6 Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair (We Tested Them All)

Unknown: Hey guys, it's Mallory here with All About Cats. In

this week's video, we're going to be taking a look at the top

six best robot vacuums for cat hair. In order to come up with

these top six recommendations, I spent quite a bit of time

researching vacuums as well as robot vacuums, specifically, to

identify which qualities are essential in a good vacuum for

pet hair. And what I found is that there are kind of three

main things that you want to look for. The first thing you

want to look for is a rubber roller brush. And this is

particularly important if you have a cat with really long

hair, or honestly, if you have long hair yourself. So when you

have the traditional bristle brush roller, you're going to

get a lot more tangling, there's going to be more of a chance

that the hair is going to wrap around the roller brush, and

it's going to require a lot more maintenance. The second thing

that you're going to want to think about is just good

suction. Really, the best vacuums for pet hair are the

best vacuums on the market. You want a robot vacuum that is

capable of getting deep down into the carpet and pulling up

that pet hair. So, cat hair tends to get embedded in the

carpet and so you're going to need something with a lot of

suction to be able to pull it up out of the carpet and remove it

from your floors. The third thing that I would look for when

shopping for a robot vacuum for pet hair is a large capacity. So

you're going to want to look for a vacuum that has a pretty

generous capacity that allows you to spend less time emptying

and reinserting that dustbin. So while not all of the vacuums on

this list do have really large capacities. This is something

that I was looking for when making the selections. So having

established those qualities that I was looking for, I selected

these top six vacuums as the best on the market. And then I

try them out in my home with my two cats, Wessie and Forest. So

over the last month, I've had all six of these vacuums running

around the house having interactions with one another,

and of course, sucking up cat hair. And as these vacuums have

been going around doing their jobs, I've been taking notes. So

I've been looking at things like the ease of controlling these

vacuums how well their navigation systems work, how

well they're able to pick up cat hair from various four types,

and how easy it is to empty the dust bins. If you're interested

in learning more about one specific vacuum, feel free to

use the video navigation there will be timestamps allowing you

to jump to each of these six vacuums. So our very first

recommendation is from the name in the robotic vacuum industry.

It is the iRobot Roomba i7+. So this is a top of the line robot

vacuum that does pretty much everything well. So the first

thing that I noticed about this vacuum is that it's different

from all of the others on this list and that it is self

emptying. This means that you will never have to deal with

emptying a full dustbin. Instead, it will automatically

return to its base and then empty itself. So, the bag into

which the room empties will last for about 60 days, so you're

only going to have to empty it every 60 days as opposed to

maybe once every few days. For a traditional robot vacuum, that

self-emptying feature alone really puts the Roomba at an

advantage over the vast majority of robot vacuums on the market.

Another thing that I really liked about the iRobot Roomba i7

is the fact that this robot vacuum has a really useful app.

Of the robots I tested, this app was the most intuitive and the

most useful. So you can set up different rooms easily on the

Roomba map, you can block off certain areas where you don't

want the Roomba to go. It's very easy to make adjustments within

the app. I found all of these features really helpful. But

what about how well the iRobot Roomba i7+ cleaned up cat hair

specifically? So, clearly, I have cats, and as I was using

the Roomba, I watched how well it removed cat hair from the

floors. It seemed to do a pretty good job I noticed that the

floors were consistently cleaner after the robot had had to go

around the house. I also did a test where I brushed my cat

Wessie and then put some fur onto the floor so that the

Roomba could go around and clean it up. And what I found was that

the room but did a pretty good job of cleaning it up. I use the

spot clean function rather than having to do an automatic clean

so it went in little spirals around the area that was dirty.

