BEST FACE PRIMER for Mature Skin | Top 10 for All Skin Types | 2020

choosing the right face primer can truly

up your makeup game

so today i'm sharing 10 of the best

makeup primers for mature skin

and i have options for every skin type

dry combination

and oily as well as drugstore primers

all the way up to

high end and luxury welcome back to my

channel if this is your first time here

welcome you may think that primer

doesn't make a difference or it doesn't

do anything at all when in fact you just

haven't found the right primer the right

primer can help make the pores look


smooth out fine lines and wrinkles in

addition to

doing what they should be doing like

extending the wear of our makeup and

helping it

look better throughout the day and

creating a barrier between our skin and

the makeup we put on top of it so let's

go ahead and get into

these primers that i think are just

really really great for

mature skin or any type of skin for that

matter this first primer is highly

underrated and it's priced really well

even though

it's not a drugstore primer this is the

no poor blem primer from

touch and soul this in my opinion is

great for all skin types

i have oily combination skin and this

does a great job of

combating my shine throughout the day

while not

ever emphasizing any dryness i have on

the perimeter of my face

it's got a nice light lotiony texture

that sinks in really nicely and like

many korean or k

beauty brands they added some skin

benefiting some anti-aging ingredients

in this product as well

there's green tea extract and collagen

so while the primer is doing

the basics of what it should do

extending the wear of my makeup

having it look better throughout the day

i'm also getting some anti-aging


too this also does a really really great

job of smoothing out my pores

this is my third bottle for a reason i

keep repurchasing it and keep

repurchasing it this is just a great buy

for the money for any skin type this is

tatcha the liquid silk canvas

this is 52. for one ounce

or 22. for .35 ounces i do love

that you can get that travel size the

small size

to try out if you don't want to get the

full size

i did try the original version and

wasn't a big fan of that one i know a

lot of people really like it

but for my skin type i just didn't enjoy

it this is oil free and

very lightweight and lotiony it has that


anti-aging nourishing complex in it that

all tatcha products have

it's got anti-pollution properties in it

to help keep your skin clear

as well as thin layers of silk to help

smooth out your imperfections

and your pores i feel like i've grown to

like this even more

the more i've used it this is just a

really beautiful primer that's very


it doesn't control my shine quite as

much as

you know my favorite primer does but i

still really really like

it a lot and i think it's just super

skin friendly

for so many skin types while i think it

controls shine pretty well for oily skin

i think maybe

super oily skin it may not be quite

enough i would say for dry too


oily is who this is going to serve best

but it's nice and smoothing it feels

really lightweight on the skin it's just

overall a very beautiful primer

that sits well on mature skin

and a variety of skin types this next

one surprised me i had seen mostly

dry skin people talk about how much they

like it i kind of thought i wouldn't

like it because of that

but i really do adore this primer


under more matte or drying foundations

i think it's really great for all skin

types but i think specifically

normal and dry skin would love this


this is the revlon colorstay prep and


primer base this is 13.99 for .9 ounces

it also has spf 34 in it take that or

leave it

you have to apply so much of any

foundation or primer to really get the

true spf protection out of it to me

that's kind of just an ancillary benefit

this also has a nice light runny lotiony


it absorbs into the skin very quickly

and leaves

kind of a dewy finish after you're not

going to get that

mattifying finish while it doesn't

completely camouflage the pores i just

find it to be

very flattering on the skin and it

hydrates yet absorbs oil at the same


i find i don't get greasy with it like i

thought i might

so this was just a nice pleasant

surprise it's in a nice

small compact travel bottle it's


great across all skin types particularly

normal dry skin

now this next one seems like it's

smaller than all the others but you use

a smaller amount to get a really great


i was a little concerned about it but i

quickly found out i didn't need to be

concerned whatsoever

this is the shiseido wasso poreless

matte primer

it's 28.4.71 ounces

this is great for combination or oily


or even those of you with normal skin

that just really wants something that's

going to control your shine

in the middle of the summer or heat and

humidity it's oil free

and it's mattifying right away i mean

you see the effect

immediately and it does control shine

throughout the day

so this is great for those of you like

me who have tried the typical

pore filling primers that you have to

press into your pores

that come in the jars they work great

for filling in the pores but they don't


control my oil my shine breakthrough

throughout the day

this is the best of both worlds for me

it applies like a lotion

to the skin like all these other primers

but it controls my oil throughout the

day and it fills in my pores i'm just

shocked at how little i needed this


to do the job you know usually i need a

pea size amount

of a primer and with this i need about

half of that it also doesn't

sit on the surface of the face because

primers like that for me

just tend to affect the makeup i put on

top of it i don't know i just don't like


so i highly recommend this to those of

you with oily combination skin

and those of you who live in a hot and

humid climate this is

fantastic this is a primer that i talked


a lot a while back but i haven't really

mentioned in a while and it needs

another shout out because i've kind of

neglected it

and it's really really good this is the

florida v

smooth operator skin perfecting primer

it is

42.50 for one ounce so this

is different from all of these primers

in that it's got this color encapsulated


it kind of works like those bb creams

that you pump them out and they're

white and then as you apply them to the


they start to match your skin tone and

even it out

it blurs the imperfections and evens out

the redness

while also doing a great job of

minimizing the pores

it also does a great job of hydrating

while it controls my oil

this is a great product that can be worn

alone or it can be used as a primer it


really nice and lightweight on the skin

too this is a louisiana company that i

stumbled across i have no affiliation

last year maybe a year and a half ago

and i'm really glad i did because this

is such

a great unknown product and i know a lot

of you have tried it and have loved it

just as much as i do

it's a really versatile product that i

have gotten my money's worth out of this

is my second bottle for a reason

i think it's great for any skin type

and i think more people need to know

about it for sure i said there were 10

primers in this video and i forgot that

i didn't narrow down

