VIDEO: Is colloidal silver helpful or hurtful?

well while flu season is winding down

the CDC is now warning of a second wave

of the flu B virus so if you've got the

flu this year or maybe you suffer from

chronic cold silver might be the answer

to getting healthy some people swear by

the benefits of this method I know

Preston's a little skeptical they use

colloidal silver to prevent or treat

sickness by boosting their immune system

it's a liquid solution with microscopic

silver particles in it it's mainly

administered with an eyedropper so I

spoke with dr. ed la Madrid who says it

can wipe out just about anything that

makes us sick it's used primarily as an

antimicrobial so it tends to kill

basically everything bacteria viruses

and fungus sounds pretty great right but

dr. la Madrid says it might be too good

to be true in fact the FDA says there is

no benefit to taking oral silver he even

says it can be dangerous causing

irreversible damage a toxic dose or

taking silver for a long period of time

can cause a condition called argyria

which is where the skin will start to

turn blue and that's an irreversible

condition the problem is that there's

not enough studying done about what

silver does to the healthy cells in our

body it's great that it can kill

bacteria and virus but what does it do

to like our liver cells our stomach

cells the doc says he does not recommend

it and says there are other alternative

therapies that are more proven to work

he says it might work as a topical

solution to treat maybe a skin condition

or a wound otherwise he says it is just

too risky so don't do it so don't do it