5 Best Wireless Routers in 2018 - Best Wireless Router Reviews

hey guys in this video we're gonna be

checking out the five best wireless

routers in 2018 I made this list based

on my personal opinion and hours of

research and I've listed them based on

quality durability price and more I've

included options for every type of

consumer so if you're looking for an

entry-level option or the best product

money can buy we'll have the product for

you if you want more information and

updated pricing on the products

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the description down below okay so let's

get started with the video coming in

first place we have the Netgear XR 500

Nighthawk pro gaming Wi-Fi router our

pick for the best overall wireless

router Netgear has been a staple in the

tech industry for years now with their

top-of-the-line routers this particular

model is designed specifically to reduce

latency for those who are serious about

their online gaming priced at around 350

dollars this router is a high-end model

that uses some of the latest wireless

networking technology to maximize

internet speed the futuristic spaceship

aesthetic of this router certainly isn't

the only impressive thing about it some

of its features include geofilter the

Geo filter helps keep distance to a

minimum to strengthen your internet

connection for maximum speed VPN when

you connect to the VPN server your

networks identity remains anonymous

nighthawk app this is a mobile app that

allows you to remotely manage internet

access QoS you will have the ability to

choose the priority of your gaming

devices and set aside bandwidth

according to your own personal

preferences some of the pros of this

device include low latency this wireless

router is designed to reduce latency for

a minimal lag personalized dashboard the

dashboard with this router allows you to

see numerous analytics on a single

screen high speed you can get speeds of

up to two point six gigabytes per second

with the help of this device a powerful

processor the powerful 1.7 gigahertz

dual-core processor maintains a

consistent speed with your internet

connection easy setup unlike a lot of

other high-end wireless routers this one

is very easy to set up some of the cons

of this device include the fact that

this router is a bit expensive for those

who are on a budget and it takes up

quite a bit of space with its bulky size

if you are a hardcore gamer and need a

wireless router that you can depend on

consistently you will find that the

Netgear XR 500 nighthawk is a great

choice anyone who is looking for the

best wireless router 2018 can offer

should make a point of considering this

one this wireless router offers

top-of-the-line security and performance

to ensure that your internet connection

is always conducive to online game

the powerful processor combined with um

formative dashboard makes this product

stand out among the other models on the

market coming in second place we have

the Netgear or B Pro AC 3000 business

mesh Wi-Fi system our best wireless

routers for business businesses that

want to have a strong and reliable

internet connection throughout their

office space will need to buy the right

wireless router the neck deer or B Pro

AC 3000 is a powerful top-of-the-line

device that can accommodate most any

business needs while the price tag of

nearly $500 might seem a bit steep it is

well worth the price when you consider

what you are getting it should really be

viewed as more of an investment in your

business than anything else some of its

features include traffic separation this

wireless router makes it possible to

divide traffic for customers and

employees or managers tri-band Wi-Fi get

the highest possible internet speed

throughout your building up to 80

connections you can have up to 40

connections for each unit for a total of

80 connections LED indicator the LED

light ring on this router will tell you

when the internet connection has been

lost or when you have reached your

internet threshold some of the pros of

this device include its huge coverage

you will get up to five thousand square

feet of wireless internet coverage

consistency this device provides

everyone in the office with the same

speed and signal strength internet for

complete consistency easy to deploy you

can get this wireless router up and

running in any office within a matter of


versatile positioning the design of this

router allows it to be propped up

vertically or set down horizontally high

performance the incredibly fast three

gigabit AC Wi-Fi that you get with this

router is very impressive some of the

cons for this device include the fact

that the high price tag of this wireless

router could be a problem for some

people and the limited USB functionality

could also be a problem if you are

looking for a wireless router that can

provide your entire office with

consistent high speed internet the

Netgear or b pro AC 3000 is an ideal

solution the fact that you can separate

customer or employee traffic with this

router makes it perfect for business the

5000 square foot coverage of this device

offers means that most businesses will

be able to use it without any issues it

is one of the best options for those who

need a powerful wireless router that is

cut above the rest coming in third place

we have the Asus dual band gigabit Wi-Fi

gaming router our best wireless gaming

router Asus is definitely known for its

incredible computers but it has also

produced a number of impressive wireless

routers the

who are looking for a reliable gaming

router that won't disappoint we'll find

that this one is a great overall choice

you can get this wireless router for

about two hundred and thirty dollars

which is extremely reasonable it has all

of the basic features that you would

expect from a modern routers and so much

more the sheer power and smart design of

this device makes it an option worth

considering some of the features of this

device include expansive connectivity

there are eight different Gigabit LAN

ports that you can hook Ethernet

compatible devices up to at the same

time smart connect the smart connect