the two glowy primers that i had as

options in this video

so i'm combining them as one which means

there's technically 11 but i really love

them both

i can't narrow this down i'm going to

give you all the information and you can

make your own

educated decision based on that so the


is the charlotte tilbury wonder glow


it is 55 for 1.35 ounces

this has a lotiony texture to it and

there's no sparkle there's no glitter

i find that this applies a lot lighter

than her hollywood flawless filter

so if you're someone who likes using

that but maybe you can only apply it to

the high points of your face

like me because it makes you too glowy

this is a great

option that you can apply under your

foundation that helps give it a little

bit of radiance

but doesn't make you you know look

greasy it reflects light it's got

peptides and anti-aging ingredients

it blurs it minimizes the pores it does

you know all the good things a primer

should do

i just like the effect it gives

underneath my foundations it makes

me look nice and healthy and radiant now

we have the one true

luxury face primer of the bunch this

is the by terry cc serum and i'll put

the shades that i have down below

it's not so much about the shades it's

about what these do and there's a reason


people purchase these over and over and

rave about them

despite the 91 dollar cost

for one ounce of product these are color

correcting they give a soft

focus effect because of the light

diffusing particles and they're actually

infused with rose stem cells

and that's what helps improve the skin's


they even out the skin tone and hydrate

and brighten

and there's even some built-in skincare

they just give a glow to the skin

you can mix these in with your

foundation apply as a primer before

use them alone or use as a highlight

they're just

so versatile and really make the skin

look stunning this is one of those

products that you think is going to be

ordinary but it's just not

it's also a great gift item if you have

that person that you know just has

everything that you never

know what to buy them this or really


by by terry bye bye terry is a great

great gift item i mean shoot it's a

great gift item for yourself too it's

only appropriate to move on to a


product after that luxury item so

this is the rimmel stay matte makeup


this is around six or seven dollars

depending on where you look

for 0.9 ounces this is a lightweight

primer that helps keep the skin matte

and control shine i find this does a

really great job of minimizing the pores

as well this is a primer that i like to

keep in my makeup arsenal because it's a

great drugstore option for those of you

that have

oily combination skin and really want to

control your shine throughout the day

this isn't a primer that i recommend for

anyone with normal to dry skin

i think that it can pick up on dry

patches but for

the rest of you this is a fantastic

drugstore option that really really does


now we have the hourglass veil mineral

primer that i've talked about many many

many times

here on my channel this comes in three


the one ounce size is 54. the

0.31 ounce size that's the little travel


is 20 and the 2 ounce tube

is 75 i've gone through so many of these

that i did finally

get the tube because it was just a

better buy for me

there are many reasons why i love this

primer so much

this is typically my control primer when

i'm testing out foundations

because it does work for me so well with

so many different types of foundations

it's got a texture that's quite

different from any other primer

it's very airy and silky and lightweight

yet it does sink into the skin like a

lotion it doesn't have that silicone

slip to it it's just a very unique


it is oil free and it does truly feel

weightless on the skin because it's

oil-free and mineral-based it's

really really great for those with

sensitive skin it does make the skin

feel really really smooth

after you apply it and it minimizes

pores and

imperfections so so nicely the unique

feature that this has that a lot of

primers don't is that it repels water so

if you are like me

and you live in a hot and humid

environment and

can beat up with sweat when you walk

from your car to a building

this is a great great primer to have

in your makeup stash because it can


keep your makeup looking fresh now i

know this works great for my combination

oily skin and it works great for

normal skin people but i have known

plenty of

dry skin people that have loved this too

and i do have to say that when i have


areas around the perimeter of my face

that doesn't happen too much anymore but

it never emphasized those

on me this is just such a great unique

beautiful primer that people love so

much for a reason

and it is just my number one primer for

a reason

now i know there's this rumor that the

nyx angel veil

skin perfecting primer is a dupe for

the hourglass mineral veil this is 16

for one ounce of product

it's also very weightless and silky i

think this does a great job of smoothing

the skin

and minimizing the pores and controlling

my oil

i don't however think it's a dupe for

the simple fact that if i wear this

more than two to three days at a time my

face starts getting really dried out i

can wear the hourglass veil mineral


day in day out and my skin almost seems


improve it just does beautiful things

for my skin

whereas my skin stays clear with this it

just gets

really dry and parched so i can only

wear this

a day or two at a time i do however

think it functions really really well on

the days

that i wear it so i wanted to include it

in this video because if you do have

oily combination skin

we do need those bulletproof primers in

our arsenal and this is a great

drugstore option now this is a primer

that i didn't think i was going to like

because it's typically referred to as

being hydrating

and very good for dry skin this is the

too faced hangover

replenishing primer it is 34.

for 1.35 ounces there's also a 0.68

ounce size

for 17 this is very very light

lotiony and hydrating because of the

coconut water and other ingredients

yet it somehow works on my oily

combination skin

really well it almost feels cooling on

my skin i love the way my skin feels

when i wear this

i wouldn't say it does phenomenal things

for my pores but it doesn't emphasize my

pores either

my skin just looks and feels really

healthy when i wear it

it helps my makeup last a long time and

look really good it keeps my

skin balanced and functioning normally

and feeling really hydrated

when i get shiny i don't get greasy with

it either which is really

nice i like having a primer like this

because sometimes i wear mattifying


and i don't always want a mattifying

primer as well because

it's too much matte i want a hydrating

primer on occasions and this is a really

really great one to have

no matter what skin type you have if you

haven't seen my recent video on my top

long wearing budge proof foundations

i'll have that linked here for you

what are some of your favorite primers

do you agree or disagree with any that i

have in this video i'd love to hear

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thank you so much for watching i hope

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