Honest Gut Health Update 😭 Will probiotics help my IBS? | Becky Excell

hi everyone I hope you're well now I

haven't spoken for what feels like about

a couple of months about my gut health

and I know that this is something that a

lot of you guys seem to be really really

interested in so I thought today I would

give a little bit of an update on how

that gut thing of mine is working I

don't want to call it evil cos I want it

to be a surprise how its functioning at

the moment but yeah let's do a gut

health update so let's start with how

I've been feeling since my last gut

health update I mean it was a couple of

months ago so I can't remember like

every single day or anything but I can

remember or think about the general sort

of stuff that's been going on and how

I've been feeling so for me I have

continued as I think I said in the last

one going to the toilet I have been

fairly regularly going to the loo which

has been amazing and then when I have a

few days where I don't go I am just like

the worst person to be around I am

really depressed and sad and my stomach

is really really really sore and I kind

of I know why my stomach is as sore as

it is now because when I do get to goes

for toilet it does it is a bit of a

relief it relieves my system and makes

it less pressurised I guess but saying

that I went to the toilet this morning

and I am sitting here this afternoon in

absolute agony like seriously it's

really really bad and that like bloating

this has just not really faded I go to

the loo but I'm still bloated which I

don't fully understand and I genuinely

genuinely thought that the whole going

to the loo more regularly would decrease

the bloating it hasn't it's still there

and it is really really painful one

thing that has been sort of a lot less

over the past couple of months until

very recently is that I haven't had as

much flatulence I think that's the word

I generally just say farting but you

know basically I haven't farted as much

over the last couple of months until

this week where for absolutely no

apparent reason it just started again

and it hasn't really stopped and it

really unpleasant if I'm honest in the

last few days when it's come back quite

a lot I haven't really changed anything

so I can't really pin it down to

anything and I don't know if any of you

guys are the same but little changes can

happen to how you're feeling like you

might be more bloated or less bloated or

this or that and you can't really put it

down to anything in particular which is

really really frustrating I might just

add now that I just said my stomach is

really really painful it's so painful

that sitting here in this position is

giving me really bad backache as well

and it's really horrible yeah that is

when you know that your IBS is really

really flaring for me when you've got is

just having a massive paddy is when not

only your stomach hurts be a backup so

yeah over the last few months more

growing from the toilet than not which

is a big plus for someone like me with

IBS see but the bloating is still there

the flatulence seems to be returning for

some reason and yeah I'm still not where

I want to be with my dad I think I

mentioned in my last gut health update

that I had recently been to see a doctor

on the NHS a gastroenterologist at the

hospital and they haven't been very

useful at all it was it was so

disappointing you know after waiting for

so long to see a doctor who is like

specializing in the area that you need

to see their bloody awful and what he

did was he gave me just an absolute ton

of laxatives which no I haven't taken

and my reasoning for not taking them

there's a couple firstly I have been

going to the toilet without taking them

so I don't really see the point of them

that's not really gonna that's not the

problem clearly because I'm still

bloated and secondly I don't really like

the idea of laxatives being someone who

had an eating disorder and did abuse

laxatives in the past I don't really

feel comfortable taking them anymore and

I feel quite uncomfortable that my

doctor who knew this actually gave them

to me in the first place knowingness so

those yeah those are the two things as

to why I haven't taken the laxatives

most importantly I don't think I need

them and that's what's so confusing and

why I don't get what the doctor was sort

of you know why was he thinking that

when I said

at the time that I was going to the

toilet more regularly but he sort of

thought no that's the thing that's going

to help me you know it doesn't make

sense I'm no doctor I'm a medical

professional but in my head it kind of

doesn't make sense so I have really been

thinking about like got trying to go to

you someone private because the next

appointment I have with this guy is in

January and my last appointment was like

a few months ago so it's quite

ridiculous the amount of time that it

seems to take between appointments and I

can't see him any sooner than that

so I have been thinking that in what we

betters go privately because come

January I'm going to get this point and

get all excited about it again and then

be disappointed again I feel so I kind

of do want to go and see someone else

but costs are involved private health

care and stuff and seeing people just

seeing medical people privately in the

UK is really expensive and it's just not

something although you know I do agree

with so many people that you should

always put your health first it's really

difficult if you can't afford to see a

private doctor you can't afford it and

at this stage I'm not really in the

