TOP 5: Best Robot Vacuum 2020

roba vacuums can add a lot of

convenience to your daily routine by

taking care of essential cleaning tasks

but which ones are the best for your

buck in this video we're breaking down

the best robot vacuums on the market

this year based on price versus

performance and situations they will be

used in we'll be taking a look at

products in every budget range so

whether you've got a few bucks to spare

and want a great value product or you're

looking for the absolute best of the


we'll have an option for you so if

you're interested in finding out which

robot vacuum will be the best for you

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first is the UV Robo vac 11's slim our

pick for the best cheap robot vacuum

robot vacuums can get very expensive and

that spells trouble if you don't want to

spend too much for a good one the UV

Robo vac 11s slim is a very affordable

and well performing little robot vacuum

with a nice design and some great

cleaning skills in one package priced

under 250 dollars this Robo vac is an

attractive looking vacuum with a

tempered glass top and black finish that

looks both futuristic and very stylish

with the size of just 12 point 8 inches

in diameter and just shy of 3 inches in

height it has no trouble getting

underneath hard-to-reach spots such as

couches and dressers it works its magic

by relying on a series of sensors that

navigate obstacles without the need for

mapping technology a simple roller and

spin brush combination takes care of

cleaning duties packing dirt into a

point six litre dustbin setting up the

Robo vac involves attaching the side

brushes and turning it on which is quite

simple the device charges via pins on

its cradled dock and each full charge

Nets about 100 minutes of vacuuming time

before requiring a power up the device

offers multiple cleaning modes that can

be toggled via remote control these

include single room edge mode for walls

spot cleaning for concentrated effort on

a particular area and manual mode for

remote controlled steering auto mode

takes the guesswork out of the equation

and does the

job for you by choosing the appropriate

mode for a particular space it also

cleans exceptionally well for such a

cheap vacuum which is a pleasant

surprise the Robo vac doesn't include

support for digital assistants or Wi-Fi

connectivity which is a small letdown

for such a great cleaning device however

it's very simple to set up it does its

job remarkably well and punches way

above its slim weight at a very

attractive price point next up we have

the iRobot Roomba 960 our pick for the

best robot vacuum for pet hair pet

owners know how hard it is to keep the

house clean of pet hair especially in

hard-to-reach areas such as underneath

the couch the iRobot Roomba 960 is a

good solution to this problem offering

up one of the best pet focused robot

vacuums around for a price under 450

dollars the Roomba 960 utilizes a camera

system to navigate around a room and

avoid obstacles while going after its

intended target it performs very well on

multiple floor types including rugs and

pattern materials that can throw off

other robot vacuums its small size and

clearance allows it to get underneath

low furniture like dressers beds and

couches with ease and it can even be

programmed for multiple passes within

the same room for more methodical

cleaning duties battery life clocks in

around 75 minutes which isn't as long as

the euphy Robo vac but it trades this

for speedy performance even in double

pass mode before returning to its dock

to recharge it's also a quiet robot

vacuum in comparison to many other

models which is nice not for just humans

but pets as well the iRobot Roomba 960

lacks the manual steering mode of the UV

Robo vac which is unfortunate for a

device at this price range it can also

sometimes find itself caught underneath

low furniture and requiring a quick

assist these are small drawbacks for the

excellent level of performance it gives

in return which is far more versatile

intuitive and thorough than many

competing models

up next is the lycra luxp 100 our pick

for the best robot mop vacuum combo

robot vacuums are handy but few of them

feature mop functionality as well which

is one more task you have to take care

of the lycra luxe P 100 takes care of

this problem by blending a mop feature

along with a traditional robot vacuum

for the best of both worlds in one very

small low profile design considering its

multi functionality that combines two

features at a high level it is also very

reasonably priced at under 350 dollars

the P 100 uses 2d map navigation and a

bionic algorithm that maps the house and

creates a cleaning scheme based on the

data it acquires a wireless carrier

indoor positioning system retains this

in memory for future cleaning cycles you

can keep track of the P 100's efficiency

via smartphone app that gives you a

visible cleaning path so you can make

adjustments as you see fit the wet

mopping mode is the P 100's biggest

strength combining a 350 milliliter

