What's It Like Inside the BEST Public University In the World? | UC Berkeley Campus Tour

right now we're walking to the sadder

gate the main entrance for UC Berkeley

this is where our adventure begins oh


wow this looks like a mini town in here

UC Berkeley is probably known for its

academics that's why we're now heading

into the main library called the Dole

library they often say that library

though inside of this library is the

biggest reading room I have ever seen in

any campus crawl we've visited so far so

now we're walking in the Dole library

this is the main library for UC Berkeley

students having just visited UCLA I

notice a big shift in the student

culture here at UC Berkeley from

balanced lifestyles to hard core study

culture it's only the beginning of

semester but we could hardly find a spot

in the library coming out of the DOE

library we can find the memorial Glade

this is where a lot of students just

chill but right now it's under

construction but usually it's really

green grass and it's a nice picnic area

study area reading area you name it so I

met a new friend

Damien this campus is really beautiful

honestly when I first came to this

campus I was shocked like I felt smarter

just walking on campus

oh this seal right here I'm gonna show

you guys this seal right here you guys

cannot step on it don't ask about it

basically if you step on it that means

you're not gonna get a 4.0 so this is

probably triggering a lot of UC Berkeley

students right now oh my god there we go

the main reason why you don't get 4.0 is

because you don't study so I'm gonna

study here well I'm studying if this is

literally triggering everyone that's

walking past another study habit that

you sure you incorporate into your life

is sleeping so you know you should sleep

more to get a 4.0


another thing you should do if you want

good grades is exercise regularly so

that's what you should do instead of

worrying about stepping on this seal

right now we're in sprawl as you can see

there's everyone walking around me the

whole school is crowding around me right

now because it's actually Club day this

is where all the clubs are coming out

showing you what they're all about and

trying to get you to sign up and that's

a pretty cool part about UC Berkeley

because there's so many different clubs

you can join there's one called the

Hyperloop Club the underground tunnel

with Elon Musk how cool is that and look

at this okay because UC Berkeley is

located in San Francisco home of pack

you got all these inventions all over

the place for example this is a robot

that delivers food to you how cool is


because UC Berkeley is so compact it

feels like there's a lot of people and

it's very crowded let's keep going and

I'll show you one of the coolest hangout

spots on UC Berkeley campus this is an

onion and she's gonna take me to the

coolest building at UC Berkeley the

continuity let's go up the elevator

Oh oh this looks so good oh man you get

to see everything there's nothing

blocking this Campanelli we're almost

like in the clouds or the same level as

the clouds it's three hundred and seven

feet and there's a huge Bell here whoa

it rings every hour but real people

actually play as an instrument like

three times a day how cool is that so

this is Berkeley right here and all the

way into the distance is San Francisco

home of all the tech startups all right

so right now we're in the Student Union

part of UC Berkeley all around me our

activity centers so this one's called

the Martin Luther King jr. Student

Center it has a cafe and the UC Berkeley

merch store over here is the ashumen

building which has a lot of dance

studios and study spaces and right here

is Zellerbach hall this is home to the

auditorium and a lot of performances are

held here


the thing about this space is that it

houses a lot of activities so a night

like usually around 10:00 p.m. the dance

club comes here to practice so you know

you can get groovy if you want

we were just randomly walking on campus

and we found turkeys I think we know

what we're eating for dinner tonight

come on come on let's go you find a lot

of crazy things on Berkeley campus crazy

people and turkeys now we're gonna visit

one of the nicest building on UC

Berkeley campus the chow hall this is a

part of the hospice in school and it's

where most of the business classes are

my favorite I actually study marketing

so this is my home

there's an interesting thing about

Berkeley is that there's only handles on

one side of the door it's because before

there were protests where students

locked both handles so teachers couldn't

get out now they only have one handle so

that won't ever happen again that's

pretty cool learn from your mistakes now

we're inside it's actually really nice

there's a bunch of study area desk

couches and we're about to go into one

of the nicest classrooms I've ever seen

on in campus Haas is on the newer side

so it looks nicer classroom sizes

usually range from like 40 people or

there's big lecture halls with like 200

people as you can see this classroom is

equipped with all of their needs

Central's and the best part is they have

a microphone for answering questions so

people at the back can hear you I would

love to study it it's just so new and it

feels nice being in this new body I can

but where do you see Berkeley students

hang out when they're not in class let's

go find out

California Memorial Stadium

go bears actually has a lot of places we

can chill and my around but it also has

a nice school culture right yeah

definitely there's a bunch of

interesting places with a lot of

tradition and I think you can see behind

us there is the 4.0 ball if you touch it

you might get a four point out we

stepped on the seal earlier now we're

gonna touch the 4.0 ball does that mean

our grades just cancel out so as we walk

down the roads of UC Berkeley we can see

you think Berkeley really likes to study

because they have ten libraries there is

a Bancroft library and behind me is the

ancient library and I think somewhere

over there is the engineering library

ten libraries just for one little campus

that's insane

so right now we're actually walking

towards the best cafeteria on campus

right but this is the best part of this

campus tour right beside me here are the

frat houses there it's actually rush

week right now so they're just chilling

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now we're gonna keep going to the

cafeteria I'm so hungry dude that's a

lot of walking the food here is so good

literally the cafeteria has everything

they got like yeah they got ice cream

they got yogurt yeah yeah salad they got

healthy options too that's really

important for me they gotta come feature

on tap how cool is that and then it got

some steak and chicken over here to get

that coating in if you've enjoyed this

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and watch other campus crawls right here

and right here

my name is habbo go and I'll see you

next time peace and because UC Berkeley

is open to anyone there's a lot of weird

figures just walking around