It picked up all of the hair, it did quite a good job, there

might have been a few little pieces of hair left after that

single cleaning a few minutes long. But overall, it did quite

a good job. also did a test with something else. But we might

have to deal with when we have cats in the home, which is cat

litter. Like the other robot vacuums, I tested the room but

didn't pick up all of the litter, but it did a fairly good

job of removing it. So there was some litter still kind of

embedded in my little pile carpet. But overall, it did a

pretty good job of picking up that litter. After using the

robot for about a month, I found that there was very little

accumulation on those rubber roller brushes, they did a

really good job of resisting any hair accumulation. So and here

wasn't rapping, and it wasn't really sticking to the bottom of

the Roomba. So overall, I really liked this robot vacuum, I think

that it could be a great choice. If you're looking for a robot

vacuum that is extremely low maintenance, does its job well

does pretty much everything that it needs to do at a really high

level, the app is great, and its performance is just exactly what

it needs to be. The biggest drawback of the iRobot Roomba is

probably it's priced at $799. It's the most expensive robot

vacuum on this list, and it might not be a good option if

you're looking for something a little more budget friendly. Our

next recommendation is the Samsung R 7070. Now this is a

robot vacuums specifically marketed for pet hair. It claims

to have 40 times more powerful suction than other circular

robot vacuums on the market, and is supposed to just overall do

an excellent job of capturing dirt in your floors. I found

that this robot vacuum did a great job as it moved around the

house. After the first use, I noticed that it had picked up a

huge amount of dirt, I was really surprised by how much it

managed to pick up. I also did that for test and I found that

it picked up the hair pretty well. I found that it's spot

cleaning function was a little bit more chaotic, or at least

appear to be a little more chaotic than that of the Roomba

mentioned earlier. But it did eventually managed to clean up

the hair. Again, I also did a little test with it. And it did

a pretty good job, there was still a little bit of litter

remaining after it had gone over it for a few minutes. But its

performance was on par with all of the top rated robot vacuums

listed here. The brush roller is, again, rubber, and it does a

great job of resisting hair accumulation and tangling. So it

was very easy to maintain. And I didn't find myself having to

clean hair out of that roller brush all the time. All of these

positive qualities aside, I had two big gripes with this robot

vacuum. The first is the size of the dustbin. So at 300

milliliters, this is the smallest dustbin on this list.

And it means that you're not going to be able to run this

robot vacuum for quite as long as some others. And in addition

to being kind of small, I found that it was a little bit

difficult to get the dust out of it without making a mess. So I

found that it was a little bit on the messy side. The second

issue that I had with this robot vacuum was its app. So the app

allows you to do just about everything that you need to do.

It allows you to set up schedules, choose which suction

level you want to use, and look at your robot's cleaning

history. That being said, I found that the map was a little

bit less detailed than that of some of the other robots I used.

And while I would have liked it to allow me to create different

rooms and section off areas that I would like to mark off, the

robot does come with little barriers that you can put down

around your house in order to block off certain areas. So you

are able to do that. But I think that for the price, this robot

could have a little bit of a more useful app. Overall, this

robot vacuum is a good all-around choice that seems to

have excellent suction, and a good navigational system. I

purchased this robot for $699. Now, I labeled our next

recommendation as the best robot vacuum for large homes. But

really I think of it as more of just another runner up to our

number one recommendation. It's a little bit cheaper than the

iRobot Roomba and it doesn't have quite as many features. But

overall, I found his performance to be on par with both of our

top recommendations with a few extra qualities that set it

apart for certain types of homes and people. The first thing that

you'll probably notice about this robot is that it has that D

shape which allows it to get into corners, does a great job

of cleaning corners and along baseboards, along walls, and

moves around the house with ease and like all of our top

recommendations. I didn't notice this vacuum getting stuck or

stranded very often. The Neato vacuum seems to have great

suction in my first test, it did an outstanding job, and it also

seemed to do the best job of any of these vacuums in my cat

litter test. So when I use the manual controls on the Neato

app, I was able to get almost all of the litter out of the

carpet. So that was pretty impressive. And after a did

taken numerous trips around the house, I found that there was

very little accumulation of hair on that brush roller. Another

thing that I liked about the Neato robot vacuum was its

capacity. So it has a 700 milliliter dustbin, which is

pretty generous. So you're able to go for a pretty long time

before you have to empty it out, I found that it was pretty easy

to empty it out. Everything worked pretty well there. So

overall, I really enjoyed my experience with the Neato D7

connected, it was a really effective robot vacuum. And I

think of all of the robots I tested, it did the best job of

cleaning up both cat hair and cat litter. So again, overall, I

was quite happy with it. I think the biggest concern if you're

considering this purchase is the fact that compared to some of

the other robots mentioned here, it seems to have more complaints

about connection issues. Every robot vacuum on the market has

some complaints about this, but it seems that the Neato has

potentially slightly more, that's just something to

consider. Overall, though, it's a really good option. And

considering that it has a really generous battery life of about

150 minutes, and a pretty large desk capacity. I think that it

could be a good choice for people with larger homes and who

don't want to spend a lot of time emptying out that dustbin.

