Best CPU For Gaming 2020 [WINNERS] - Buying Guide For Gaming Processors


while it may not be the most important

hardware component in a gaming PC a good

CPU is still paramount if you want

everything to run smoothly now we talked

about CPUs a lot already so if you want

to know more about their technical side

then check out some of the videos linked

in the description so instead of doing a

grand intro let's dive right into the

thick of things with our list of the

eight best gaming CPUs 20:19 has to

offer first up we have two excellent

budget solutions to showcase what from

Intel and one from Rison these may not

be the cheapest CPUs you can get but

they're as affordable as it gets without

seriously compromising the gaming

experience so if you want a reasonably

priced CPU that'll be good for the

foreseeable future and won't bottleneck

your GPU then feast your eyes upon these

first up we have the Intel Core i3 8100

it's the first 8th gen III CPU by Intel

and as you may know the 8th gen is the

one where Intel really had to step up

their game thanks to AMD finally

providing some good competition in the

form of their rise in CPUs overall the

i3 8100 is an excellent budget CPU with

four physical cores and a high base

clock speed like all intel core CPUs it

does come with integrated graphics but

these graphics hardly offer any gaming

value whatsoever so they shouldn't even

be an afterthought when deciding whether

to opt for Intel or AMD its overclocking

potential can also be entirely

disregarded as it can only be

overclocked via B CLK when used with

some relatively expensive motherboards

which you shouldn't be buying in the

first place if you're going to buy a

budget see you what's a bit cooler

though is the fact that the i3 8100

comes with Intel option support that can

enhance system performance thanks to

small caching SSDs this was a way bigger

deal when the CPU only came out and SSDs

weren't nearly as affordable as they are

now but it still

something that can come in handy if

you're building a budget gaming PC it

may look like we're disregarding all the

extra features and we are but honestly

the bare-bones experience that you get

with the i3 8100 is enough to make it

worth your consideration still if you're

looking for the most cost effective

budget CPU then you should turn your

attention towards the AMD Rison 320 200

sheet on paper this cpu and the previous

one don't appear all that different

they're both 14 nanometer quad core CPUs

with integrated graphics and similar

clock speeds but there are three things

that distinguish 220 100g as the more

appealing option firstly there are the

vega 8 integrated graphics that are in a

completely different league than the

ones found in the i3 8100 on average

vega 8 outperforms the competition by an

actual hundred percent and it can

actually handle 720p gaming

exceptionally well not that you should

rely on integrated graphics for a gaming

pc in the first place unless you're

really on a tight budget but at the very

least it's a reliable backup that you'll

always be able to count on secondly the

2200 G CPU is unlocked so you can

overclock it with pretty much any AMD

chipset now granted it's not like the

CPU has an insane overclocking potential

or anything like that mostly due to the

stock cooler having a relatively small

heatsink but it's still a cool feature

that can breathe some extra life into

your PC and thirdly it's cheaper the

fact that the Rison 5 2200 g does so

many things better than the i3 8100

while still being a good $20 cheaper is

actually mind-boggling so if we had to

recommend one of these CPUs over the

other we definitely go with the Rison

still well there is a lot to love in

these two budget solutions you'll

probably want something more powerful if

you're a hardcore gamer this is where

the mid-range CPUs come into play and

the best thing is when it comes to

gaming PC's a good mid-range CPU it's

actually good enough not to slow down

even the most powerful GPUs making them

the ideal solution for

people again we'll be featuring two

models one from Intel and one from AMD

and starting off with a bang we'll give

you the Intel Core i5 9600 K this 9th

Gen Intel CPU is one of the most

powerful mid-range gaming solutions ever

thanks to an incredible single core

performance that is unmatched in this

price range on paper it may not look

that much better than the previous a3

8100 what with the same 14 nanometer

lithography and only slightly faster

based clock speed and just two more

cores without hyper threading but on

paper specifications can be and are

deceiving an i5 9600 K definitely has a

lot going for it most importantly it is

an unlocked CPU meaning that you can

overclock it with any chipset that

supports this feature to which extent

you'll be able to do so however will

depend largely on the cooler you buy and

you will need to buy one separately

because like all of intel's unlocked

cpus the i5 9600 k doesn't come with a

stock cooler of any kind the potential

is definitely there and it is impressive

but this also makes it one of the less

cost-effective mid-range CPUs

additionally it's not as good at

multitasking and most of Fry's ins

models in this price range but this

largely boils down to the lack of hyper

threading so if you need a CPU that's

specifically for gaming then this

shouldn't be an issue as a single core

performance is much more important when

it comes to gaming than multitasking and

as far as single core performance is

concerned there are no mid-range CPUs

that can go head-to-head with the i5

9600 K now that was an impressive

mid-range CPU if we've ever seen one but

is it the best to answer that we'll have

to see how the AMG Reisen 520 600 K

stacks up and at first glance it looks

to outperform the i5 9600 cake quite

handily sure it's base clock speed is

lower by a hair but it's got twice as

many logical cores and a 12 nanometer

lithography it doesn't come with any

sort of integrated graphics but if

you're looking to buy the best mid-range

gaming CPU then you're way past

integrated graphics anyway what it

have however is a stock cooler better

than most and great overclocking

