Silver Cleaner from Walmart

hey what's up look I picked up this at

the Walmart connoisseurs jewelry cleaner

for sterling silver jewelry sterling

silver but that's basically just

marketing because uh people at Walmart

are buying sterling silver jewelry you

know they don't buy bullion so silver

silver right so we'll see if it works

everybody knows that that easiest stuff

it's out there that that works awesome

that works great so let's see what you

can get $5 at Walmart easily accessible

cheap let's see if this does is any good

at all got some dirty coins over here

yeah look it doesn't milk spot some of

them Maple Leafs man those silver eagles

are not that bad but you know we'll see

it does anything then we'll just got

these random items here just throw them

in and see what see we could do anything

with these less but it's undated buffalo

nickel I don't know I don't even know if

it's silver no it's probably not silver

but well let's see what he does get a

Mercury dime a little I did a little

cleanup wipe down of this but you know

there's a little looks and crannies that

you can't get we'll see we'll just see

what it does that's all you know alright

so try to be quick I should have gloves

right so oh I should have pre-cut this

huh hold on

damn it I'm gonna get gloves all right

there's my fancy gloves yeah my hand is

too fat now goes with a little thinking

about a little tray so uh let's go let's

go with the maple leaf first oh wait we

got a paper towel even better a


alright let's drop Elizabeth in there it

says no more than 10 seconds bring her

out into a glass of soapy water alright

now let's do this eagle the mercury the

Buffalo and the little credit suisse

eight seven six five four three two one

what happens if they fall out of the

tray and you can't get them back oh yeah

that typical sulfur smell means

something's going on all right

warm soapy water let's pull these

puppies out

that sulfur smell everybody knows what

it is all right I'll tell you what the

Mercury dime came out a lot better they

can stand for another 10 seconds milk

spots still there and of course as we

knew it's not gonna do anything for the

milk spots time to go get break out the

eraser check it out though they clean

that up a bit and I'd say it did get in

the nooks and crannies of this of this

bar it's old it's got some scratching


like I said it wasn't that dirty all

right well you be the judge he works

Duncan again for that's what its purpose


not bad for five bucks