The next robot vacuum that I want to talk about is our top

recommendation for people who are on a budget. So if you don't

want to spend over $200 on a robot vacuum, there are still a

few pretty good options for you. And one of them is the Ecovacs

Deebot 500. So I found that this robot vacuums performance was

overall pretty good, it did pretty much everything that you

would want it to, I found that the app was intuitive and easy

to use and offered just about all the features that you would

want in a robot vacuum app, you aren't able to specify certain

rooms or block off areas, I found that its performance was

quite good on a variety of floor types. So it worked pretty well

on a higher pile rug as well as on low pile carpet, it did a

pretty thorough job of removing cat hair, I didn't notice a lot

lingering behind after the robot had taken a few passes. The

biggest downside of this vacuum is that like most other more

budget friendly vacuums, it does have a traditional brush roller.

So that does increase your chances of having some hair

wrapping and tingling. And I found that there definitely was

more hair kind of wrapping around there. Then I saw one the

other ones that had that rubber rollers. But if you have a cat

who has short hair and you aren't having a ton of shedding,

it probably should be okay. The second thing that I noticed

about this robot vacuum is that it did seem to get stuck a

little bit more than some of the more expensive ones. So I would

find it stranded around the house. Sometimes it couldn't

find its way back to the base. Now, this did happen to the more

expensive ones as well, it just seemed to happen to the Ecovacs

Deebot 500. A little bit more. Now this robot vacuum has a 500

milliliter or half liter capacity, meaning that you have

a pretty generous amount of space to collect some dust and

cat hair before you have to empty it out. So overall, I had

a pretty good experience with this robot vacuum, it did a good

job of collecting cat hair as well as litter. And it overall

helped to spruce up the house a little bit and keep the floors

clean. There are a few drawbacks. But if you're looking

for something on a budget, it's one of the best options out

there. So this robot vacuum costs $169 and 99 cents. So the

next robot vacuum that I want to talk about is called the

Bobsweep Pethair Plus. Now this robot vacuum has a few different

features that set it apart from the competition. The first is

that it doubles as a mop, I use it as both a vacuum and mop. And

ultimately, I don't think that the mop functionality is all

that useful. It just kind of moves around across the floor

with a wet rag strapped to the bottom of it. And it really, in

my opinion doesn't do that great of a job of cleaning. That being

said it is kind of an interesting feature, and it

could help you out a little bit. Another way that the bomb sweep

differs from other robot vacuums is in the way that it's

operated. So in contrast, all of the other robot vacuums listed

here, this one does not work with a smartphone app. Now, this

could be an issue for some people. But if you want to be

able to get a lot of functionality out of your robot

vacuum without dealing with an app, the Bobsweep could be a

good option for you. So you're able to make all of the

adjustments that you need using either the display on top of the

Bobsweep or the remote control. And while you're not able to set

up no go lines within an app you are able to use the bob block in

order to block off areas of your home. I found that the Bobsweep

did a fairly good job of cleaning but of the robot

vacuums listed here. I think that it had the weakest section.

