Best Products for Fine / Oily Hair | HOLY GRAIL STATUS!!!

come with me back to my channel how are

you today

disclaimer this video is going to be a

little bit R and T because if you guys

have been following me for years you

know that this is a situation so let me

tell you guys a little bit about what

this video is gonna be why I decided to

make this video and maybe just maybe

there will be some of you guys that are

on the same boat as me and can totally

relate and this video will be super

useful what is this like I'm a little

aggressive today and then for some of

you you're gonna be like on this video

it's totally not even relevant to my

life so you guys are going to decide so

this video it's a video that I decided

to make because it took me years to fall

in love with my hair to figure out what

my hair needed and to kind of accept the

way my hair is do I still love it no do

I still struggle with it every day

yes and do I know how to fix the

solution to my problems but refused to

absolutely hahaha

so if you guys are on the same boat as

me you are the type of people that have

very very very thin hair a very oily

crown and suffer from breakage it's not

straight it's kind of wavy sometimes

it's curly your hair basically tries to

betray and sabotage your life that's the

way that I can describe my hair now to

give you a little bit of history my hair

has always been very thin but I have a

lot of it had clarification hat I had a

lot of it but it was very thin and

growing out my hair was curly I mean big

giant spiral curls right so as I got

older um I didn't like it because I

didn't know how to style it you guys

know at that age

you're like 12 or 13 and you're trying

to look pretty but you really don't know

how and so I really didn't know how to

wear it naturally I didn't know what

products to use to enhance it my mom was

never very familiar with beauty products

that aren't just colorful cosmetics so

when it came to hair my mom has always

been one of those that like abuses her

hair every day with the blow dryer

because she has curly hair so I just

never knew who to go to what to do where

to start or anything so my hair was

slicked back in a pony all the time

then I discovered the Flatiron and

screwed the heck out of my hair I mean I

would Flatiron it like half wet I

wouldn't blow dry at first it was

horrendous like what I would do to my

hair the thought of it now I like cringe

then because of all that heat damage and

like abuse to my hair

I lost my curl pattern and then I

decided to go off get married and have

two kids and the things they don't tell

you once you become pregnant and have a

child these kids will change your life

and make you the happiest person in the

world but they take everything out of

you they change your skin type they

change your hair type they give you

cavities I mean they take all your

calcium your back hurts there's a lot of

stuff that comes along with becoming a

mother and my hair was sadly one of them

so not only did I always have thin hair

now I have thin and very little hair I

had a lot of postpartum hair loss it

slowly came back but not to the way it

was so I would say I recovered maybe 50%

of what I lost and basically it's just

that's ernesta trying to make an

appearance seriously we're talking about

hair here you have nice hair nobody

wants to know about your nice hair this

is a video for people that don't have

nice hair so get out of here with your

beautiful freckle hair okay so um I mean

I recovered like half of what I lost and

that's still not enough

and then of course with dying and heat

tools and doing this and doing that and

I just cut it all off recently it was

like probably down here and then I was

like life changes cut it off my friend

so the reason for this video is because

I am one of the people that's on that

boat that has very greasy hair very thin

hair very little hair and I'm not one of

those youtubers that takes her hair out

of a bun and says oh this is seven day

hair girl please I can barely put a clip

in it for 30 seconds it gets greasy and

gets a crimp in it so if you are like me

and you have to wash your hair very

often if you are like me and your hair

is very thin if you are like me and you

are limited with the type of products

you can use I am here with an inflamed

appiah of products that have

successfully worked for me I do want to

add a disclaimer though I understand

that the more I wash my hair the oiler

it's going to get oily ER it's going to

get I understand that it's a process I

understand that I could be doing the

reverse wash instead excuse me I

understand that I could be doing you

know the reverse wash where I do the

conditioner first and then the shampoo

or I could just do the note poo system

where I just wash my hair with

