TOP 5: Best Wireless Router 2020

getting a good wireless router will

ensure no interruptions while playing

the best PC games streaming Netflix in

HD or 4k or working on the cloud but

with so many different router options

out there it is not always easy to

figure out which is best in this video

we're breaking down the best 5 wireless

routers on the market this year based on

price performance speed coverage and

situations they will be used in we'll be

taking a look at routers in every price

range so whether you're looking for a

great value router or the ultimate

in-home coverage will have an option for

you so if you're interested in finding

out which wireless router will be the

best for you stay tuned as always all

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you don't miss anything first up we have

the nut Gear Nighthawk R 6700 our pick

for the best value per dollar wireless

router so if you're looking for the

biggest bang for your wireless router

buck priced at under $70 the Netgear r

6700 is the least expensive option in

the entire Nighthawk family you get most

of the excellent Nighthawk benefits but

at an extremely affordable price the

Netgear Nighthawk r 6700 is a dual band

router that supports multi-user MIMO for

simultaneous data streams as well as

beamforming a process that narrows the

focus of the R 6700 signal and sends it

directly to your devices in a straight

line which improves your Wi-Fi reception

and reduces interference if you need

greater coverage you may want to

consider a mesh router system for

seamless coverage over a greater space

like the Google home Wi-Fi coming up

later in the video setup is easy you can

install and manage various settings

either via the web interface or the

mobile app you'll also be able to set up

parental controls that offer a

considerable amount of customizations

including quality of service or QoS

which prioritizes traffic so that more

important traffic can pass first the

result is a performance improvement for

critical network traffic this is a

feature not usually found on routers in

this price range one convenient feature

for VPN users is that with the R 6700

you can input your VPN credentials

straight into the router and get

continual VPN protection across all your

devices simultaneously

léa the are 6,700 performs well when it

comes to regular storage and network

attached storage drives so if you share

files on your network on regular hard

drives or keep your media on an na S

Drive you'll get fast transfers and


ultimately the Netgear nighthawk are

6,700 may not offer the fastest speeds

available but it's definitely enough for

the average home if you're looking to

stretch your dollar and get the biggest

value for your money

the r 6700 wireless router is fully

featured priced competitively provides

great speed and deliver solid

performance with some added premium

features thrown in next we have the Asus

raagh rapture GT - ax 11000 are picked

for the best gaming router if money is

no object and you want the absolute

highest and s u s-- gaming router

bristling with all the latest whistles

and bells for doing more than the

average day online gaming or streaming

the s USAG rapture GT - ax 11000 priced

under three hundred and seventy dollars

is future ready and a beast when it

comes to wireless routers the wrong

rapture GT - ax 11000 is a gaming model

as the raw brand notes and the device

has gain boosting features but it's also

good for everything you might want to

throw at it not just online games the

GTA X 11000 sports the very latest Wi-Fi

6 802 point 11 ax standard for extremely

fast speeds plus it has a dantana's to

help with Wi-Fi coverage even for larger

homes most wireless routers also include

Gigabit Ethernet for wired connections

but the rapture GTA X 11,000 goes one

step further with a 2.5 gigabytes per

second Ethernet port capable of much

higher hardline speeds for most this

wireless router is over SPECT and is

built for the most demanding networks

with peak aggregate throughput of nearly

11,000 megabytes per second with its

Wi-Fi radar the GTA X 11,000 can analyze

the surrounding environment and use DFS

band switching to hop the dedicated

gaming band to the best channel to give

you maximum performance although the

ESU's GTA X 11,000 is focused on gaming

it is also a good home router as well

with quality of service security and

parental controls it not only lets you

set up adaptive QoS to prioritize the

available bandwidth it also blocks

objectionable material and schedules

times when using the

web is off-limits for example the GTA X

11,000 has a great time schedule feature

that lets you set limits on when certain

users can log on if you are a parent

this may come in quite handy

the raagh rapture GTA X 11,000 offers

the highest speed and capacity for

gamers and enthusiasts sure the router

is big and expensive but if you have the

need for speed the GTA X 11,000 should

be on your wish list up next we have the

Google Nest Wi-Fi router our pick for

the best smart mesh router if you've

been waiting for the Google Wi-Fi in

Google home to come together as one your

wait is over the Google Nest Wi-Fi

router is the newest model that finally

incorporates Google home into its

experience starting at 150 dollars the

nest Wi-Fi covers up to 2,200 square

feet but can be expanded to extend that

coverage generally we give little love

to routers once that are set up they're

typically left hidden behind a cabinet

