best rolling tool box 2020

are you looking for the best scrolling

toolbox in this video we will break down

the top seven rolling toolboxes on the


we have included links in the

description for each product mentioned

so make sure you check those out to see

which one is in your budget range

at number one milwaukee weather sealed

stackable rolling tool storage system

this rolling toolbox from milwaukee

consists of three rocket boxes

all these boxes are stackable on a pair

of nine-inch all-terrain wheels and

extendable handle

you can take any box among three of

those by the included handles

though these boxes are sold separately

you are getting all three of those with

a handle and wheels for less price

however these are made to withstand any

level of abuse whether chemical and

harsh job sites like a construction site

the corners of these boxes have metal

reinforcement for extra durability

and all three boxes have a separate lock

though the price is on the higher side

this unit is the best for a professional

construction worker technician

at number two klein tools 554 73 rtp


with the best loading capacity this

toolbox features eight inch wheels to

make the rollover easy

you will not feel any difficulty to roll

it over hard to rough areas

and the quality of it is amazing since

this handle has pulled out a system that

is of high clearance and heavy duty

this handle helps to transport tools

that can even weigh up to 250 pounds

plus the interior of this box is

extensively spacious

if desired you can add a wireless

speaker or let light on the front mount

of it

all together it has 19 pockets to make

the organization easy for both large and


tools there are an exterior webbing and

d-rings that can allow you to add bungee

wire connection and other accompaniments

to keep the lid closed it features metal

latches too

at number three solar mobile workshop

and toolbox

the product measures 24.5 x 18 x 10.5


and weighs a mere 11.05 pounds only when

it is empty

it is heavy duty in nature but at the

same time it is also easily portable

the toolbox is made of polypropylene

along with metal there are 24

compartments in total in three small

storage boxes

apart from that there is removable top

storage for storing frequently used


the product also has a fold-down handle

that helps the person to maneuver the

toolbox across

any terrain without any difficulty at

number four

extreme tool zx7217 rcpl rolling tool


this tool cabinet from extreme tools has

more than enough room for your stuff

all of the 17 drawers fully extend and

have double steel wall fronts and welded

support brackets to

prevent any twisting sacking or warping

the frame is made from 11 gauge steel

which makes it extremely strong

there's even a locking safety drawer and

a coated lock to keep your tools secure

plus the modular chore system gives you

a place for everything

this is a great choice for a

professional if you have a large budget

and need room for a lot of tools

you can do much better than this box at

number five

dual twst 178 20 tstk mobile toolbox

this mobile storage jeep box on wheels

is one of the popular portable toolboxes

among the professionals

these well-built boxes can be stacked

interlocked and connected with sturdy

side latches

tsck comes in six different cases they

feature drawer racks

drawer label provision optional

pre-formed foam inserts

when downside is a design flaw involving

the shelf beneath the bottom drawer

being curved upwards

the supporting feet are placed in such a

way that the lower shelf bows up even

more into the bottom drawer

at number six stackable rolling mobile

toolbox organizer

with plenty of storage space you will

find it very helpful in your daily


the rugged design makes it stand out in

several ways cable hux make it a highly

reliable unit you can get in the market

with high quality materials it is a

highly reliable toolbox you can get

you will never feel the burden the box

comes in an easy to move decide

at number seven sally zero three seven

zero two five eight rolling toolbox

the mobile chest zero three seven zero

twenty five h from stanley offers plenty


the highly affordable mobile chess

features a large steel handle that you

can pull out

and it has a very soft grip it also

comes with a tiptoe tray that is


and there are 2 inch by 4 inch grooves

on the slits there's plenty of space

available in this chest that is equal to

50 gallons

so that you will never run out of

storage and keep the tools coming in

the wheels of this chest are made of

heavy-duty material which means that you

won't break them even if you mishandle

your tool chest