Paella Rice from Calasparra, Spain


hi this is jonathan harris from la

tienda today I'd like to talk about our

paella rice from the town of Calais pata

now the right kind of pea rice is

essential for absorbing all the flavors

of the broth and the saffron and your

pie yet the key is that this short grain

rice will absorb a huge amount of flavor

without becoming creamy or sticky or

falling apart so it's really important

that you use the right kind of rice the

great thing about this rice is it's

grown in cool mountain water and it

takes a long time to mature that means

the the grains are denser and they'll

absorb a lot more flavor from the broth

or the saffron in your pea our pi erased

from Macalester pottery is from a small

town in the mountains there are two

strains of rice from this town the first

one is the typical pea rice that we

simply named after the town we call it

call Espada the other is the ultimate

rice for piyah which has the name bomba

bomba is a rare strain that was almost

lost until about 30 years ago when chefs

of the region decided to promote it and

save it and it's really creates an

incredible pile with a perfect texture

we have some great pockets at la tienda

and we include cauliflower rice in all

of them so the next time you cook a pea

try using rice from kalispera

I guarantee it'll be the best pea you've

ever made