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primers I'm really excited to do this

video I have not gotten around to doing

it face primers if you guys have been

watching me you would know I do like to

do videos where I kind of put them into

categories I like my top favorite items

so I've done top lashes top foundation

stop concealers all of that today I

figured I would make a full video

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right on in to face primers I also did

try to pick out primers that were

football skin type for some normal to

combo dry and then oily so hopefully I

picked a decent amount but again so to

me personally priming the skin before

any foundation is honestly next to

moisturizing and doing my skincare

routine it's just as important I

personally love priming my skin but I

also feel like I need it for longevity

of the foundation or just in general of

any makeup I'm putting on the skin I

notice that it makes it last that much

longer texture wise on the skin

depending on what primer I'm going for

what it's going to help so first primer

that is of my favorite which is from the

drugstore so inexpensive like literally

$8 it is this elf one right here this is

the poreless putty primer so this one is

the original poreless putty and then

this one is the matte putty primer they

also carry a luminous one which I'm

actually using today with the matte one

these ones are pretty new and then the

poreless putty I believe came out like

last year or so they're also dupes for

the taco one which is super expensive so

for eight dollars you really can't beat

it so again this one is the matte one

which is going to help mattify the skin

just like it says and I honestly love

that because sometimes especially

throughout this time of month where it's

almost summer and spring my skin in the

middle of my face by my t-zone will

definitely get a little bit oily for

reference I do have a normal to combo

skin but it does fluctuate and change

based off whether the matte one will

definitely help keep it mapped literally

throughout the entire day so this is the

texture it is pretty much like a I don't

want to say bomb but this one to me

the mattifying one feels more like a

bomb it's not so heavy on the skin is

what I'm trying to say

it doesn't feel thick it doesn't feel

like silicone II or anything kind of

just glides right on the skin but will

also sink into those pores and keep you

mapped and I honestly notice that when I

use this my skin is looking matte

throughout the entire day especially in

the t-zone the luminous one is the same

exact consistency does have a little bit

of an iridescent to it nothing too crazy

but it does kind of just give a really

luminous glow to the skin and I like

using those honestly on the everyday but

I switch it up here and there I also

only apply primer in the middle of my

face like towards the t-zone area I

don't really ever apply primer over here

and let this more of like a moisturizer

kind of based primer which we'll get

into in a second and the poreless putty

wand is honestly my favorite one out of

all of these this is the original locks

and the pores literally like they

instantly vanish which is insane and it

keeps the makeup looking good all day

long for eight bucks you really cannot

beat it so these are definitely one of

my favorites the covergirl trublend base

business skin primer this one is a skin

smoothing one and this one reminds me a

lot of these Smashbox ones this one

could be a dupe for that and I believe

it's around like nine dollars so

honestly not that bad there's a lot in

this line from covergirl which I do love

all of them but this one in particular

is more of like a lotion type feel but

then the second you start blending in

you definitely feel it a little bit

thicker like and it instantly just

smooths out the skin like it is so soft

to the touch it is so lightweight and it

does keep the makeup on all day I never

really had a problem with this one and I

really liked it like I said comparable

to a higher-end one this one is suitable

for all skin types so I would definitely

recommend this one or more of a

higher-end option which is one of my

holy barrels you guys need to use this

all the time it is the Smashbox photo

finish primer this one in particular is

a little bit different than that one but

these are comparable to that line if

that makes sense

so this one is going to be more of the

pore filling a very mattifying and kind

of like that silicone II base makes my

foundation look ten times better and it

just lasts all day long and because it

is the photo finish line it is awesome

in photography and I know it sounds

weird cuz like it's a primer it's not a

powder or anything there's no flashback

but it

is a awesome primer to photograph with

especially if you're using a photo

finish kind of foundation on top of it

perfect combo I love it and it's just so

smoothing it does not break me out or

anything we only need a little bit of

this baby and you are good to go I

typically put this into the t-zone like

I said and up into this area locks in

the pores super smooth eggs oil free so

I feel like this would be really good

for oily skin but if you have combo or

normal like me you're gonna love it so

this is the higher option but cannot go

wrong with some Smashbox I love it so I

do a few from Laura Mercier which I'm

gonna share and these are more towards

like the moisturizer kind of base

primers if you know what I mean very

thin and lightweight

but still get the job done and feels

like you're really just applying a

moisturizer this one right here is the

pure canvas primer this is the

perfecting one so it is going to help

with pores and this one is silicone free

pretty much like a lotion consistency

almost like a gel like you honestly just

blend it all in and it is already sunken

into my skin I don't feel any type of

stickiness residue and none of that it

doesn't have that silicone feel it of

course is silicone free but it doesn't

have anything like that it dries within

like literally two seconds it's already

dry it has a really nice like little

glow but it also just kind of smoothes

out everything as well this is the pure

canvas illuminating and in this line

they had like the period the perfecting

illuminating mattifying but these are my

two favorites from that line and the

illuminating one I will pretty much use

this on my entire face and it just gives

the most subtle glow but it's perfect

underneath makeup as well obviously and

I love it so this one it does have a

little bit of a glow pretty lights but

as you Belen you can just see that

luminosity peeking through just looks

like really really healthy skin I

absolutely adore it again dries super

fast no sticky tacky feel and it does

have like a tiny tack obviously so it

can stick with the foundation really

nicely but it's not like an annoying

like weird @ tacky feel you know what I

mean like like too sticky it's not

sticky at all it has the perfect amount

of tech that makes sense this is good

for all skin types if you use it the

right way you definitely can just apply

it towards the areas you want to have

