blackberry daily it's not

that good yet and that's actually a big

reason I haven't reviewed it in details

because every phone I review I use as a

daily driver but despite its weird looks

turns out the passport has gotten a lot

better in the software department I'm

not saying a 4.5 inch square display is

just what this company needs but with

three gigs of ram and a snapdragon 801

and a 3400 milliamp hour battery and a

new refreshed OS in blackberry 10 it was

actually very smooth and pretty fun to


now the next specialty award I want to

give is four best Windows Phone now I

haven't reviewed a lot of Windows Phone

devices this year but people should know

that there are a lot of good windows

mobile devices out there if you happen

to love a Microsoft Surface or you're

really invested in the microsoft windows

ecosystem Windows 8 or Windows 10 then

you're going to like a Windows Phone

probably and I'm going to give that

first-place award or the only award for

best Windows Phone to the HTC One m8 for

Windows Phone I also want to give an

honorable mention in that category to

the Nokia Lumia 735 it also is sort of a

really good budget smartphone so sort of

straddling those categories but it's a

really good pick either way I also want

to give an award for craziest phone

design that I saw personally this year

and I'm going to give that to this

little guy the sharp aquos crystal I did

a video on all about why I think smart

phone manufacturers in general should

take more design risks and try to mix it

up like this and sharp with this budget

offering kind of took it to the next

level with this basically zero bezel

display or one bezel on the bottom in

the form of a massive chin and it really

feels like a super compact phone but

believe it or not it actually has a

5-inch display packed in here so it's

this tiny footprint I thought it was

really interesting to see and you should

definitely watch the full review of this

guy it'll be linked below now I also

have to give out a bust of the year I

have to give out an award for the worst

phone but I saw really it wasn't a very

good phone in any way there was no real

reason for people to buy it there wasn't

really anything good that separated it

for its price from the pack it just

didn't really have anything going for it

that's not even in front of me it's the

Amazon fire phone

I don't even want to say any more than

that if you want to check out the video

I did on it when it was first announced

and I go over the features of it and

what it is and it costs $650 but I think

Amazon's gonna learn its lesson from

this one and probably stick to the

Kindles if it comes out with another

fire phone I'll be very curious to see

what they change but yeah I'll leave a

link to that video in an annotation or

below it's a it's the bust of the year

it wasn't really going to hit anything

good for Amazon so the best of the best

this is the last category phone of the

year for 2014 best phone to come out

during the year 2014 and there are a lot

of really good options I could name

probably three random phones on this

table and they'd all be good but my

first place four best phone and this

isn't again it's an opinion it's one

person saying what my favorite phone is

but my best favorite phone of the year

for 2014 is going to go to the HTC One

m8 this is an all-around winner from HTC

this year and improvement in almost

every way from the m7 of last year as it

should be and it really got the build

quality discussion going for almost

every phone that came out after it

Samsung started putting metal in their

phones after the one and mate Apple came

out with two all-metal iPhones after the

one m8 but this phone single-handedly

got people talking about build quality

just as much as any other smart phone

feature the only thing is it's a little

bit slippery since it has these rounded

metal sides so I opted to put this

carbon fiber skin on the back of mine to

help with grip and I'm also rocking the

Google Play edition version of this

phone that's available that's another

huge reason why I like this phone so

much and if you look at the long list of

phones that I had my main SIM card in

during 2014 the Google Play edition One

m8 was my daily for the longest duration

for most of the year I could come back

to this phone after using anything else

just to come back to the ridiculously

fast solidly built boomsound wielding

sharp bright long-lasting smart phone

that this is I'm highly satisfied highly

recommended if you get this phone you're

probably not going to regret it not my

second place and it's a very close

second place for my favorite phone to

come out this year during 2014 is the

Moto X the Moto X 2014 continues from

the legacy of one of my favorites of

last year which was the 2013 Moto X and

it's still really good in a lot of ways

it's one of the best built phones of the

year thanks to the added

it will band around the whole thing and

it continues Motorola's strategy of

delivering an ear stock Android

experience with a few tweaks and

additions here and there in order to

keep up with the fast OS updates in fact

this phone is one of the few with

Android 5.0 lollipop already and it's a

great performer just so easy to

recommend for first-time Android users

just like its predecessor was the

learning curve for a lot of its features

are super minimal unlike maybe some

Samsung or LG features that take a while

to learn that are less useful and this

moto X also gave birth to the Nexus 6 a

few months later so we can give it props

for that and just got a little that

dimple I like this one a lot I'm gonna

give my third-place honourable mentions

I have two of them actually in this

category for best phone of the year and

those are going to go to the iPhone 6

and the LG g3 the iPhone 6 I hesitate to

put because I liked the iPhone 6 plus

that much more but the iPhone 6 is an

excellent all-around phone and it still

tends to be one of those that I

recommend to people a lot if you're just

getting into smart phones or if it's

someone's first smartphone if it's mom

buying a smart phone and she has a

budget to work with

I tend to recommend the iPhone 6 and

it's one of the best iPhones yet despite

the fact that it's so thin and the

battery is so small still really good

and the LG g3 because it was one of the

earliest to have that quad HD display I

loved the design of it as well with the

very thin bezels on the top left and

right again an excellent design and a

pretty solid phone again in a lot of

ways so you can't really go wrong with

any of the phones on this list again the

Moto X awesome the HTC One m8 really

good the iPhone 6 and the LG g3 can't

really go wrong there and those are my

phones of the year best of 2014 so moral

of the story there are a lot of great

phones to choose from this year whether

you're into a large phone or a

particularly small one or you're working

with a budget or you love taking

pictures or cameras whatever it is you

can't really go wrong with any of the

ones here so best of luck weigh the pros

and cons you'll probably be happy with

what you pick also share this video with

people who you think are in the midst of

buying a smart phone right now it'll

probably save you a lot of time and

explaining thank you for watching this

video and I'll talk to you guys in the

next one bass