now let's drink it yeah

stuff it's awesome rare what's going on

YouTube is bully juice here and if you

look to my channel welcome aboard for my

LG returning bullies out there welcome

back in this video we're actually gonna

go over a weight loss smoothly like a

weight loss shake it's gonna be awesome

alright we're gonna hop right into that



first thing we're gonna actually need is

a full banana like I said before you

guys if you want

I usually just break pieces off like

this throw it in there but if you want

to use a nice cut right through

everything feel free to do so I put a

whole banana in there bananas are

awesome into so many different ways the

next thing I'm going to utilize it's a

great fruit like I mentioned before I

know there's a lot of people out there

that do not like great fruits but

they're awesome really there's so many

benefits that grapefruit actually offer

you and I recommend you add these things

a lot of people hate grapefruits

I'm not actually against grapefruit all

of you guys out there I want you to this

is good way to help you lower your blood

sugar sucking it up it's gonna help you

lower your insulin levels which is going

to cause you by to not want to store fat

as easy rather than your body utilizing

the food or storing fat it's gonna

actually use it for energy instead I'm

gonna definitely be doing the cuff if

that is lamb

I'm definitely utilizing it and if

smoothy grape rules are actually good to

me they have a lot of weight loss

benefits we're gonna actually put half

of a grapefruit in this smoothie and

once you blend everything up you can

barely taste the grapefruit it's just

awesome with this I call it juice it's

gonna be pretty good at that the whole

thing in there if you want you can cut

up the blenders gonna do everything for

me and I know what you guys are thinking

I know at least like 27 you guys are

like well I don't like grapefruit get

over it now you really can't taste it

all that much but the pros by far

outweigh the cons in the situation so if

you don't worry next up is going to be

an avocado

I eat avocado quite often this is going

to be a source of healthy fat look at

that that's beautiful on the inside

obviously you don't mess with this thing

I just throw that away

look how beautiful this is usually I put

a habit usually I put 1/2 of avocado in

my smoothie

you're talking about losing a little

weight so if you're trying to cut and

all this other stuff I'll help you do

that all right take the skin off the

edges beautiful avocados have a lot of

benefits one of which being it helps

increase the testosterone in your system

that's gonna be one of the biggest

benefits it's a healthy fat as well so

it's gonna help with that insulin

sensitivity if you don't want your body

to store fat right you want your body to

avoid storing fat and that's what

avocados want to help it do this is a

healthy fat it's going to give you a lot

of energy and believe it or not you will

not really be able to taste the avocado

in this smoothie you really not gonna be

able to taste it now if you're allergic

to avocados I'm sorry because they're

awesome they help you out a lot and put

a little bit more in there I want about

half right here is half of an avocado I

actually ate the other half yesterday

and today I IVA kados every day for the

most part avocado is a great source for

healthy fats it's a little bit vitamins

minerals and a bunch of water to be

honest with you contrary to what you may

think your body needs help at the

high-hat and I bird and avocado is gonna

make you feel fuller a lot longer

avocados are awesome when it comes to

trying to lose weight

usually when I'm just eating them whole

I just sprinkle a little salt pepper on

it I chop it up into little pieces and

they're awesome

avocados try it out now this next thing

we're gonna talk about is going to be

great in so many different ways gonna

help with water retention is gonna help

with that bloating it's gonna help

increase your metabolism a lot of things

and there's something so simple cucumber

this little thing right here that we

like to put on salads going to be

awesome and helping your weight loss


what are you smiling okay don't forget

to rinse this thing off alright you

don't want any nasty painted stuff

getting mingus your smoothie that can be

discussed in there you can get sick and

all that good stuff so I'm gonna cut

right through it of course I'm not going

to have the skin so I'm not gonna put a

whole lot of cucumber in there

although cucumber is like frickin 95%

water some of the properties in here is

going to help with that weight loss and

that's what we want that's what we're

focusing on focusing on

using that gut shrinking that baby

getting rid of all that fat that's what

we're doing so I like to throw it in

there season all no big deal you guys

haven't noticed this is going to be a

very very green smoothie it's gonna be

like the green machine it's gonna be off

gonna be great for you and you'll get

right all right that's the goal here

dude right next up going to be some baby

spinach like I told you guys before you

don't have to use baby spinach alright

you can use adult spinach if you want

we're gonna go with baby spinach though

alright I've been looking for some

toddler spinach but I can't really find

it finish in particular is low in carbs

and calories but it's super high in

fiber so adding something like spinach

to your meals like for instance let's

say I got chicken if you can make a

chicken salad 5 just add a bunch of

spinach to it which will increase the

volume of your meal which is gonna make

me feel a lot fuller without adding a

bunch of carbs and calories now the

first thing you want to do with this

spinach like always is going to I

usually grab a little handful and I

rinse it off ok so like I always tell

you guys spinach is freakin awesome

one of the many things I enjoy using it

for is the fact that it's going to help

with digestion is gonna help with your

food absorption and all that good stuff

so I just kind of crunch it up a little

bit and sprinkle it in there look at all

nicely look at that it's freaking

awesome you guys see the trend a whole

lot of greens around here

alright a whole lot of greens greens is

the way to go next Oh oats is freaking

awesome but I'm gonna grab a measuring

cup cuz I want to make sure that I put

the right amount of hose in here


so we're gonna put half a cup of oats

all right we're gonna throw a half a cup

of oats in there and also we're gonna

put some peanut butter powder in there

it's time remember last time when we

were talking about our weight gain and

smoothie we actually put in peanut

butter but this time we're gonna put in

peanut butter powder and let's talk

about why an actual peanut butter we're

talking about a hundred and ninety

calories for two tablespoons whereas

peanut butter powder two tablespoons

gonna give us 60 calories you see the

difference here so instead of this we're

gonna go with peanut butter powder like

I always talk about with my smoothies

and shakes I like to put all the crusty

and hard and all that good stuff in

first before I actually add the liquid

so in this one we're gonna be using some

coconut water this is awesome it's no so

good stead of just pouring in there

that's usually what I do go ahead and

measure out this time for the sake of

this video because I want to make sure

I'm keeping track of all the things

we're putting in here all the

measurements but I'm usually eyeballing

everything just give us two cups of this

yeah got some good stuff right there

that's some good stuff

and as always what we're gonna do is put

this little piece on top here so simple

right I love this thing is so awesome

remember sitting on top here you give it

a little couple glances you let it kind

of soak to the bottom and bubble up this

is awesome

thank you make it work


now let's drink it drink it really well

it smells great tastes even better

surprisingly you can taste a lot of that

peanut butter powder in there that is

very strong can definitely taste that

banana and that's about it very strong

of course you can take the coconut water

but the peanut butter overpowered this I

use it on put a lot of peanut butter

powder in there but I wanted to add a

little bit of protein into the mix while

keeping the counter is low as well yeah

stop it's awesome right

it don't get much better than this right

and like I always tell you it doesn't

taste amazing right but I don't drink

and eat stuff for how it tastes drinking

and eat it for what it does to your body

that's what it's about

as always hope you guys enjoyed do not

generally do so drugged with a spoon

thumping first first we gotta run okay

we gotta get there fast we're almost


we're almost there but the next time

guys gonna have to catch y'all later