water tank with smart control

functionality to perform its task with

even permeating and deep cleaning

changing out both the water tank and

dustbin is done simply by withdrawing

and inserting without having to turn the

unit upside down the P 100 features a

heavy duty brushless frequency

conversion motor that combines high

rotation speed with very strong suction

power to do its job without making a lot

of noise in the process it includes

anti-collision and anti fall technology

and can even free itself if it gets

tangled up in a cord all this plus the

ability to climb over obstacles no

higher than one centimeter which is

great for entering multiple rooms

the Electrolux p 100 is a robot mop

vacuum combo that delivers in spades

thanks to its incredible built-in

technologies and a host of bells and

whistles that go far beyond many vacuums

in its class it's truly an automatic

cleaner considering vacuuming is only

half of what needs to get done for a

truly clean house it's a fantastic

choice for those who need some mopping

done around the house as well as

vacuuming if you're interested in

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the shark IQR 101 AE our choice for a

great overall robot vacuum if you're

having trouble narrowing down your list

of choices for a great overall robot

vacuum the shark IQR 101 AE might be the

right choice not only is it a great

all-around contender but it comes with a

few nice surprises that you may not have

thought of for a competitive price of

under five hundred and fifty dollars the

shark IQ sets itself apart from previous

robot vacuums in this video by offering

a self-emptying feature that takes a lot

of the work out of managing such a

device when full the shark IQ will

navigate back to its bin and deposit

content so it can go back to business

without interruption the tag list space

can hold dirt for up to one month which

is very advantageous for cutting down

work around the house this vacuum

navigates accurately through the house

and maps it for future reference

eliminating the need to constantly

instruct it it's a thorough vacuum as

well thanks to powerful suction

capabilities and brushes that loosen

sticky debris on floors

it can handle vinyl laminate tile wood

or concrete taking multiple passes if

need be the self-cleaning brush roll

plays a part here by untangling hair

constantly during operation which is

great for pet hair deep cleaning goes a

step further to dig into carpets and

pullout debris it can even handle dust

in corners and crevices via two separate

angled brushes designed specifically for

the task there are a few minor drawbacks

to the shark IQ including a four-hour

charging time which may be inconvenient

for some and it's also a much noisier

robot vacuum than others on our list

such as the Roomba 960 it more than

makes up for these small issues with a

robust feature set and a level of

convenience that sets it apart from the

previous entries in this video making it

a super handy robot vacuum with great

overall performance finally we have the

iRobot Roomba s9 plus our pick for the

best overall robot vacuum

if you're having trouble picking the

absolute best robot vacuum for your home

and money is no option and the iRobot

Roomba s9 plus is definitely a top spot

contender it's one of the most advanced

robot vacuums on the market with a level

of performance and technology that

amazes but you have to be willing to pay

just under $1400 for it the Roomba s 9

plus deviates from traditional robot

vacuum designs with a square front motif

instead of a perfectly circular shape

which is a callback to more

traditionally manual vacuums this helps

it tackle corners and edges far more

easily the brushroll is situated near

this front portion to allow for a much

wider layout translating to better dirt

pickup the controls are simple and

efficient with a clean button to start

the vacuuming cycle a home button to

send the room butt back to it's charging

cradle and a spot button for hard

targeting specific areas that require

more effort to clean it's one of the

most efficient robot vacuums when it

comes to cleaning able to pick up nearly

100% of all debris across many different

types of floor including carpet

it comes with imprint smart mapping

technology that identifies the most

efficient method of cleaning each room

and iadapt 3.0 aids in navigation to

detect obstacles and maneuver around

them the s 9 plus also features the same

style self-emptying feature as the shark

IQ with support for allergen lock bags

to keep dust where it belongs the only

downside to the Roomba s 9 plus is its

high price tag which puts it out of the

reach of many consumers the shark IQ is

a great alternative offering up many of

the same features for nearly 1/3 of the

price but there's no denying the awesome

cleaning power of the Roomba s9 plus if

you want one of the best and most

thorough robot vacuums for your home

this is probably your best choice

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