How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances (Easy Kitchen Cleaning Ideas That Save Time) Clean My Space

ever wonder why stainless steel is

called stainless steel when all it does

is attract stain stick around and I'll

show you how to get your stainless steel

gorgeous hello metalheads

it's Melissa maker here from clean my

space and I have a question today from

Danielle and Milton and Danielle asked

me hey Melissa how do we clean stainless

steel there are so many products out

there and I hear different things from

everybody what do I do

Danielle that's a great question there

are so many products out there it even

makes my head spin there's also an ice

cream truck outside my house right now

so if you hear that creepy song it's not

coming from my house it's coming from

the truck have any change so first and

foremost let's talk about what stainless

steel is actually made out of stainless

steel became hot and sexy not only

because it looks great but because of

its anti corrosive properties meaning

it's quite durable and is a safe choice

for food prep ever notice that a

restaurant kitchen is full of stainless


that's why stainless steel is made from

chromium which explains why the

stainless steel is actually stainless it

forms a chromium oxide that creates a

protective film on the seal that

prevents sting and corrosion now that

we've all been schooled in stainless

steel here are my top five tips for

stainless steel no nose number one don't

use any abrasive sponges steel wool or

cloths with debris stuck in them you can

scratch the finish and repair is

expensive timely and very annoying

number two you cannot use chlorine

bleach the stainless steel is sensitive

to it and will damage the finish number

three never clean in circles or against

the grain you'll be cleaning forever and

if you clean against the grain you could

ruin the finish number four don't like

dirt grime or cleaning solutions sit on

the surface for too long it can ruin the

finish get rid of all residue with a

clean cloth ASAP finally number five

don't expect this finish to shine

perfectly by itself you need to get all

of the cleaning product or dirt off the

finish and then buff it dry with a clean

cloth so let's get rid of these

fingerprints and shine up this bridge

there are a lot of ways to clean your

stainless steel properly and there are a

lot of products that you can spread your

life savings on in order to get it clean

but I'll just show you what I think

works best here's the need to do your

cleaning 2 microfiber cloths a wet one

and dry when to buff dish soap which

will add to some warm water olive oil

but you can also use baby oil or

vegetable oil in paper towel only a

couple of sheets step 1 take your

microfiber cloth run it under some water

add a little bit of dish soap bring it

out well step 2 take the same cloth

rinse it under warm water again get all

of the soap out and then you're going to

wipe the fridge down once more just to

get any of that extra cleaning product

off so only water is on this cloth

step three take your dry microfiber

cloth and buff the appliance dry think

of your microfiber cloth like an eraser

get rid of all the extra strings that

are on there if you do what I just said

and do it with fervor you're going to

get the frig preyed clean if you're

still having some challenges and there

are some pesky streets that you can't

get rid of I'll show you the best

cleaning teaching trick you're ever

going to come across four stainless

steel I'll take some olive oil or

vegetable oil or whatever think of the

amount of oil that you're going to need

to use in terms of pocket change for

something big like a fridge you're going

to need about a quarters worth of olive

oil or your Canadian loonie or tutti or

Tim Hortons double-double you're going

to clean a toaster you might want to use

something more along the size of a penny

or a dime oily and rubbing it with the


then I'll take a dry clean piece of

paper towel and I'll do the exact same


this is rubbing off any the additional

oil that's been left on the fridge so

that you're not left with a greasy oily

residue but just a glossy clean finish

I'm excited to the whole door panel but

you can see the big difference between

this side and this side or even here and

you'll see I've deliberately left a line

between where clean and we're not clean

so that you can see the actual

difference that this little trick does

Danielle thanks for your great question

share this knowledge with everyone run

to every village send out telegrams

bring out the carrier pigeons tell

everybody how easy and quick it is to

clean stainless steel and she it works

pretty well too well metalheads I hope

your stainless steel appliances will

make your neighbor's jealous and I'll

peek into your window and be green with

envy thanks for watching and we'll see

you next time