welcome and thank you very much for

watching another christian painters

youtube video especially you are welcome

and appreciated if you have watched the

other videos on this house here that

used to be red brick but it is now

permanently changed to this yellow or at

least permanently changed to primer and

going to be paint what you're looking at

now is all primer all of this wood has

all been primed what we did originally

on this home is power wash the entire

house there's a couple pieces of wood

here we're going to replace first thing

tomorrow morning we just want to get

through all of this primer we're really

proud of all of the work we've done on

this house thus far and so this wood

right here is what all of this wood

looked like and it has been power washed

and then scraped now all of this wood

here on the bottom has not been straight

so keep that in mind we literally took

scraping knives and scraped a hundred

percent of that fascia and a hundred

percent of the eaves there and we didn't

do this piece because it's going to be

replaced both of them all the way down

there and we're also gonna kind of put a

cap a one by two right there so that we

can secure this vinyl siding into it

just a little bit it won't necessarily

be tornado proof but it should help for

sure so here we are folks this is a big

deal christian painters paints brick on

a home once every two or even three

years it's just not something that a lot

of people do i am happy to do it though

and it gave my customers the absolute

best price possible because once we're

in the red of Burleson neighborhood

where I thoroughly enjoy working and


probably 20 customers right here in this

neighborhood but - I'm very excited

about painting brick and rightfully so

so I'm gonna just kind of pan all the

way out here by the road and let you see

from corner to corner the changes we've

already made if you've watched our other

videos this house used to be a orangish

red brick this is a locks on primer I

can't show you the primer at the moment

but it is a sherwin-williams primer and

it's called locks on it's a masonry

primer is what this is and then up here

on the white this is all Sherwin

Williams exterior wood primer all right

well folks thank you so very much for

watching another christian painters

youtube video and thank you in advance

for giving us a call for all of your

professional painting needs whether you

need a painter interior or exterior we

very much need and appreciate your

business so thank you very much for

watching and be sure to watch the rest

of our videos because it's gonna get

really exciting the paint's gonna make

this yellow much richer we're gonna

paint these shutters black and the front

door black and the customer has a black

screen door coming so a lot to look

forward to thank you for watching we

look forward to talking to you soon