✅ Best Showerheads 2021 | Rainfall & high pressure showerhead

Hey guys! In this video, we’re going to look at the

top five showerheads available on the market today. We made this list based on our own

opinion, research and customer reviews. We’ve considered their quality, features, and values

when narrowing down the best choices possible. If you want more information and updated pricing

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So, here are the top five Best Showerheads. The fifth product on our list is the G-Promise

Luxury Filtered Handheld Shower Head. The G-Promise showerhead is powerful and will

change your shower experience. It won’t only make your showers more refreshing but

also safe and healthy. Designed with a 10-stage filtration system, this showerhead reduces

chlorine, heavy metals, rust, and sediments. The water comes out fresh and clean and won’t

dry your hair or irritate your skin. You will notice the difference in water quality right

away. You can use one water filter cartridge for

six months or if it was already passed by 10,000 to 12,000 gallons of water. Replacing

it is easy as the new installation method lessens the load capacity of the filter. Moreover,

the filter size fits most of the filters on the market.

But that’s not all. The showerhead has six settings you can choose from – rainfall,

power massage, rainfall + power massage, circular massage, rainfall + circular massage, and

water save trickle mode. The first five settings allow you to enjoy an excellent shower experience.

On the other hand, the water-saving trickle mode is for applying gel or shampoo or even

shave. It will save water and keep the water temperature.

Its pros are: - You have six showering settings;

- It comes with a 10-stage filtration system that provides you with clean water when showering;

and - It is easy to install.

However, moving the head holder is a bit tricky. G-Promise Luxury Filtered Handheld Shower

Head has made showering both a refreshing and healthy experience. If you live in an

area where you aren’t sure about water quality, you should consider using it.

Up next in the fourth place is the ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System.

Prepare yourself to get futuristic vibes with this ELLO&ALLO showerhead. It may not be the

most budget-friendly option on this list, but its unique features can justify its cost.

This stainless steel device comes with LED lights on the nozzle. When you shower at night,

turn off your bathroom lights to fully enjoy its illuminating effect while you use its

waterfall or rainfall shower. It’s going to be an experience like no other.

Aside from the LED showerhead, another modern feature this product has is its digital temperature

display. The system sets the default water temperature at 100.4ºF, but you adjust it

to your preferred setting. ELLO&ALLO also included a handheld shower in this product.

You can use it along with the showerhead if you’re craving for that extra water pressure.

Rest assured that using them simultaneously won’t affect the pressure coming from the

showerhead. And to prove that this system has everything

that people want, this model has multi-outlet switches that control the water effects and

their multiple combinations. Other notable features are the four adjustable jet nozzles

that provide power mist massage and the three-setting handheld shower fixtures.

Its pros are: - It has a modern and elegant style;

- You can enjoy both waterfall and rainfall showers; and

- It is easy to install. However, the cons are,

- The design causes water to get into the battery pack.

- It is expensive. Get style and functionality when you choose

the ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System. It has all the features you

need to achieve that relaxing shower that will surely uplift your spirits after a long

day. The third product on our list is the AquaSpa

High-Pressure 48-Mode Luxury 3-Way Combo. If you prefer a more affordable option, here’s

the AquaSpa showerhead. This product may come off as cheap compared to the other items on

our list, but it doesn’t mean it lacks functionalities. For one, it consists of fixed and handheld

showerheads that you can use separately or together with up to 48 water flow patterns.

Both feature six settings, namely, Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Mist, Rain/Massage, Rain/Mist,

and Water-saving Pause mode. They have a 4.2-inch face for broader flow coverage, advanced 3-zone

click dial for more power and flow precision, anti-clog rub-clean nozzles for easy cleaning,

and sophisticated modern design. You can get this showerhead in oil-rubbed bronze, brushed

nickel, or chrome finish. It comes with an adjustable extension arm

too. This feature positions the hand shower 2 feet lower for instant reach and adjust

forward-back for the optimal height and angle. It has a rotary bracket that allows you to

set the water flow to your desired direction to use it up-close without holding it. You

can also have a super-flexible reach, thanks to the showerhead’s 6-ft reinforced stainless

steel. It’s made of durable, heavy-duty, solid brass hose nuts so you won’t have

to worry about leaks. Its pros are:

- You can wash your whole body with ease using the extended hose; and

- It’s affordable. However, some users have reported that the

top part of the showerhead is fragile. You don’t have to spend a lot to have your

dream shower experience. The AquaSpa High-Pressure 48-Mode Luxury 3-Way Combo model is even considered

the best dual shower head in the market despite its price.

The second product on our list is the KES Pressure Balance Shower System XB6210-BK.

Want a luxury rainfall showerhead but don’t have a budget for it? KES XB6210-BK got you

covered. Available in brushed brass, brushed nickel, polished chrome, and matte black,

this shower system comes with an all-over flow of water combined with a sleek and modern

design. It features a long stainless steel arm that reaches 15 inches out from the wall

and an extra-large 8 x 8-inch showerhead. The arm is designed to satisfy people regardless

of their height. It also won’t make anyone feel space-tight like other models with arms

that are too close to the wall. On the other hand, the showerhead is made from Engineering-Grade

ABS that confirms its durability. The spray holes are easy to clean – all it takes is

a touch of your finger. With this showerhead, you can now enjoy the experience of luxurious

straight water flow and rainfall showering. Its advanced pressure balance ceramic disc

cartridge with cUPC certification protects you from any scalding injury caused by sudden

changes in hot or cold water pressure. There is no hassle of complicated and expensive

ceiling-mount installation as it has a wall-mounted design. Lastly, the premium brass faucet works

well with the faucet body, and it’s durable and long-lasting.

Its pros are: - It’s affordable;

- It comes with a stylish and good-looking design; and

- It has a solid metal construction. However, it doesn’t come with instructions,

so you might fumble at first before you can use it.

But once you got that out of the way, your shower experience will never be the same again.

KES Pressure Balance Shower System XB6210-BK is of high quality, so you’ll be stuck with

this beauty for a long time.

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Finally, our top showerhead is the Speakman S-2251-ORB.

The Speakman boasts a classic design with seven kinds of finishes. It’s equipped with

the patented Anystream 360º technology that evenly distributes water as you toggle between

different water spray patterns. You can choose between Intense, Rain, or Flood water spray

patterns. The Intense setting gives you a powerful shower experience that will leave

your skin feeling fresh, clean, and tingly in a pleasant way. Meanwhile, Rain comes off

as gentle and heavy, perfect for that spa-like sensation. It showers larger water drops to

retain heat longer. Lastly, the Flood spray pattern is a barrage of thick water sprays,

ideal for relaxing after a long day. It disperses water to pound against your skin; you will

feel refreshed and revitalized. This showerhead works well with low water

pressure. Its patented built-in plungers can intensify water flow since they control the

water’s spread as it leaves the nozzle. They allow the pressure to build so you can

have a powerful shower. But more than that, these plungers are also used to clean the

showerhead. They resist hard-water buildup and sediments. So, basically, there’s almost

nothing left for you to do when it comes to the product’s maintenance.

Its pros are: - It is made with durable solid brass with

a corrosion-resistant finish; - It’s easy to clean and maintain; and

- It comes in seven different finishes. However, the only downside is it has fewer

settings compared to other models in the market. But if the Speakman S-2251-ORB showerhead’s

settings are good enough for you, you should go for it. It has the basics, and you won’t

have to worry about low water pressure anymore. It’s durable, too. You would be using it

for quite some time. That’s all for now. Thanks for watching!

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