In the cat hair test, it did a relatively good job and picked

up the cat hair from the floor. But when I tried it out on some

cat litter, it didn't fare so well. Again, of the robot

vacuums I've tested here, this is the only one that really left

a lot of litter remaining after it had passed over. I think it

could clean it up after several passes. But overall, it's not a

particularly fast and efficient cleaner. The Bobsweep has a

traditional roller brush with bristles so it is somewhat more

prone to tangling and wrapping so you're just going to have to

commit to regular maintenance of that brush. One really nice

feature of the Bobsweep is that it has a large capacity. So it

has a one liter capacity, which is significantly larger than

that of the other robot vacuums mentioned here except for that

iRobot Roomba i7+. So all things considered, I would say that

this is a really nice and versatile robot vacuum that can

do quite a wide variety of things without the use of a

smartphone app. I've also heard that Bobsweep's customer service

is outstanding. A lot of people are really happy with the

experience I've had as Bobsweep customers, but it's not going to

be the best option for those of you who want really powerful

suction or a particularly advanced navigation system. The

Bobsweep is a moderately priced robot vacuum at about $295 and

99 cents. Our last recommendation also doubles as a

mop. It is called the Kyvol Cybovac E31. So this is a robot

vacuum that does just about everything that a robot vacuum

needs to do. Plus it works as a mop. Now I found that the

mopping functionality, like the Bobsweep's, was not all that

impressive. It just fills up with water and then kind of

sloshes around on the ground. I didn't notice that it was

particularly effective in getting out any grime on the

floor. Another area where the Kyvol Cybovac E31 is set apart

from the competition is in its size. So the robot vacuum has a

pretty generous capacity, but it is very slim. So it's able to

glide underneath sofas and get in kind of tight places where

other robot vacuums would be unable to. So potentially, this

will allow the robot vacuum to access a larger portion of your

house than some other thicker, taller robot vacuums. That was

for cleaning ability and navigation I found that the

Kyvol Cybovac E31 was not the best, its navigation seemed a

little bit more messy than that of some of the other robot

vacuums. And I also found that while that section was pretty

good, it wasn't perfect. So in my test, it picked up all of the

fur and it did a pretty good job of removing cat litter. But when

it was actually running around the house, I definitely saw it

pass over some dirt a few times. And even after several passes,

it would often leave a rug or an area of the floor with a few

particles remaining. I also found that like the Ecovacs

Deebot mentioned earlier, this robot vacuum tended to get

stranded a little bit more often than the rest. I found that it

would easily get stuck on things that were sitting around on the

floor. So this is one to consider if you keep a pretty

clean camp and you don't have a lot of different things lying

around on the floor that it could run into and become stuck

on. Like the other robot vacuums on this list that have a

traditional bristle brush roller, I did notice that there

was a fair amount of hair accumulating on the roller brush

and that I had to go in with the included cutter and remove it

from the roller. And one thing that I really liked about the

Kyvol Cybovac E31 is that although it's quite slim, it

manages to have a pretty large capacity. So this robot vacuum

has a 600 milliliter capacity, which puts it among some of the

more generously sized robot vacuums on this list. The Kyvol

Cybovac E31 app is pretty intuitive and easy to use. It

gives you all of the features that you need in order to

control your robot. One issue that I found was that his maps

were a little bit hard to handle. So when you zoom in,

you're not really able to navigate to a particular area

that you want to look at. So that was one concern that I had

with the app. It was one of the quietest of the robot vacuums

listed here. So it could be a good option if you're looking

for something that won't upset your cats too much. At $299. The

Kyvol Cybovac E31 is a moderately priced robot vacuum.

So that about covers it for our review of the top six best robot

vacuums you can buy. Again, it's important to note that a robot

vacuum is not going to be a complete solution to your cat

hair problem. You're going to want to couple it with a typical

manual vacuum in almost every case, but they can really help

out and help to keep your home maintained in between cleanings.

As I was using these robot vacuums in the home, I found

them to be really helpful they cut down significantly on the

amount of hair around the house as well as just general dirt. I

really enjoyed having them around. So whether you've used

robot vacuums in the past and are just looking for something

that can handle pet hair a little bit better or you're

interested in trying a robot vacuum for the first time. I

hope that you found this video helpful, and then it gave you

some ideas about which robot vacuums might be the best choice

for your home. Again, this was a quick overview of these robot

vacuums. If you want more detailed information, you can

check out the link in the description to reach our

complete written review. And that's going to go into a lot

more detail on everything mentioned here. While you're in

the description, you'll also see links to all the products

mentioned here so that you can check them out for yourself. So

again, I hope that you found this video helpful if you have

any further questions about the products mentioned here. Please

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