conditioner that is not a style that I

like that's not something that I like to

do that's something that I've tried and

it's a process that's really difficult

for people like me to start doing or

it's a really bad habit for people like

me to break the washing the hair

everyday thing I was actually talking to

one of the lead stylist for L'Oreal and

he has a really really big salon in

Florida and he says that of all the

people that are like me that need to

stop washing their hair like maybe 5% of

them are successful at converting

themselves into the type of people that

don't wash the hair as often or only

wash their hair with conditioner so it's

a very hard process right so anyway

welcome to come

the world of all introductions if you

think that this video is going to be

something that you can benefit from

please stay along if this is a video

that you might not learn anything from

please join us because I'll promise

it'll be entertaining I do want to

disclose though this video is a

partnership with Brio geo but because I

have already mentioned Brio geo products

before and the owner is actually a

really great friend of mine I thought it

would be the perfect fit for this type

of video and for sharing a product that

I've recently fallen in love with so

let's go ahead and get started the very

first product is a product that I have

been using every day because I wash my

hair every day and I also either

blow-dry it

or curl it today I did a thirty two

millimeter barrel and so not too long

ago someone left me a comment and say

hey Danny you've been complaining about

dry hair even though you just cut all of

it off could it be that you're not doing

preventative measures and that just kind

of like stuck with me because when my

hair in long I would do a heat

protectant but I was never happy with

them because they're all really watery

and I feel like the success that I've

had with keeping my hair from getting

damaged is that I blow-dry it when it's

not even wet anymore you know so you

don't want to really blow dry it too

long if you don't have to and so when I

would spray the heat protectant it would

just wet my hair all over again so I

just stopped using heat protected all

together when this product came into my

life this is a brioche EO rose Arco

blow-dry perfection heat protectant

cream this product not only does it

smell amazing but it protects your hair

up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit from heat

not only is it a six free product which

means it doesn't have parabens that

doesn't have sulfate it doesn't have any

harmful chemicals for the hair it's also

a brand Bree oh she has a brand and this

is how I discovered them brioche EO is a

plant-based brand so it's a healthier

brand and it's also cruelty free so I

discovered that like two or three years

ago when I was trying to

my curl pattern and the curl charisma

product is amazing I also use the UM be

gentle be kind it's a clarifying shampoo

that by the way I ran out of and I need

to repurchase um but this blow dry cream

I thought well what am I going to do

with a blow dryer cream because I don't

always blow dry my hair sometimes I curl

it but it's basically a heat protection

system it's uh it's like a really lush

creamy white like almost like

moisturizer when I first received a

product I was like oh no this is gonna

weigh my hair down it's gonna make it

greasy it's going to like coat the

strands in my hair and make it waxy you

guys it's like silky smooth but it

actually gets absorbed into the hair

shaft so you don't feel like there's

anything on there if you guys have three

hairs like me that's really important so

the reason that this product is awesome

besides the fact that it protects up to

425 degrees Fahrenheit is that it also

has oils that nourish the hair so the

reason it's called rose Arco is because

it has rose hip oil argan oil and

coconut oil so Rose Arco so my son so

you see what I did there well I didn't

do it they did it haha so it's healthy

for the hair it's healthy for the

animals because cruelty free it protects

your hair and you know one thing that I

noticed which i think is really bizarre

I feel like it extends my hair style so

there were times where I would do like

you know my little messy waves or I

would blow dry my hair like wanna be

Posh Spice

um and then a few hours later it was

like boom humidity or it would fall flat

or it wouldn't hold or whatever like it

would look different from start to

finish it would change after I started

to use this I noticed that when I wake

up the next morning even though my crown

is hella crazy crazy greasy the rest of

my hair looks the same so I was like hey

you actually protect my style so maybe

if you guys are on the boat where you

