What type of small camera is best for me?

hi this is Ryan Phillips for dpreview

was it a bakery truck we're here in

beautiful downtown solving on the

Central Coast of California when a great

location to go try out a bunch of

different cameras hey it's a tourist

town today we're going to try out a few

small cameras all good options for

snapping photos while you're traveling

or just to have with you for every day

Chicago you guys all right where you

going we're going to focus on

pocket-sized travel zooms that have a

broad focal length range similarly sized

enthusiast compacts with brighter lenses

and more control and finally mirrorless

interchangeable lens cameras that give

you the flexibility and image quality of

a DSLR in a much smaller package they

don't quite fit in your pocket

so we're here solving antiques we're

testing out the sony rx100 version 2

it's got a really big sensor for such a

small camera it's great for tight spaces

the quality is unbelievable as well as

the low-light performance it's got a

decent zoom range but it's got a really

killer macro so we're going to zoom in

in some really tight spaces try out the

macro and you're going to see something

that performs really well in such low


so now we're going to talk about the HX

50 travel zoom which we mentioned

earlier on the streets this thing is a

really amazing camera that fits in your

pocket it's got a focal range of 24 to

seven hundred and twenty millimeters I'm

going to show you a shot right now

that's so why'd you can almost not even

see what you're looking for in the

background and then when i zoom in to

720 millimeters it's so tack sharp and

so close and that thing is about half

mile away

that is an unbelievable shot to get with

a camera this size the image stabilizer

really helped me take that shot at seven

hundred twenty millimeters and to get

that same distance out of a DSLR would

be a very heavy expensive piece of glass

and you have all of that in this tiny

little package this thing is pretty


so what I have in my hands here is

Sony's mirrorless technology it's a

really small camera that packs a lot of

punch in terms of quality and it's got

interchangeable lenses so it's a system

that you can really grow with right now

I have kind of a do-it-all lens which is

an 18 to 200 I can do a wide shot at 18

or i can zoom out to 200 and take a

really great telephoto shot I met Alan

over here who's got a really great old

motorcycle from Denmark I'm gonna shoot

his picture in a variety of different

ways to show you what this camera can do

having the option of a telephoto focal

length here lets me really get some nice

portraits of Alan on his bike but keeps

me a reasonable distance so he can feel

comfortable and relaxing front of the

camera or it can really blur out the

background by leaving the land zoomed-in

butt getting physically closer to the


there also is a growing line of prime

and zoom lenses to choose from for

example if I wanted to make the cameras

footprint even smaller and have the

ability to shoot than really low light I

could put on a 50 millimeter 1.8 or a

small bright pancake lens and really

take advantage of the large DSLR size

sensor so one of the things I love about

this camera is the grip it's got a

really solid grip for a camera this

small and i feel like i'm going to get a

great purchase on it so if you look at

this thing fully extended that's a lot a

lot of lens for a camera this moment I

never feel like it's going to drop out

of my hand so I respect that they put a

great group on this

so the bottom line is pick the camera

that you're most willing to carry around

and that has the image quality and

features that you're looking for think

about the subject matter that you're

going to be photographing and then pick

the camera that best suits those needs

this is Thomas a local Dane we're gonna

go head-to-head me to Mabel skippers

we'll see you next time ready ready