New guidelines proposed for size of carry-on luggage

you may have to start packing light or

if you're going to fly and bring your

bag onboard jenefor is Chris de morir

tells us how one airline group is

proposing a one-size-fits-all policy for

carry-on bags and how it could affect

you it's on an effort to free up some

space and those packed overhead bins the

International Air Transport Association

is proposing a 21% reduction in size and

carry-on bags like this one the

recommendation suggests that carry-on

size should be 21.5 inches tall 13.5

inches wide and 7.5 inches deep now this

is smaller compared to the maximum size

allowed on many airlines like American

Delta and United who all currently allow

bags up to 22 inches tall 14 inches wide

in 9 inches deep travelers that JEA are

not happy about it basically they are

asking you to bring a briefcase with

your clothes in it

ridiculous it already cost too much for

you to pay for check-in it's pretty

small I mean they're not they're not big

now I measured their carry-on luggage to

see how they stacked up compared to the

proposed regulation but do you think

you've ever gotten away with bringing a

bigger bag than you're supposed to carry


yes now tears bag sized up for length

and width but was more than three inches


right now

Kyle also failed the test for all

measurement you're at 24 inches man I

got to cut it down by three inches

that's a huge difference you were at

more than 10 inches that means there's a

lot of things you probably would not be

able to fit in a bag now out of all of

the travelers I spoke with one actually

sized up right I want it to be light and

I wanted to make sure that I could get

on the plane without having a whole lot

of stuff but AC says she feels the pain

when it comes to packing I've definitely

felt the need to bring a bigger bag I'm

a girl both of those I have to pack a

little heavier they all didn't agree

with paying to check in bags and said

airlines should be more accommodating as

for the proposed bag size coming up

short here's what they had to say do

some military folding like fold real

small and to get those bags on that

plane people that are in an airport are

already frustrated enough so to make it

even more frustrating as to whether or

not their bag is going to measure

properly I think that is creating more

of an issue bad idea boom eight major

international airlines reported they

will soon start implementing the new

travel size now no US airlines have

responded to the proposal yet but the

IATA expects them to jump on board

reporting at ji a crystal Moyer channel

4 the local station