potential and all of this at a lower

price so while we may trigger a lot of

Intel fans here we have to go with AMD

on this one as well it's far from a

decisive victory but there's no denying

that it's the more cost-effective

solution of the - sure it's single core

performance is a bit worse but the

margin between them isn't big enough to

make much of a difference and then we

have the high-end CPUs the big guns the

most powerful and the most expensive

solutions out there technically we could

divide the following four CPUs into two

tiers high-end and ludicrous but since

you won't need anything more powerful

than the mid-range solutions even if

you're running an RT X xx atti we've

decided to bunch them all together if

only to underpin the idea that high-end

is too high-end for gaming when it comes

to CPUs still if you plan on running

some professional software in addition

to video games or you plan on running

multiple GPUs at once then these are the

CPUs you should look towards a good way

to describe the i7 9700 K would be to

say that it's like the i5 9600 K on


it excels at the same things but to a

greater extent so you can expect an

absurdly powerful single core

performance and an overclocking

potential it's sure to leave no gamer

wanting but by the same token it shares

many of the i5 9600 case- features most

notably while it does bump the core

count to eight there's still no

hyper-threading which is a bit of a

bummer considering the price so if you

need a high-end CPU specifically for

gaming then this is your best option as

the eight cores are more than enough and

the single core performance is just

phenomenal and the same thing goes for

the high-end AMD solution the Rison 720

700 X just like the Rison 520 600 X this

one is a 12 nanometer CPU that focuses

on multi-core performance thanks to its

incredible eight cores and sixteen

threats it comes with the Magnificent

Wraith prism RGB cooler but it's

overclocking potential

still a bit lacking compared to the

previous Intel CPU unsurprisingly it

also costs less than its until made

rival and while it may appear that AMD

is again offering more for less money

it's important to keep in mind that

anyone looking to buy a high-end CPU is

also probably looking for some serious

jaw-dropping performance and while the

rise in 720 700 X is no slouch it does

have a slightly more limited

overclocking potential there actually is

an Intel Core processor that features

eight hyper-threaded course but you'd

have to enter the real heavyweight

category for that as the processor we're

talking about is the I $9.99 hundred K

now this beast of a CPU can actually

handle multitasking better than any

mainstream 2nd gen rise in CPU can all

the while retaining the amazing single

core performance that intel is known for

but the asking price is too high and the

specs too much of an overkill for this

to even be necessary for gaming still

it's not the biggest overkill in this

video as that honor has to go to the

risin thread ripper 29:20 this 12 chord

24 thread monstrosity of a cpu is one of

the best cpus for multitasking you could

get it's bad for gaming of course not in

the sense that it couldn't keep up with

you or whatever you decide to throw at

it but simply because like the I $9.99

hundred K it's just too overqualified

for gaming plus unlike all the

mainstream rising CPUs it uses a special

to your 4 socket which limits your

choice of motherboards and hampers

upgrade ability so why are we even

showcasing CPUs like these last year

well we wanted to illustrate just how

unnecessary high-end CPUs are for gaming

sure the last two examples were

glaringly too powerful but the first two

are genuinely overpowered as well it's

best to draw the line at mid-range

now all that's left to do is to decide

which of these CPUs is the right fit for

you and once you decide on the price

range this basically boils down to

age-old debate of Intel versus AMD we've

made a whole video where we discuss only

this topic so do check it out if you

want to know more the links in the

description but for now here are the

basics there are really only two things

to consider when deciding between these

two companies the performance and the

price performance wise it's important to

keep in mind that single core

performance is the most important kind

for gaming and as we've stated numerous

times already

insult processors generally have AMD

beat rather handily in this regard as

such Intel CPUs do outperform their AMD

counterparts across the board there's

simply no denying this however the thing

that we'd like to emphasize is that this

difference in performance is by no means

astronomical and should never amount to

more than 5 FPS so if you're setting

your sights exclusively on gaming then

going with Intel will ensure that you're

getting the most out of every penny you

spent but the difference here is

marginal and while the best multi-core

performance that AMD offers isn't as

important for gaming we have to remember

that this isn't the only thing that an

AMD CPU brings to the table certain

models with integrated graphics like the

rise in 320 200 G are phenomenal and can

hold their own for gaming exceptionally

well if you're building a PC on a budget

of around $300 all the while leaving you

with an excellent upgrade path and then

there is the price until CPUs may have

slightly better single core performance

but it's undeniable that AMD cpus are

more cost effective as they're not only

cheaper but also come with better stock

coolers all at all while until may have

been the only companies to turn to for

gaming CPUs a couple of years ago the

situation has changed drastically since

the release of the rise in line of CPUs

so both Intel and AMD CPUs are equally

good options right now and that about

does it for the

video the bottom line is both AMD and

Intel are perfectly viable but AMD does

offer better value if you're on a budget

at least that's the way that we see it

we'd love to hear what you guys have to

say so feel free to agree or disagree

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mayor games be fun and your losses view

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