What is customer service ? The 7 Essentials To Excellent Customer Service

hi thanks for joining us today we're

answering the question what is customer

service and why is it important the

seven essentials to excellent customer

service I'm David Brownlee president of

David Rowley and associates and founder

of small business training program comm

and the seven secrets to a million

dollar business if you're a business

owner or entrepreneur you know how

frustrating it can be when clients are

not happy with your product or service

whether or not it's you or your

company's fault especially with websites

like Yelp and Angie's List Google

reviews customer service is more

important than ever to get right it can

literally crush your business if you

screw it up

within minutes hundreds thousands or

even millions of prospective customers

can see your company's bad reviews

that's heavy on the flip side they can

also see your good reviews which is what

we'll focus on today providing excellent

customer service that will exceed client

expectations give you loyal customers

with repeat business and eventually

increase your revenues and grow your

business in this video we're going to

highlight seven essential elements to

excellent customer service that will

build that loyalty and repeat customers

for you and your brand you can do this

by putting these essentials to work in

your business today so let's get started

number one be aware of the three things

every customer wants when it comes to

your customer service your customer

psychology plays a key role in how they

perceive your company's customer service

first your customers want to be heard

they want to be heard all the time but

especially when they have a problem with

your product or service when they

express their concerns or desires make

sure you you and your employees

understand this for example if you have

a customer that's just heated and

steaming mad

just let them then a lot of times that's

all the client needs they'll get it out

of their system and they'll love you

again just for listening to them it's

amazing second your customers want to be

understood make sure that you or your

staff ask questions and

Pete and confirm your customers concerns

or needs your company needs to fully

understand your customers situation a

lot of times miscommunication takes

place and your staff is working to solve

a problem that is totally off the mark

and not addressing the issues your

client actually has so you can see this

is extremely important number three your

client wants to be cared for they need

to feel important you and your staff

need to show concern for them and show

an effort to solve their problem and

accommodate their requests regardless if

they can accommodate them or not

depending on your company's policies

they want to see the effort being made a

lot of times you won't be able to

accommodate their request but the

customer appreciates the effort moving

on to number 2 of the 7 essentials

write this down s-e-c sec this is an

acronym i came up with because it only

takes a sec to do but it's so important

in your customer interaction that it can

make or break your sale and determine

whether or not your customers will even

come back you have to remember it s-e-c


it stands for smile eye contact and

comment make sure you write this down

smile I contact and comment smiles are

contagious when you're greeted by a

smiling representative of a company that

appears happy and glad to see you and

you know it's your instinct to smile

back you're ready for your interaction

with this company I mean even if you've

had a crappy day and if the rep does it

right you will smile back you may

realize oh I'm grumpy and consciously

wipe that grin off your face but your

instinct is to smile back and even when

you're angry you know we expect

subconsciously to be greeted by customer

service reps salespeople servers and

restaurants with a smile service with a

smile we expect it although it's harder

and harder to find that in companies

right for example I fly a lot and with

everything that's been going on with the

airlines these days with budget cuts

flight delays increased security etc

those folks

that work for the airlines from the

front desk to the flight attendants

aren't always the nicest people to deal

with you know I get that they're

underpaid and lack of job security etc

but simple smile and greeting would make

all the difference in the world right

even if they say the right thing you

know welcome to Delta we know you have a

lot of choices when you fly we're glad

you picked us where are you flying to

today you know they're the right words

but when they'll smile it doesn't make

you exactly feel warm and fuzzy inside

does it okay you get my point but this

is huge

next make sure you are your reps make

eye contact with the customer eye

contact shows that you're ready to

engage them and ready to help them in

some way it shows you care about what

they're about to tell you and you're

listening to them make sure you use eye

contact in combination with the smile

you know because you don't want to freak

anybody out

you know just staring at them then you

want to make a friendly comment to them

it could be about the weather or

light-hearted current events you know

you can even compliment the client on

either their clothing or some jewelry

that you like etc but you know be

sincere and fellas be careful with your

compliments to women keep it classy and

not creepy that's important the third

element to excellent customer service is

to listen to the customer remember your

clients want to be heard and understood

the only way to do that is to really

listen to what they're saying

acknowledge what they said and repeat it

back to them so you're sure that you're

addressing the right issue many times

angry customers will stop pursuing

further action on your part after they

know they've been heard in that you care

about them and their needs it sounds too

good to be true but it is

