Cooking with Kristin: Pork Roast in the Crockpot

hi my name's Kristen and as promised I'm

going to show you how I put together a

pork roast now this is not spectacular

by any means and actually the reason I'm

doing this is just to show you guys that

you don't have to know a bunch of things

in order to put together something that

would be you know quick and easy and

ready for you when you get home so I

just thought I would go ahead and show

you this again it's really nothing

spectacular but because I opened my big

mouth and said ha ha ha the video I'm

showing you so the first thing that I'm

going to do is I check my crock pot out

here so it's just your basic crackpot

typo before and I put this is about a

two and a half pound pork roast um this

actually we bought a butchered pig with

my parents we kind of in a split it up

so when I open this up I had to cut a

lot of the fat off of it so keep that in

mind even if you get one from the stores

you know you want to have some of the

fat you know in there but anything

that's around the edge I tend to like to

cut that off so pork roast in there

first and then you're going to put in

potatoes your choice as far as what kind

of potatoes you want I like to use red

potatoes because I think they hold up

better when cooking in the crock pot I

think I've mentioned that before I used

to always use russets and peel them and

everything but eh it's a little bit

quicker because you don't have to take

the peel off of these so I suppose you

don't have to aggress it see there but

anyway you don't have to take the peel

off of these and also they just hold up

so much better and I think grab on to

more flavor so I'm going to go ahead and

put those around the pork roast and I

like to put them around the edge of that

of the pork roast with a pork roast kind

of in the middle and then I just have

one onion cut up here you certainly

could do too and I haven't cut up in

kind of big chunks well one thing I

wanted to mention about the potatoes is

try to get them in chunks that are even

so that they cook evenly so that when

you get home you know after this has

been in your burrito is the chances of

anything being crunchy are pretty slim

tuna but um we want to just kind of make

sure that they are all the same ish size

it will just help so the onion I'm

actually going to put the onion directly

on top of the pork roast

and I am not you can do this the night

before by the way I just was tired last

night decide and do it this morning

worth it and then there would be

daylight so I could record it but if you

do it the night before the juice of what

we're going to put in here we'll get

into the meat even more and it will be

even better so I'm going to put the

onions right on top of the meat I want a

lot of flavor of the onion to go down

into the pork and then the last thing

I'm gonna do and I showed this in my

grocery haul is you I use baby carrots I

use this simply for ease when we when I

chop our vegetables during the week for

about nine to take in our lunches I like

to use real carrot not but not these are

fake carrots but I like to scare it 6

they just have so such a much better

flavor um these ones however again these

you dump these in just as it so I'm

gonna dump most of the bag you can see

really do all of it but I'm just going

to dump most of the bag in there now for

the juice that you want to put in there

you can do a couple of different things

you could do I know that it's important

you can do chicken broth with some

seasonings in it you can do vegetable

broth seasonings in it a lot of people

will salt and pepper their rules before

they put it in here I don't like a lot

of pepper on my pork roast and there's

enough salt in what I'm going to use

which is why it didn't solve that so

this is my Fit and again this is this is

easy this is simple quick throw together

in the morning kind of thing this is my

favorite and this is the crackery

gourmet seasoning for pork and I will

actually come up and show it to you so

it looks like this and I apologize the

lighting isn't spectacular

I literally have my Packer blanket over

my thing they're two blocks anyway so

then this is the gourmet your cracker

eat gourmet season mix seasoning for

pork and I also have one for beef that

we really enjoy for beef roasts and it

has other things on the back of it that

you could do I think I think I just do

my own thing as far as what I put in

there tells you to put celery in there

whatnot but um so I like to use this and

you mix it with two cups of water and

then you dump it in there and

has some stuff in there probably that's

not so spectacular for you but it works

for us okay so I'm just going to cut

this open and you mix it with two cups

of water and so I have it just in a

pampered chef poof and water going

everywhere I'm so special and then I

have a whisk and I'm just going to lift

it up and it starts out pretty watery

and then if you just let it sit for a

minute it'll get a little bit thicker if

you want to do that um I know you can

already see starting to get a little

thicker so I'm going to go ahead and

dump this over my pork roast all right

now all you're to do is put the cover on

plug it in raise your hand if you let

the house so they'll plug in the

crock-pot before yeah and I'm going to

put it over on to low I'm going to put

my - up I can choose low for 8 hours of

10 hours I'm going to prompt for 10

hours just because I'm going to be gone

and then it will go to warm you

certainly can do it on high for 4-6

hours I find that the meat doesn't get

quite as tender when you do it on high

versus on low but that's personal

preference so tonight when I come home I

will open it up show you what it looks

like and we'll go from there so I'll see

a little bit ok so it is now 10 ish

hours later and I'm home from work and I

decided that you know what this is just

real life and so my hair is cranked up

and I have my comfy clothes on and it is

what it is so and if you should use some

grumblings back there my husband is

folding his laundry so um dinner's done

and that's really hot I'm going to show

you what I always use to take all

anything out of the car cut like this is

a slotted spoon and we don't separate it

out we just put all of our vegetables

into one bowl like this so I'm going to

pull these plug these out of here and

then I will come back and show you the


okay so you can see about how much

vegetables that are clearly this is way

more than Bob and I are going to eat

because even Bob can eat this much but

um we eat a lot of leftovers in our

house so this will whatever's left

reheats very well so we will do that for

the leftovers and then I'm simply going

to use the same spoon to pull out the

roast and it might kind of fall apart on


which is just fine and so you can see a

nice nails - I'll walk up there so you

can see how that just pulls up that

it'll just come apart nice and easily

it's really nice and tender so you could

shred this up if you prefer it that way

we just will kind of chunk it up

okay so then just a little tip for you

is that you know there's lots of kind of

juice like gravy in here we will always

save most of that and whatever is

leftover over the pork we store it in

that it helps keep the pork moist when

you reheat it or you can also concise it

up and have it on sandwiches whatever

works for you

but that is how we do a crock-pot pork

roast again nothing spectacular just

very very simple I really like that

packet we really like the flavor that's

in there but you certainly could look at

the back of the packet kind of see what

the spices are in there and kind of

create your own concoction they would

have a lot less sodium and that sort of

thing but this is what we do and that's

what I wanted to show you so if you have

any questions go ahead and leave them

below thank you so much for tuning in

and watching and I will talk to you very

soon bye