don't have greasy hair like I do this

might be a product that extends your

style protects your hair and might be

able to carry your look for a few days

without having to wash it although I

don't know how you guys do it high five

if you do anyway if you guys are

interested in purchasing this heat

protectant cream I will have a discount

code listed in the description box below

I believe it's for a 15% off so it's

definitely worth the try if you guys are

kind of on the boat you know like the

way where my hair sucks boat but another

good thing about Brio shield is that

it's a brand that's good for the

thinnest thin weakest tiniest little

baby hair like mine - the thickest most

luscious most textured hair out there ah

trust me

the owner of Rio Gio has the most

beautiful thick textured hair ever and

she uses all her products and her hair

always looks fly as heck just saying so

let's move on to what's in the shower

when you have three hairs like me the

shampoo that has saved me

since I cut off all my hair it's from a

brand called grow gorgeous and this is a

hair density shampoo seriously if you

guys told me to put you know to stay on

my head for three minutes a day and to

eat 37 green grapes and to I don't know

go outside at exactly 713 everyday to

get thicker hair I would do it but sadly

that's not how it works so if I can use

a shampoo that's going to make my hair a

little bit more voluminous and help me

out then why not so the grow gorgeous is

a line that I actually discovered

walking around Ulta and it's but it's

been amazing I have to repurchase it now

but it's an amazing shampoo for two

hairs like me the other shampoo that I

really like and I'm surprised I was able

to use it it's from Shea Moisture now

Shea Moisture is a line that's really

really heavy and nourishing oils it's

also a healthier brand you can find it

at like Target ulties it's more

affordable um but I was looking for a

new clarifying shampoo

because I like the feeling of clean and

after using you know products and

texturising spray and things like that

to give myself the appearance of war

hair I slowly built a product into the

shafts of my hair so when I saw that

shea moisture had a new clarifying

shampoo that was loaded with nourishing

oils I was like wait a minute that's

kind of an oxymoron how do you have a

lot of oils to nourish but you're also

clarifying which means it like gently

cleans or almost strips your hair three

hair Club you guys need this clarifying

shampoo it makes your hair feel soft and

healthy but like eat clean I'll use this

one like maybe once a week maybe

sometimes twice okay I'm kidding

twice a week then when your hair is

feeling just a little bit dry and you

need just a little bit of pick-me-up and

I mean a little bit you guys know I'm a

fan of the it's a ten hair mask the mask

is amazing if you have a lot of hair or

you have very dry hair I have three

hairs again with the rant but if you

have a little bit of hair like me the

daily conditioner the miracle daily

conditioner is awesome

you take the littlest tiniest bit I mean

like the littlest tiniest bit and I just

do this and this and this kind of leave

it there for a little bit and then just

rinse it out and my hair is super soft

so it gives me the effect of masking my

hair but it also doesn't coat the

strands and make them waxy or heavy if

you guys have greasy hair trust me you

know the feeling of greasy heavy oily

hair kind of like when you put on way

too much lotion and you have thin hair

like me let me know if you're on the

same boat I have very thin hair and if I

put on too much body lotion and I'm

wearing like a tank top or something if

that lotion gets in my hair my hair is

done like my hair it's greasy oily it

sticks together it looks greasy it looks

horrible there's very few products that

can touch my hair without making it look

stuck together waxy

like with the residue or oily it's

really really tricky so these you guys

are safe products now you're probably

wondering like okay well Danny on those

days where you're like whoa lady your

hair nasty disgusting

and you just took a shower what do you

do dry bar detox

dry shampoo this stuff is awesome it

smell delicious

it doesn't do buildup I believe it has

rice starch but let me yeah rice starch

there's some dry shampoos that don't use

rice starch if you guys have three hairs

like me you need the finest of the

finest powder I don't mean fine like you

know Egyptian royalty no I mean fine

like very very soft powdery like

microscopic grains fine so rice starch

is your best friend I have dark hair

this is white it doesn't leave a white

cast I'm wearing it today I wash my hair

this morning but I know that halfway

through the day I'm already gonna start

getting the clumping together so this