they sometimes actually feel guilty for

causing you grief and will apologize to

you at this point when that happens you

know you're doing this right fourth the

fourth thing is to empathize with your

customers that they're you know when

they're having issues really listen to

what they're telling you and then

confirm you understand what the issue is

tell them I understand how you feel I

understand where you're coming from

whether they're right or wrong this will

usually allow them to let down

a guard a bit and calm down if they're

really angry too satisfied even if you

Altima cannot deliver the exact outcome

they're looking for by empathizing with

them and their problem they're more

likely to accept a more reasonable

solution and that's best for everybody


fifth create solutions for your clients

issues and complaints consult your

company policies invoices take a look at

the customer's history whatever you need

to do to come up with a solution for

them a lot of times you have to get

creative and do things that you may not

have thought of before if a client is so

dissatisfied with your company's product

or service that the only remedy is to

give a full refund it will most likely

be in your best interest just to do it

now I'm not saying you want to lose

money on a regular basis but hopefully

this occurrence is what is rare right

and if it's not you need to make some

serious changes in your organization you

may need to hire a customer service

training company to come into your

organization and turn around in fact a

lot of companies turn to us David

Brownlee and Associates for customer

service training when they don't have an

adequate customer service training

program in place now when you hire us we

will come in we'll assess your situation

and custom tailor a solution for your

business this is extremely important

sixth clarify the situation with the

client you need to make sure that the

customer is a hundred percent satisfied

once their issues been resolved review

the remedy with them then again gain

agreement that the remedy is sufficient

you don't want to provide a solution for

a client bending over backwards you know

from them thinking they're happy and

then find out later through Yelp or

Better Business Bureau that the client

actually was not satisfied with your

solution so clarifying the remedy for

your client situation will save you a

lot of grief and finally seven follow up

with all your customers you want to make

sure each of your customers had a great

experience with your company your

brand's reputation depends on it and can

affect future business so even though

more companies are starting to followup

with clients after the sale still most

companies do not it doesn't matter what

industry urine they're missing out on

referral business repeat customers and

positive reviews you can follow up with

a simple phone call asking them one or

two questions about their experience

that alone will send your customers

through the roof with excitement I mean

they'll realize hey this company

actually cares about me one of the three

crucial psychological elements is that

your customers need to feel cared for

you know like we talked about earlier or

you can send an email to them thanking

them for their business it's easy to put

a survey in there too but if they were

dissatisfied with your company it may be

too late to save the relationship so if

you do a survey follow up with any

clients that were dissatisfied

immediately it's less personal than a

phone call but if you've got a lot of

customers and you know that it may make

better sense for you to follow up with

emails but I always suggest following up

with clients with what's called a drip

campaign via email after the sale anyway

a drip campaign is an email they receive

from you offering coupons discounts

invites to special events in company

news so you want to say you want to stay

in the minds of your past clients for

example your drip campaign emails can go

out once a week they can go out once a

month or even once a quarter offer them

something of value or interest and if

you provided them with excellent

customer service they'll buy from you

again and then they'll tell their

friends and their family and their

co-workers to buy from you too you can

set up drip campaigns very easily now

with bulk email providers like constant

contact eye contact MailChimp and others

they work pretty much the same way

explore which companies you like best

for more great strategies on marketing

watch my video for essentials on how to

market a company so let's recap what

customer service is and the seven

essentials to providing excellent

customer service this will increase your

customer loyalty and get you more repeat

business and referrals 1 be aware of the

3 things

every customer wants to be heard to be

understood and to be cared for to

memorize the acronym SEC SEC which

stands for smile eye contact and comment

if you take away one thing from this

training video this is it very important

and three listen to your customers your

clients want to be heard and understood

four empathize with your customers

confirm that you understand what they're

feeling five create solutions for your

clients issues and compliance six

clarify the situation with the client

make sure your client is a hundred

percent satisfied with your remedy to

their problems that they had with your

company and seven follow up with all

your customers with phone calls emails

surveys or drip campaigns I truly hope

you got great value out of this video

and learned something today to help you

gain customer loyalty referrals and

great online reviews please leave a

comment below and I will personally be

answering any questions you may have for

more information on how to achieve

customer service excellence and grow

your business visit w-w-w w David

Brownlee comm thanks again for joining

us I'm David Brownlee and we'll see you

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