or entertainment system and forgotten

unless a problem arises here the

integration of Google assistant with the

Wi-Fi point changes everything not only

is the Wi-Fi point helpful and expanding

coverage in the home but it can be used

to do all the same things as any of

Google's smart speakers it essentially

doubles as a nest mini speaker allowing

you to play music access Google

assistant and even control other

connected smart home gadgets with your

voice actions the nest Wi-Fi access

point is router first smart speaker

second by itself the router delivers

upwards of 2,200 square feet of coverage

while each Wi-Fi point adds another

1,600 square feet the benefit here is

that you can scale the set up

accordingly to deliver proper coverage

throughout your home of course this

isn't something you can achieve with

most routers unless they're designed

with mesh networking in mind to set up

the nest Wi-Fi you will need the Google

home app this is because part of the

system is technically a Google home

speaker making it easier to manage both

within the same app with the Google Nest

Wi-Fi not only will you be able to get

excellent Wi-Fi coverage but the nest

Wi-Fi system can be used to control your

home's various connected devices and

also doubles as your smart assistant

then S Wi-Fi is one of the best

expandable mesh routers available

especially for those who are already

vested in the Google ecosystem if you're

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comments below next up is the Netgear or

be our pick for the best mesh router for

large homes unimpeded seamless Wi-Fi

coverage throughout your house isn't

just possible with the Netgear or B it's

easy as pie but that convenience will

set you back close to $300 if you have a

lot of ground to cover in your home this

is bar none one of the best mesh routers

on the market and is well worth its

price although cheaper than the SEC gtx

11000 the Netgear or b is still among

the most expensive home Wi-Fi kits but

is a snap to set up and has more range

in power than almost any other router

while it's referred to as a single

product the Netgear or B is technically

comprised of two parts the or B router

and the or B satellite which covers up

to 5000 square feet like the Google Nest

Wi-Fi the or B is a mesh router system

that is expandable but for most that

will not be necessary set up is super

easy the device has come prepared and

you don't even need to install a mobile

app setup can be done using a PC or Mac

connected via ethernet to the or B

router or via a smartphone or tablet

connected via Wi-Fi the or B is a

powerful beast strong enough to stream

Netflix in 4k resolution through

multiple floors and cinderblock walls

with no buffering at all with the or be

replacing your old router weak signals

or dead zones in your home will be a

thing of the past through the genie app

you can quickly pause the internet

connection choose to block specific

websites or let Netgear take care of the

details by adjusting the overall

filtering level between none and high

while it's probably twice as expensive

as any router you've ever bought the

Orbeez benefits do well to justify its

price if you own a large house or even a

small house or apartment with thick

walls or have multiple floors you need

to reach the Netgear or be will have no

trouble in covering your whole property

with a consistently strong Wi-Fi signal

finally we have the tp-link Archer a7r

pick for the best budget wireless router

not everyone needs a $300 large area

coverage wireless router if you're

looking for a solid no-frills budget

router with a few nice features thrown

in the tp-link Archer a7 available for

under $55 might be all you need the

tp-link Archer a7 is a 1750 megabyte per

second dual band router designed for

those looking for a solid wireless

router on a budget it's got a decent

processor that gives you surprisingly

fast data rates on both hands support

for the latest multi-user mimo for

simultaneous data streams and has three

external antennas for long-range Wi-Fi

of up to 2,500 square feet and even

though the archer a7 is affordably

priced tp-link has added some nice

features that are found on their more

expensive routers such as four Gigabit

LAN ports that can operate 10 times

faster than standard Ethernet and an

integrated USB port that acts as a media

server you can easily connect your

external devices to the router and

quickly share files photos video and

music wirelessly with other devices in

your home set up is incredibly easy you

just need to connect the Archer a7 to

your modem and your PC and through the

web portal you'll be guided through the

simple setup which is basically naming

your network and choosing a password the

auto-detect feature will do everything

else and then you're good to go

with WPS you can easily connect various

supported peripherals like printers and

smart devices without having to

configure connection settings both the

tp-link tether mobile app and web portal

access gives you more settings including

security options and parental controls

tp-link archer a7 gives you steady

performance decent speeds and the

wireless range is nicely suited for

apartments or smaller homes so if you

need an affordable Wi-Fi router that you

can depend on to deliver consistent and

reliable connections the archer a7 is

one of the best budget wireless routers

available alright guys that's all for

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