Liquid Screed For Underfloor Heating.All You Need To Know About Liquid Screed For Underfloor Heating

I'm Andy Park managing director of the

multi award-winning speech screen

I'm just here today to talk about liquid

screed for underfloor heating so why is

liquid screed

the natural choice for underfloor

heating I think first and foremost it's

for its thermal conductivity for its

performance with a typical liquid screen

being almost twice as thermally

conductive as a traditional sand and

cement you can think of the long-term

savings that you'll get from the from

the product the screen will heat and

cool quicker so you'll get more

controllability from the from the actual

screen so the efficiency is greatly

improved over the the two systems and

you're looking at a long-term cost

saving over the life of the screen so

which could be a 10 15 20 years

potentially typically liquid screen will

go down to 30 mil above the pipes with a

special version of the product

going down to only 20 mil above the

primes that's 45 and 35 mil respectively

based on the pipes being 50 mil the

product is suitable for all the usual

floor coverings so with the correct

adhesives you can lay you traditional

vinyls woods ceramics carpets base sizes

can be up to 300 square meters based on

an aspect ratio of a two to one which

means that you've got less joints to

contend with up to 1500 square meters

can be lamed per day so productivity is

is immense and can get life projects

completed very quickly one of the

benefits of using calcium sulphate on a

liquid screen is that it's eco-friendly

so it's a recycle binder that would

ordinarily go to landfill and it's been

used instead of the high carbon

footprint of cement so it's very


so really liquid screed is the natural

choice feel for your underfloor heating

in terms of performance eco friendly and

cost savings over the long term