Best FREE Remote Desktop Software 2019


what you guys got another video here for

you in this one we're gonna be taking a

look at one of the probably best free

remote desktop software in 2019 now you

can use this completely free and it's a

great way to remote into a computer that

may be around the world or one of your

family members and you can use this to

fix a lot of problems now this one is

made by cloudberry it's called Claire

Barre remote assistant now again this is

completely free and it's a great way of

supporting family members or people

around the world that you maybe want to

connect up to and fix and resolve a lot

of common issues you can do unattended

access on your own machines also quick

support for you or your clients or you

can do file transfer across from one

machine to another and it may not even

be in the same country now again you all

we need to do here is go to Calabria lab

sub website and download the software

there's two versions the remote

assistant full version which you would

need to put in your email address and

download and install the software I'll

show you both versions and also we do

have another version which is the remote

assistant quick support and I'll show

you that version as well on the other

machine and a good thing about the quick

version is that it doesn't need to be

installed and you don't need no

administrative privileges it does

support Windows 7 right up to Windows 10

and also Windows Server and they are

your system specifications so why are

like this software is it's so easy to

use so I'm just going to quickly put in

my email address here and download the

full installation version on this

machine and I will then use the other

version which is the quick

support version on there as well and

I'll show you that so basically I'm

going to go ahead and install this it

will give you you will see a little

activation code there which we need to

copy and

use that to activate our installation

software the quick setup or quick

support one that doesn't need that I

don't think so we're just gonna go ahead

and install the software so let's go

ahead and let this finish off it

shouldn't take too long there we go

leave the ticking the run cloudberry

remote assistant and click finish and

now an ask for that little key code it

should all automatically be in the box

and then click finish an activate so now

we couldn't take a look here we've got

the encryption which we can use so we

can use encryption to connect up to our

system and we can also allow unattended

access as well which is a nice added

feature and if you want to use the

encryption you can do and you can

regenerate a key if you want to as well

also here we can take a look at the

general tab got a bunch of settings here

which you can mess around with and

change which is your default sound

option which is muted but if you want to

unmute that you could do and also save

check messages you can also have this

set up the way you want it

also you got application features and

minimize so system tray incoming

connections prevent incoming connections

also full control or view only and we

also have a bunch of other stuff here

which you can set up as well let's go on

to the file transfer this is a location

where you would allow the download

location for the files that you may need

to send to the person that's having

issues with their computer also we have

proxy settings here and also login as

well if you need to keep logs of

everything you have done on the system

which is very useful click OK here and

we're going to go back now this is the

actual allowed remote control of my

system so if I need to allow someone to

connect to this machine I can click on

allow remote control and give them these

details which I see on the front panel

here now also there is a menu setup here

which you can go through and take a look

at and there's a bunch of features in

here like check for updates and stuff

like that now if I want to connect to

this laptop here

I'm gonna go to the cloudberry website

and I will download the software now I'm

going to download the remote assistant

quick support and click run this will

then run on the system and this is what

you would be instructing the person who

you need to connect to now if they've

got a firewall they obviously you need

to allow that to go through the firewall

and there we go it's now give us the Box

popping up no installation pretty

straightforward and easy to do so now

we've got the instructions here on the

screen we've got the computer ID and the

pin number this is the computer ID and

pin number that you need to give to the

person who you are going to allow to

connect to your computer you can then

write down this information and give it

to the person that you want to allow to

connect to your computer so here we go

something to change this setting to

control a remote computer this means I'm

going to take control of someone else's

computer so now I would put in the ID

inside here which that person has now

give me now if there is obviously

encryption you can click on the free

dots on the right-hand side and this

will then allow encryption so you'd need

to put in the key if you've allowed your

encryption on your system if not then

you don't need to worry about that and

you can click on connect it will start

to connect to the system and it will

last for the pin number this is where

you would enter in your pin number which

that person has given you to connect to

their PC now don't worry once we've

finished doing the remote session this

will then disconnect and you will not be

able to connect to that PC so I'll show

you a quick video screenshot here of the

laptop and how we've connected to it

very easily there we go

we are now connected to the laptop and

as you can see here I've got full remote

control of that laptop and I can work on

the laptop from a remote destination so

I could be in the UK and the person that

I'm taking remote control of their

computer from could be anywhere in the

world basically now you can see here I

can open up a chat window and chat to

the person via the chat method here I

also send files to that person if I

needed to send a certain file over so I

can scan on it their system I can do

that maybe it be a driver or something

like that I can do all of that via the

remote connection now what you will need

to do is make sure that you've got a

good sturdy remote connection to connect

to that person and there's a bunch of

other features inside here which you can

do as well now another thing that might

be a bit concerning to some people is

can that person reconnect to my system

once they've closed the session down and

the answer to that is no they won't be

able to connect to your computer without

your say-so and the good thing is that

if you want to set up a an unattended

session then you could do that and they

could connect up whenever they wanted to

so if you've got the both options

they're a bit of security where you

might not want someone to connect in

afterwards or you might want to set up

an unattended session where you can

remote into systems at your own will

without having to go through this whole

process so it's pretty straightforward

and easy to do and it's a great way to

fix and support computers all around the

world maybe friends and family or you

want to support a friend and family or

something like that and they've got a

problem with it audio or something like

that you can use this software to just

remote in and fix their problems for

them so it's a pretty powerful bit of

software and it's free to use and I'll

leave all the information in the video

description for you and as you can see

here this software is packed with

features and it's very easy to use and

it's a great piece of software and the

most important thing is it's free to use

which is really a nice added bonus so

there we go that is pretty much the

Claire Barre remote assistant if you

need to take remote support of someone's

computer and try to resolve any problems

of it then something like this is

essential to have so I want to say a big

thank you to Claire Brie for sponsoring

this video and don't leave all the

information for this in the video

description my name is Ben brown from

Brad tech computers Cody Kate thanks

again for watching and thanks for your

continued support I will see you again

for another video real soon bye for now

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