feature automatically selects the best

band for fast and reliable internet Asus

AI mesh the AI mesh feature connects

numerous Asus routers to form an entire

wireless network you can use different

model routers as long as they are all

Asus some of the pros of this device

include 1024 QAM technology the powerful

and innovative technology behind this

wireless router allows for a maximum of

five gigahertz at up to two thousand one

hundred megabytes per second a powerful

processor the 1.4 gigahertz dual-core

processor means quick USB data transfers

security the AI protection from Trend

Micro TM will always keep your

information secure when using the

internet huge coverage this router

offers up to 5000 square feet of

coverage which is more than enough for a

majority of homes some of the cons of

this device include the fact the tech

support can be difficult to deal with if

the need arises and the warranty does

not cover return shipping there is no

question that the Asus dual band gigabit

Wi-Fi gaming router was designed to

accommodate the needs of gamers if you

are serious about maintaining a stable

and high-speed Internet connection so

that you can keep playing without


this device can help the huge coverage

area immense power and unparalleled

reliability of this router makes it a

great investment to say the least

it can handle numerous devices and VPN

connections at once without missing a


this internet router has a number of

unique things going for it and it's

especially beneficial for gamers coming

in fourth place we have the tp-link AC 3

150 smart wireless gaming router our

pick for the best value per dollar

wireless router those who are looking to

get the most bang for the buck with a

wireless router will find that the

tp-link AC 3 150 is packed with all

sorts of useful features tp-link is

certainly a well respected tech company

that is known for manufacturing some of

the best routers on the market priced at

around 190 dollars this router has an

impressively sophisticated design for

being so cheap

you don't want to make a final decision

until you've learned more about this

amazing piece of technology the dual

Wi-Fi bands and superior overall

performance of this router made it a

very popular model especially among

gamers some of the features include a

dual-core CPU the 1.4 gigahertz

dual-core CPU helps to reduce lag time

for a smooth gaming or Internet

experience tp-link home care the

built-in home care feature will keep

your devices safe from viruses and other

threats for amplifiers the four

different amplifiers that come with this

wireless router extend coverage and

enhance performance some of the pros of

this device include effortless setup the

tp-link tether mobile app makes setting

up this device extremely easy

lots of ports there are four different

Ethernet ports for simultaneous wired

connections there are also USB two and

USB 3 ports on the sides amazing

performance the four stream technology

that this wireless router uses makes it

capable of going 3,000 150 megabytes per

second for impressive 4k streaming

numerous settings there are tons of

settings that you can change the way

that you want for a customized wireless

internet setup vented case the case

design of this wireless router means

that you won't have to worry about

overheating some of the cons of this

device include the fact that the

antennas on the router could come loose

fairly easily and some people may

experience problems with range if you

are seeking out the best modern router

in terms of value per dollar the tp-link

AC 3 150 smart wireless gaming router

won't let you down this device offers

incredibly impressive 4k streaming

capabilities and has all the ports you

could possibly need it is quite

affordable for the average person and

you get a lot for what you spend coming

in fifth place

we have the Google Wi-Fi router by

tp-link our pick for the best budget

wireless router the Google Wi-Fi router

by tp-link is truly unlike anything you

have ever seen it has a very unique

overall design that offers both

incredible power and convenience even

the aesthetics of this router are

one-of-a-kind it may not look like very

much of a router at first glance but it

definitely has all of the capabilities

in one priced at a little over $100 this

wireless router is connected to the

Google Wi-Fi app it can be used in

commercial settings though it's designed

primarily for home use there aren't a

lot of other routers on the market that

offer as much as this one does it's such

a low price some of the features include

self updating this wireless router

updates itself to ensure that your

internet connection stays secure Google

app integration the Google Wi-Fi app

will take you through the entire set

which can be completed in a matter of

minutes customization capabilities you

can choose to prioritize your device to

determine which one receives more

bandwidth than the others some of the

pros of this device include its compact

design the compact design of this

wireless router it means that it won't

take up much space in your home remote

setup you can use almost any Android or

iOS smartphone to set up this router

very quickly the mobile app is very easy

to use updates the fact that you don't

need to manually update the firmware for

this device is definitely a nice little

convenience constant searching this

device is always searching for the least

crowded channels to use in order to

enhance performance as much as possible

strong signal the smart and powerful

design of this router means that you

will always have a strong signal in your

home some of the cons of this router

include the fact that it only has one

either net port which can be very

limiting and you cannot set up this

device through a normal web browser if

you are on a tight budget but need a

good solid wireless router that is

highly dependable the Google Wi-Fi

router by tp-link as a solution you need

this router has a very intelligent

design and can satisfy the needs of the

average person it produces a strong

signal and is easy to set up thanks for

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