stuff is amazing it smells really good

it works it doesn't do build-up you know

sometimes when you do dry shampoo you go

like this you get like the white crust

it doesn't do that and I use this which

is another must-have this is a stipple

brush from Real Techniques I spray my

hair go do my makeup I do whatever I

need to do and then later I just come

back and I do this and I disperse it

because I don't want to touch my hair

all those oils on your fingertips all

that stuff from like the lotion that you

put on whatever you guys we have three

hairs we got to be like prepared and

wear and not do ourselves a disservice

so the least amount of times that you

can touch your hair the better there's

that and then you're saying Danny when

you want sexy hair like this one that's

like oh man it's still soft and

touchable but it has sexy little waves

like what is this messiness going on you

gotta get yourself a texture spray

and let me tell you how many texture

sprays I have returned or thrown away

Beach sprays uh slip around Zoar upsy

daisy's or I don't remember the name of

that flipped me over there's like this

really popular brand that the the spray

is like spray wax like literally it

connects my hair together and it turns

it into like one one hair like one

strand it's horrendous it's heavy it's

sticky so many texturizing spray that

all they do is ruin my clean hair I

found our answer you guys no need to

send me thank-you cards but the Amika

undone texture spray is the best

texturising spray for people with thin

hair thin hair a little bit of hair two

hairs okay if you have thick hair you

have texture in your hair if you have a

lotta hair this probably won't work for

you because it's too it's too

lightweight it's not like it's not the

big guns this is for people to have like

three hairs I do okay so it's gonna

leave your hair smelling good a lot of

people complain about the smell like oh

it's too strong it isn't it doesn't

linger it's gonna leave your hair

feeling soft so I'm wearing it today

it's soft its touchable you guys see

that but it gives my it gives my hair

volume so it leaves it soft it's not

sticky it's not crunchy it's not waxy it

doesn't weigh it down it doesn't clump

it together and if you're like you know

what I don't want this toss to look

anymore you can go and brush your hair

and you can brush it out have you guys

noticed that when I passionate about

something I get like really excited and

I yell at you guys so I really hope that

one of you will find this video useful

because I feel like here on YouTube all

we see are beautiful like mermaid links

hair and way

and beautiful curls and just oh yeah

this is like my 27 day hair yeah I mean

like I feel like I need to even out the

playing field not a lot of youtubers

have short hair not a lot of youtubers

have no hair not all the youtubers have

the situation or maybe they do and they

just don't talk about it because they

use extensions or because whatever they

use wigs some some youtubers even use

wigs I I don't even have time to shower

every day so for me it's got to be you

know low-maintenance and easy I'm all

about that mommy thug life you guys so I

need products like heat protectant that

makes my hair feel soft and touchable

and not weigh it down or a texturizing

spray that's kind of make me look like I

actually put a little effort into the

way I styled my three hairs like always

all of these products will be listed in

the description box below along with a

15% discount code off of this brioche EO

product actually I think it might be 15%

off the website but I'm not sure so make

sure that you check the description box

below by the time you see this video I

will know for sure but you guys

seriously don't be lazy and don't skip

using it heat protectant because if you

guys have three hairs like me and you

don't use a heat protectant you may end

up with just one

so all these products will be listed in

the description box below really hope

you guys enjoyed this video I hope it

wasn't too ranchy for some of you guys

but you guys really you guys if you guys

are on the same boat as me you want to

say hi oh speaking of hair speaking of

hair can we talk about this luscious

hair look at this oh yes look at this

luscious hair say hi say look at my this

is my natural curl pattern do my natural

curl pattern my name is Sophia and this

is all natural the hair color and the

texture and everything oh you don't like

she didn't like it she doesn't like was

talking about her texture and her hair

and her curl pattern okay guys anyway I

really hope you guys enjoyed this video

let me know your thoughts in the comment

section below

and like always if you found this video

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