that luminosity peek through or you can

use it on the whole face if you are more


I would say to use a mattifying primer

in the t-zone or wherever you have oil

obviously and then you can use this in

desired areas like I said but I would

kind of stick to this if you're more

normal to combo I love it instantly

drives it's not like greasy or anything

so that's why I say all skin types but

it is awesome so these are more of the

like lotion II moisturizer consistencies

awesome so next time I got I absolutely

adore they are by Makeup Forever so

these are two different ones this is the

step one skin equalizer

this is the smoothing primer and this is

these step one skinny of eliezer

nourishing primers so just like in the

named this one is going to help

literally vanish those pores they are

disappearing off your face I'm not even

playing around like you've seen me use

this so many times it is more like a

skin tone kind of primer this second you

apply it into the skin instantly smooth

you saw that I had some glow on this

from the Laura Mercier one ok well it's

gone like it sucks those pores up and

your skin doesn't feel super tight like

it still can breathe but they are gone

like you can even use this on its own

without makeup if you want to hide that

if you have large pores you're going to

love this it is one of the perfect like

bases for foundation I love it of course

it is a little bit more on the pricier

side and I do have those drugstore dupes

for you but if you're going to try one

from the higher-end scale I would

recommend the make up forever you guys

see me use this so many times I'm

obsessed it also keeps the foundation

looking good all day long so longevity

power is incredible with that one so

that was the mattifying one and then

this one is just the nourishing primer

so again it's more of like that gel like

moisturizer kind of feel and it's just

super creamy like that's very

lightweight and just reminds me of a

moisturizers so for the gel like

moisturizer kind of feel it's hard to

really explain a lot about it because it

literally just feels like a moisturizer

but I dries down and then instantly when

you apply your foundation like it just

grips it that's the best word I can

describe so I know there's not really

much to say about these well for all the

primers it just in general there's not

much to say but they

just make the foundation look so good so

yeah I trust my word on this one it is

awesome next I have one from milk makeup

and this one is so so good you again see

me use this as one with all of them I've

used all the time but this is awesome

this is the milk hydro grip primer so

just like in the name it is going to

grip the foundation in sanely it is

awesome so you just need a little bit

and it is again gels literally the

second you rub it in it does have a

tacky feel so if you don't like that

feeling you may not love this one just

letting you know but it doesn't feel so

crazy like it doesn't feel like hair gel

or anything it just feels like it's a

little bit more sticky like than the

others but that is going to be the best

grip for the foundation when I'm telling

you my foundation it sticks to this like

no other the entire face looks so

flawless when I use it I love it I like

using this honestly on its own just to

give a really nice pretty glow to the

skin like look at that it looks like a

wet glass like skin insane but then when

you use a lightweight foundation on top

of it it literally looks like your skin

is so so healthy like it will stay this

glowy and glass-like for the whole day

apply foundation to it it just literally

sticks to it like no other and gives the

perfect flawless look i'm obsessed this

one's gonna hydrate and smooth while

still giving you that primer feel but

it's also gonna be really hydrating and

beneficial to the skin itself and this

one can be used for all skin types

depending on how you like your primers

obviously to be but it is like the most

flawless look I'm obsessed I love all

milk products so for hyaluronic acid in

here so it's definitely plumbing the

skin as you're applying and when you

have it on all day just give that

beautiful like plump nourish to the skin

it is awesome so this definitely is one

I would recommend from the higher-end

side as well it lasts a super a long

time like I have another one that I'm

about this much weigh like more than

halfway but this is another one I opened

so another one from the affordable side

is this Catrice primer so this one has

more of an illuminating a look to it as

you can see as I'm rubbing it is

definitely like it says soft focus

looking but it has a very nice

lightweight look like little go subtle

glow to it I'm obsessed I would

definitely recommend this

just before normal skin types more of

the normal to combo and probably dry if

you're oily I would kind of steer away

from this they have an awesome

mattifying primer though as well which I

do have somewhere I don't know where it

is but that's awesome another one of my

favorites but I feel like I had so many

matte primers I've talked about but this

is awesome for more of that illuminating

kind of factor keeps the foundation

looking good but also has a slight sheen

to it this one has light reflecting

pearl pigments in it and vitamin E so it

just literally makes the skin look so

effortlessly gorgeous and pretty I'm


also jumping back over to what I

mentioned before they make up forever

a dupe for that from the drugstore would

be if this one right here this is the

L'Oreal infallible their Matlock

so this one's a mattifying primer again

drugstores so it's pretty much like nine

dollars I want to say it comes out like

a thicker consistency looks like it's

going to be a lotion the second you

apply it to the skin it's literally like

matte instantly max it is more on the

thicker side it's not as thin easy to

blend it softens the skin blurs out any

of those lines any imperfections as you

can see it's totally matte from this

side also what I do like to do is I will

apply these primers or they mattifying

primers in the t-zone area but kind of

keep them locked down and covered but I

also do go in with a primer oil and this

one in particular is from Smashbox they

do have one from NYX which is a really

good dupe for this one but I do like to

use an oil throughout the rest of the

skin just to make it nourished and

hydrated and just that supple look that

I love if I'm not using and illuminating

or glowy kind of prime but I do like to

use this in and mix it with other

primers as well so just letting you know

that but other than that those are all

the primers that I love and the ones I

really been using this past year if I

missed any because I feel like I may

have missed a few I don't know I will

link it down below so definitely check

there but I believe that is all for the

primers if you guys want to see another

like category of makeup of my top

favorites I can do like bronzers next or

eyeshadows or anything like that let me

know in the comments I would love to

hear your thoughts and I believe that is

all for this video I will see you guys

in my next one bye