position that I can so I guess I am just

gonna have to wait till January to see

this gastroenterologist again and hope

that I maybe I'll just have to be a bit

more forceful and say look the laxatives

aren't gonna help me I can go to the loo

my stomach is still huge what am I gonna

do so yeah that's kind of where I'm at

since that last appointment nothing's

changed because I haven't had another

appointment because what right I thought

I'd end the video by talking about a few

of the things that I'm taking at the

moment things that I have recently

started taking things that I've been

taking for quite a while but you might

already know about and maybe some things

that I'm considering taking very soon as

in like tomorrow starting them and see

if they help so obviously I am still

taking the wonderful what's it called a

prebiotic yeah so I'm still taking my

prebiotics which I take something called

by me no I take one in the morning and

one in the evening every day and I

really do believe that this has helped

with my going to the toilet I still take

them because I am terrified of not

taking them because they seem to help so

that is a massive thumbs up and I'm

still so happy with them and

other thing that I have been taking

probably for at least a month now is

turmeric so I get a little I've got a

little pot sorry you probably can't hear

me but one thing I don't like about them

is that they smell awful they actually

smell like turmeric and I think it says

on the back of the packet that you could

actually open them up and pour them in

some water but I just take them in

tablet form so yeah I have started

taking them basically off the back of

recommendations from you guys and then

just reading up on it after that so a

lot of people said that they take

turmeric and I think it's like what is

it does it say on here don't know but so

I'm not going to say exactly what it is

but it says it supports digestive and

gut health and I think my thought

process behind taking it was that it

might help to kind of like deflate my

stomach and make it feel a bit better

I've been taking them for quite a while

now and I sort of take them alongside my

by me know and I feel like maybe they

help together I don't think it's hurting

me so I'm continuing to take it well I

haven't seen like a specific change

because of me taking them I'm just quite

comfortable taking them so that's

something that is definitely going to

stay within my sort of regular daily

routine of tablets that I take but

something that I haven't been taking

which I did take many years ago those

are old timers of you or if you look

back my old videos will see that I took

probiotic for quite a long time called

sim probe and I haven't taken it for

ages now but I've decided as of tomorrow

that I am gonna start taking let's

improve again so simple is like a

probiotic which is in liquid form which

when you first start taking it as I did

very many years ago I absolutely hated

the smell of it and the taste of it but

I got really stirring kind of quite

liked it it was just circumstances are

moving about you need to keep it

refrigerated that meant that I stopped

taking it and then never got back into

the swing of it which I don't know about

you guys but it happened so much for me

with like medication and stuff forgot

health that I'll take it for a little

bit and then I kind of just forget and

then it doesn't happen anymore and I'm

now set that I am going to continue to

take this regularly

and I thought you know my next gut

health video which will hopefully be in

a month not two months I can give you a

little update on how I've been feeling

and if I notice anything different

because I'm not going to change anything

else within my diet or tablets and

medication or anything I'm just gonna do

this so hopefully I should be able to

see whether either it's helping making

absolutely no difference or actually

making me worse any of those things

could be possible but fingers crossed

sim proof will actually do the job and

combining the prebiotic and the

probiotic together might be a really

good shout for me I'm just hoping that

like I don't care if it doesn't help

with me going to the loo because already

already going most of the time yay

but I'm hoping it might just help a

little bit with the bloating on the pain

that I get as I said I will let you know

if that is the case okay so that is my

gut health update for this month I hope

you've enjoyed it and if you have got

any suggestions or things that you've

changed a recently because I know a lot

of you often write in the comments below

about how you're feeling or if there are

things you're taking but if you've made

changes since the last time you

commented let me know below because I'd

really like to know what you do or if

there's anything that helps or if you

have like a question for me like about

the things when I take or just a general

question pop it below because not only

do I reply to comments but a lot of you

guys seem to like talk to each other in

the comments which is really useful to

be able to get the perspectives of tons

of different people from all over the

world who have got health issues I think

that's really nice because it's so often

the case that we feel very isolated

we've got health problems people don't

really talk about them that much and

it's nice that there's sort of like

almost like a community in the comments

of my videos chatting about gut health

so yeah just leave comments below and

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