ASK UNMC! What are the best shampoos for dry scalp?



a lot of times with dry scalp it's

actually several different medical

conditions that can cause that things

like psoriasis where

it's your immune system is acting up on

the scalp causing a rash

flakiness dry scalp there's other

medical conditions as well but the most

common thing that we run into

is something called seborrheic

dermatitis it's actually inflammation

around the oil glands which is

very common as we get older in life it

also happens in babies causing cradle

cap as we commonly know it

but those dry flaky scalp areas can

really be helped out by some of the

over-the-counter shampoos that we have

things like head and shoulders sell some

blue neutrogena tea gel

t-cell all those are great options to

start off with to really limit that

scale because they're focusing on

calming down

inflammation in the scalp