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hi good morning guys I hope you're all

doing great you know until a couple of

years ago my sinusitis was me literally

killing me you know I used to have long

nose headaches a hearing sometime and

sometimes when you get the sinus

infections my whole face would swim up

I can't even bend down if I bent down I

would feel like you know my head is very

heavy explore with all the you know the

water inside my head and you know I've

been having this sinus infections us I

can't even remember from when I think

from my teenage days I've been having

these sinus infections you know we used

to have those odd ripping drops those

days and even now it is there and you

know I used to put a couple of drops in

each nostril Xenu you have to tilt your

head in this position like a bird tilt

position and my mom used to put in a

couple of drops there and it'll go

insane and sometimes it comes to your

throat as well that bit that days of my

garden is dedicated so much and after

moved I moved on to UK about 15 years

ago after that I started using this week

finer spray and that is kind of you know

you don't have to swallow it it doesn't

come to your mouth that bit it takes do

you say from that we just do is spray it

it's just a sprain Newt drops that saved

in all these or chili lumps my legs and

they make me under the branches well I

don't know I've only used these things

in the past and these things they're

only temporary solutions they are

permanent they don't cure your sinusitis

it is you know you're so desperate

because you want to open your block

nerves because when you've got plumpness

you hate when you can't breathe and you

have to be

it's very very uncomfortable you see and

also your head will feel so heavy your

face weak you know what I have tried the

natural remedies as well a lot of them

having termini the golden milk at night

with turmeric powder and the black

pepper powder in it and that helped me

to some extent and also there's you know

my mom used to use this these used to

put on black pepper a burning black

pepper she put it on a fire the black

peppercorn on fire and the smoke they

come out of the black pepper it's very

kind of strong and pungent I didn't make

your nose drop it'll burn your eyes a

little bit as well you did make your

nose drop and the condition will get

removed and that helped me to some

extent and hot water showers may know

but I felt so congested but they all all

these home remedies they had to be to

some extent to leave my condition and

headaches and things and but they did

cure mice - it is completely and then a

few years ago I was in my yoga class

actually and you know what I always

carry a pack of these shoes with me in

my hand my very wherever I go you know I

think all this - that is they know

people who have sinusitis infections

they always carry tissues because you

never know when you nose we stop

dripping will be very embarrassing in

front of others so I used to have this

pack of tissues next to me you know open

pack were ready to be grabbed one I

think she has actually noticed me doing

that picking it to the picking the

tissues from the pack I went the time

doing the yoga class doing doing the

yoga poses and one day she called up and

she immersed me what the problem is I

told her all about my science it is

issues and then she told me about MOU

Vedic remedy but you know to be frank

with you I didn't believe it will work I

don't think because I have tried all the

remedies all the remedies that my mum


my mother knows everything from friendly

through the internet all the remedies

I've tried but nothing has worked for me

so I was always skeptical about it but

then I was so desperate so I wanted to

give it a try really and this is nothing

internal I was happy about it because

you don't have to drink some disgusting

medicine to cure your sinuses it is

external you're going to clear your

nasal passages you know this is called

as nestle irrigation and the in yogic

culture they call it as neti pot when

you know people who practice yoga this

is part of their morning cleansing

routine this neti pot isn't part of the

morning cleansing routine and this one

is you know after fifth day you know

initially for one week I did it three

times a day twice a day from one week

he's cleared my sinuses completely

within one week but after the fifth day

I could feel I could breathe normally

you know I also felt like you know ma I

could smell I could smell more precisely

my my sense of smelling has increased

because the blocking is on now and also

my head felt very light and so many

things happen actually it felt like

freedom for me

I'll show you how to do that in a minute

as I said initially I did this cleansing

for three times a day

that is for one week and nowadays I do

it once every other week as part of

precaution methods you need a neti pot

for this mine is a ceramic one it has

lasted me for about two years so I just

love it you also need a neti pot salt

I'll give you the link in the

description box below this video where

you can buy this salt so the first thing

I do is I'm boiling filtered water in a

saucepan use very very clean water able

filtered or distilled water I boil the

water in a high heat

I cover the lid and let this cool down

we need the water to be

and then I had a teaspoon of the tpod

salt and mix it really well I pour half

of that solution into my neti pot and I

am ready to go so to set yourself you're

going to tilt your head a little bit

and you're going to put the neti pot

into your one of the nostrils and then

lift your elbow up and then you can

actually see the water coming out of the

other nose to keep raising your elbow up

until all the water is used up keep

breathing through your mouth while you

do this and some water might come out of

your mouth - no problem at all and

you're just going to let it flow it will

be scary at first either pouring water

into your nurse it's a new yogic

practice just get yourself relaxed and

you can do this

once you've emptied the water stay in

the same position for a bit so all the

water can come out and give it a gentle

blow to encourage any water to come out

and you can continue the other side

so basically transfer the remaining

water to the neti pot and repeat the


tilt your head the other side place the

neti pot into your other nostril and

lift your elbow up you can see the water

flowing from the other nostril this is

going to wash off the dirt bacteria and

allergens the natural passages should be

cleaned regularly this clears your

sinuses right up the neti salt clear any

sinus infections as you can see at the

end I'm going to give it a gently blow

again give Jeff a blow on both sides

just to get over the water out basically

that's how I use two neti pot to clear

my sinusitis initially I used it three

times a day that is for one week and

then I started using it every other week

once every other week but during spring

season when the pollen is at its high I

use it once a week to clear out all the

pollen and biologists from a nurse that

is the reason for hay fever so this

keeps her favorite bay try this and say

goodbye to your sinus

affection is once and for all and please

let me know the results as well if you

have got any questions please write them

here in the comment section I will be

glad to reply you thank you very much

for watching my video and stay connected

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I'll see you in my next video and then

ticket bye bye