Is This The Best Shave Cream Ever?

all right guys we're rolling today gonna

be all about the shave cream what I'm

using is the Arianna Evans soap I've

been pretty much blown away with this

stuff and so I figured I needed to make

a video about it because it's that good

I want to show how I lather because the

lather on this stuff is the best I've

ever I mean not only the way that it

lathers in how much lather makes the

quality of the lather as long as you put

a ton of water in it and so in the one

that I'm using today this is probably no

I don't say it's my favorite Arianna

donas but it's definitely one of one um

I just put the water right inside that

the center and you have to see what

happens with this

now when I first saw this it was at

least six months ago the new Ariana

evidence soaked the goat milk formula

I saw Raj doing a review on it and Raj

put it in his top three soaps and I was

like oh really I mean that's up against

some pretty tough stuff there's some

pretty phenomenal soaps out there so I


Raj was just saying that because Peters

a nice guy I mean I guess he is

but then Rudd said he was in on beta

testing then I thought oh for sure he's

just saying it then so I kind of

discounted it and went about my business

but then I started seeing this stuff

popping up online about people bragging

about the soap how great it was I was

like ah hey okay okay I'll try it I'll

try it because I don't need any more


I have enough to last me three lifetimes

I like I sold a lot of it but still I

have plenty of soap so I was about to

buy some and I saw Peter did a video and

he said that he the new goat milk

formula he even changed it up a little

bit he kind of reformulated changed some

of the ratios of the ingredients and he

added like argan oil and some yogurt

stuff and it made it even better

alright well I'll wait for that to come

up so about a month ago I got his

signature and tried it this water just

keeps going and I tried the signature

Wow Rudd's was not kiddin

this stuff is fabulous and the thing

that blew me away the most about it was

the slickness and the cushion when I

first dragged the razor over my face how

the razor slid I really thought it was

the age I just thought oh it's really a

good edge and then you know I started

testing it with other edges that

I knew work rate must keep going

look that just keep water water a lot of

water and I'm putting out water right in

there I know you can't see the slickness

here I mean the the shininess what I'm

trying to do here is build enough on

that brush for the next passes and

there's more than enough there now what

I found is I don't want to overload this

up you saw be loaded from the from the

puck not too much put too much in there

you'll never reach the potential of the

soul it's just too too thick okay

awesome stuff

japanese frame back conical edge with my

touch up on the mark this part right


the way it slides


or the sent on this they say it's like

at home and it just has an old-school

sent to me like some of the older after

shapes you would smell to me that's what

it smells like from back in the 60s now

this has definitely become my favorite

soap by far I did a video a while ago

and I did my top 5 and the L&L through

me was my favorite soap and this one

overtakes it in a strong way I know

they've redone their formula with a

caress but there are some soaps that I

haven't tried and there's at least a few

of them that I won't try they're these

boutique artisans you know though

there's a few of them that you know they

make limited runs 50 or 100 or so they

go on the social media outlets and they

literally sell out in three or four

minutes which I guess is fine but the

problem I have with that is that people

take those products they they flip them

they turn them around one guy was

bragging again $150 for a tub of soap

from one of those companies and and and

I understand the company can't control

that but there's at least one of those

companies that sells multiples when they

go online and have the limited number

that saw it three or four minutes

they'll sell the one guy was bragging he

bought six and he flipped them and sold

it for $400 each and I don't have

anything to do with those people and I

realize that they can do that the people

that sell it but as far as I'm concerned

Bini that sold them those six are

complicit in that whole thing and that's

why I won't use their product or even

mention their names but there's one

right off the top of my head that I

really do want to try that I haven't and

that's no fuss Russ I think it's wild

wild west I heard he is great so Pelham

try soap


thing that cracks me up about the whole

thing is here is little Peter pretty

much a one-man show doing this stuff out

of his kitchen I understand his wife

helped somebody pretty much a one-man

show and just cleaned their clocks

everyone this stuff is that good

literally clean their clocks they all

had to change their formulas down since

Peter came out with the gold milk they

all change their formulas in fact the

800-pound gorilla changed their base to

the new got to keep up with Peter

formula I haven't used it yet

Ivan Easler got to keep up with Peter

formula I don't know I might but Peter

is going for it

this dude is all around the world

literally all around the world he's

selling this stuff he travels to Israel

is in Australia Australia he's

everywhere he's not he's not whining

about how stressed he is and he needs a

vacation I can't get my stuff out he's

gone for it

and the shave so business pretty tough

market if you've been to his website

it's the club I'll put the link down

below the club shave shop on the lane or


but they have these little windows that

pop up in the lower-left when someone

buy something like you know someone in

los angeles california just bought

Grecian horse soap and I thought it was

just BS I thought they were just you

know manufactured just pop and stuff up

just random generators in the website

but when I ordered someone in Tucson

Arizona just ordered freaking horse so I

know it's real I know what I was gonna

say as you can see people from all over

the world well don't tell where they're

coming from from Brazil or wherever now

when this stuff when I got the signature

I wanted some more so I ordered a

boatload of soaps like 20 different

soaps to test them all test that the

sense I mean not the not test them like

shave test but just just to smell them

and they are awesome a whole bunch of

really good stuff

when I picked off my favorites I think I

picked out five favorites chrétien horse

is one of them


my skin feels fantastic

now the post-shave is big on this post

shave is big up this all the buggers

that Peter puts in there but I still use

my J&J farms tallow organic grass that

talaq stuff afterwards but you know I've

gone without it and this is really like

the the best post shave I've had I mean

you know they I would say that the

Mitchell wolf at this stuff blows that

one away but I was saying that I had the

the five or six cents that I liked yeah

their word I'll list those below are the

ones that I like because like I said I

did test a bunch of those but I also

wanted to say on the website you can't

be a member it's like $12 for six months

and you save 20% and so you save like

three and a half dollars per thing of so

for the aftershave so when I bought all

of those I saved at least fifty or sixty

dollars and that was with the membership

but also Peter does some collaborations

and one of them I wanted to mention was

the you know which is the gray matter

Parfums and if you like the barrister

and man Seville this stuff is similar

but it's better he has the aftershave

and you can also from gray matter get

the get the Cologne the the spray

Cologne and the sprayer works on this

one but yeah that he does collaborations

with them and with the with the

Alexandria fragrances who makes the the

where is it at

for the the Grecian horse makes the the

clone for that you get 20% off being a

member of the club and also great matter

perfumes you'll get 20% off that feels

just fabulous I don't even think I'm

gonna put anything else

there oh and what I wanted to say is

that I wasn't pumped any of this stuff

Peter didn't send me samples Peter

didn't I paid for all of this stuff

because that's how I do it on my channel

it's kind of organic so you know I just

was really that impressed with it that I

felt that it was deserving of an entire

video for for Peter stuff I mean Peter

finds me annoying anyway every time I he

answers a question of mine I fire back

with six of them he's like oh boy this

guy again huh but no really seriously

great stuff give it a try

go on site Oh also not to say when you

go on the website Peter even has this

smoking hot chatted up girl for a mile

doing his stuff it's awesome you gotta

check it out it's just really a guys guy

kind of thing so check Peter stuff out

check out his product I really do mean

that it is the best stuff that I've

tried so you guys enjoy the rest of your

day or have a good night have a great

shave and we'll see you real soon