The Best Screen Protector for iPhone X & XS- WhiteStone DomeGlass

what's up geeks crews it's me Omar from

geeks tur labs comm today I have a

sponsored review for a product that was

sent to me from white stone and this is

their dome glass screen protector for

the iPhone 10 so guys this I'm a screen

protectors a little bit different from

some of the other ones I've tested and

reviewed in the past this only read this

for 30 bucks and it this is a pretty

intense system that they have right here

it actually includes a UV LED lamp to

help to cure the adhesive that this

product uses to hold the screen shield

onto your phone so I'm going to show you

guys kind of an abbreviated version of

the installation they have a really

great video on their website if you're

looking for detailed description on how

to install this but this actually uses

liquid dispersion technology I'm going

to wrap my notes I'll mess it up it

basically says here that it uses this

patented liquid glass that evenly

disperses over the entire screen filling

any scratches or scuffs and hardens to

create an impenetrable edge-to-edge

barrier while we're pairing former

cracks and imperfections in your screen

that's pretty serious stuff guys

I will assay the overnight when I hear

the word liquid glass people tend to

think that so it's screen shield that's

liquid and then hardens and that becomes

the screen shield no the liquid part is

the adhesive and the screen the glass

screen shield is separate so you put the

adhesive on it that hardens when using

the UV lamp with the screen shield on

your phone and it basically becomes part

of your phone so I'm really excited to

check this out I've never read like I

said the screen shield that's similar to

this but for 30 bucks I'm kind of blown

away at I would assume I've seen other

screen shows every time probably 40 50

bucks and I just basically peel off the

back and stick on your phone and you're

good to go so this is a little more

intense than that and I'm wondering if

it's probably gonna be a better more

secure type of thing to protect your

phone so without we've talked enough

about it let's get to the installation

of this bad boy and check it out and see

what it's all involved in this alright

so here we have the packaging for the

dome glass the iPhone X as you can see

here there's quite a bit of things that

are included in here we already grabbed

the bat you can see that UV LED lamp

which is I don't think I've ever seen a

screen protector actually feature an LED

lamp so that's very interesting you have

the USB cable here so you can plug this

into a wall adapter or you can plug into

us like a battery

pack whatever it is anything that will

provide power through USB you could do

that and you can use this to cure the

adhesive on the actual screen shield so

pop that open place that over I'll show

you real briefly how that works

that's actually the curing process

actually is pretty quick mmm so here we

have the instructions for that and then

we have the actual plate that you use to

line everything up on right here we have

two balls of a tee Suba I guess this is

like in case I miss one of them up it

does it for the additional line don't

let don't know that for sure I haven't

actually installed it on my phone yet

and here we have all the extra pieces

and then we have the screen shield right

here and the different tabs and things

in order to and do the installation so

I'm gonna do a really quick fast version

of it and show you guys what is involved

in doing this like I said if you need to

see the detailed instructions on how to

do this installation go I'll put a link

in the description actually to make it

easier for you guys to find that because

they have a very detailed five minute

video on every step that is required to

do this installation so this was just a

quick one it's to show you kind of a

roundabout way what's involved in doing

the install for the dump glass for the

iPhone tab so let's get into it






all right so I did the install and guys

this thing looks really sharp I did have

to do twice it luckily it does come with

a second adhesive like the mixture there

whatever the adhesive it uses I messed

up the first time I there's a bubble

that goes in this is supposed to be in

the center of it and when you release

the screen shield to fall on top of it

the bubbles supposed to be in the middle

of it my bubble is a little bit further

down so it didn't completely cover the

whole thing so I have to take that off

wipe it down and start over with the

with a new fraction of adhesive but it

does come with two of them so I did put

it on there and this thing looks sharp

it looks it's kind of hard to explain it

feels it doesn't feel like it's actually

a screen shield first off the texture is

super smooth feels very nice so it's

just like the iPhone the iPhone screen

but the other thing I usually notice

what scream shield is that you can it's

almost too close to the edge like it

gives too much of a gap between the edge

of the phone and the screen shield but

this one actually goes really far to the

edge and it's really nice guys I'm

actually pretty impressed with the

quality of that I'm not gonna sit here

and admit and say that this was a super

easy process it is it didn't take me

probably 30 minutes or so to get it done

because I was being super cautious with


but I'm pretty happy with the result it

looks really sharp really nice and man I

definitely don't want to have to I

definitely want to have to replace this

screen protector anytime soon on my

iPhone so I'm really liking the way it

looks and the texture of it feels

exactly like the iPhone screen and it

doesn't seem to like cause any kind of

weird any kind of weird things going on

with the screen it looks as sharp as it

normally looks whenever you're using the


yeah I'm really impressed with it I'm

just I think the biggest thing I love

about is that it goes all the way to the

edge I'm not sure I'm trying to get it

in the light as you can see but it goes

completely almost to the edge of the

iPhone and when you're using it it

doesn't really feel like it's there it's

pretty it's pretty crazy so I'm liking

this so far thirty bucks

not a bad deal guys other thing I wanted

to show you is that I do have a case

right here there's a snapback case I'm

not going to tell you the brand because

they also make screen

but as you can see the screen shield is

around the edge of the iPhone but not

enough to the point to where you can't

place a case on it so not sure if you

can see but that is like right right

right on the edge and I put it in there

I was just praying that it wouldn't push

off push the screen shield off or

anything but it fits in there perfectly

in this case car wraps around that the

edge of the iPhone really well so if you

have a similar style of snapback case

the screen shield should be fine when

using it with those style of cases so

those are my final thoughts in the dome

glass for the iPhone 10 if you guys are

interested in purchasing this product I

will have a link down below in the

description do yourself a favor if

you're looking for a screen shield click

on that link it reads us for 30 bucks

very reasonably priced you can't really

go wrong with that and I definitely

recommend you guys checking it out if

you have any questions about this

product posting down below in the

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