Top Public Universities

there are many reasons students choose

public universities and every state has

at least one public university system

the most commonly cited reason is cost

however competitive applicants should be

aware that the top private schools often

offer financial aid packages that make

the net cost competitive with in-state

tuition rates although most public

universities lack a certain prestige

that private schools can boast they

often have a less competitive admissions


additionally admission is also often

easier for state residents a major

advantage to attending a public

university is that there are often more

opportunities for academic advancement

most public universities offer more

degree programs than their private

counterparts because the campuses are

generally larger there are often more

athletic programs in student run

organizations and events there are

however a few significant drawbacks

college applicants should consider when

looking into the top public universities

these schools are more likely to employ

large class sizes and more lecture based

courses instead of small group studies

or labs there is a more significant

chance that many classes will not be run

by professors but rather by graduate

students or teaching assistants

graduation rates are also likely to be

lower at the public schools particularly

the four-year rate nonetheless many

students prefer learning in the public

university environment and overall

students should choose their University

based on a large number of personal

preferences the types of degree programs

the feel of the campus and students and

the opportunities for extracurricular

activities are most often responsible

for driving thoughtful college

applicants to ultimately selecting

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