Best Home Printers in 2021 - How to choose a Printer to print from the comfort of your home?

hey guys and girls in this video we're

gonna take a look at the best home

printers I meet this list based on my

personal opinion and tons of research

and have listed them based on quality

durability price and more I've included

options for every type of consumer so if

you're looking for an entry-level option

or the best product money can buy

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him okay so without further ado this is

our pick of the best home printers on

the market right now

number 8 Canon Pixma IP 725 0 some of us

don't need to scan or photocopy if

you're not fussed about having a machine

that can do it all particularly if

you'll only ever use a third of its


then canons basic model will serve you

well for a vastly reduced outlay not

that it's price means its basic the

Canon Pixma IP 7 2 5 0 is slim it looks

damn sleek and it's surprisingly capable

with the speedy output and the chops to

print photos to a high standard it has

twin trays to make that easier and

wireless printing so you can tuck it

away in a corner best hope this is your

pick for an occasional use printer low

ink is expensive

coming at number seven we've got the HP

Envy 5540 if you can get over it's one

big back draw the single cartridge

system which means you'll need to

replace everything if you run out of a

single color this is a decent printer

indeed there's a surprising number of

features high quality photo printing

scanning and copying and is set up which

absolutely anyone can view that latter

feature and the single cartridge match

up really if ever there were a beginner

printer this would be it

not that it's totally basic if you want

to take things further air print support

means you can print from your phone and

the LCD touchscreen is a very nice touch

printing isn't super fast though so this

is for more occasional use than a home

office situation number six

Epson expression premium HP 830

into photography you need a printer that

can print physical versions of those

photos and do it well

that's what you get here in the Epson

express premium HP 830 s photo printing

mode which can automatically pull photo

paper from one of its dual paper trays

you get high quality prints with a

professional sheen naturally photo paper

isn't cheap neither is the copious

volumes of ink required to print on it

and while it takes a little while to get

set up switching modes and sources is

quick and easy when you're up and

running you don't even need a PC or Mac

to get it done

plug your phone or camera in or insert

an SD card and you can print directly

from there this very well could be the

best home printer for photos coming in

number five HP Deskjet 2 655

if you're looking for an inoffensive

printer or just want a splash of color

to enjoy while you're waiting for your

documents to be done

HP's amazingly cheap little all-in-one

is the printer for you

we're amazed at what it can do this

model sets up from its predecessors by

adding Wireless and air print

capabilities and offers up good quality

color prints scanning and copying with

the scanner on top and a three month

subscription to HP's instant ink program

this means that should your cartridge

run low the printer will automatically

order up a new one and have it sent to

you there is only one cartridge though

so you'll either need to waste a little

ink or make sure every single document

you print is equally balanced between

all colors coming at number four samsung

Express c43 0w if you've got a lot of

printing to do the best printer for you

might be a laser printer like the

Samsung Express c43 0w you pay more for

cartridges but they tend to last longer

than the inkjet equivalents and

generally speaking they're better for

heavy duty tasks which is why you find

them in offices a samsung express c4 3-0

w6 - the basics in a lot of ways there's

no touchscreen or memory card slot but

it has everything you're likely to need

fast printing at mono or color duplex

printing support for Apple ear print and

Google Cloud Print and the price is

great too number three EPs in a

workforce wf7 21-0


large scale printing isn't the easiest

thing if you need to print III pages but

can't stand the hassle of heading to

your local print shop for posters or

other large documents a large home

printer to be a great solution

Epsons option which is surprisingly

affordable can print documents up to a3

size great for light business use or

home users who want a little more than

the usual instructions are a little on

the light side and you'll need a hefty

desk but once you found the space and

figured out its reasonably intuitive

there are plenty of connectivity options

in there we're particularly taken by the

NFC printing option which will drag

files from your phone when you place it

on the appropriate spot coming in number

two Canon Pixma TS six two two zero

nobody wants to give up 50% of their

desk to a printer not even us canons

versatile all-in-one has the smallest

footprint a decent printer could

realistically muster and Cramps a huge

amount of features into that space it's

high on connectivity options supporting

airplay Bluetooth cloud printing and

more and does the usual combination of

printing scanning and copying through a

7 point 5 centimeter touchscreen photo

printing is a neat extra it's a little

slow and ink isn't the cheapest although

you can save a little and prolong the

time between changes by opting for the

XXL cartridges number one Epson eco tank

ET 2 7 5 zero ink is really expensive

and it seems that Epson is aware of

quite how ridiculous this fact is and

it's eco tank system which stores liquid

ink in

refillable tanks rather than relying on

expensive cartridges proves the company

reckons this multifunctional printer

will cut down on your ink spending by up

to 90% and bundles an estimated three

years worth of aim

equivalent to 88 cartridges along with

the printer there's no touchscreen

although there are on device buttons to

help you scan and copy documents while

they're pretty quality and speed might

not be up to the same standards as some

much pricier models the economics of the

et2 7 5 0 are such that it pays for

itself before it even left the box that

brings us to the end of our review and

buyer's guide for the best home printers

hope to see you in the next video let us

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