3 Retractable Hoses Compared!

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got a 3-way comparison of retractable

hoses also called expandable hoses

because they expand and contract I've

got the pocket hose the flexi hose and

the TBI pro all three popular in 2019 so

let's see how they compare at the base

review are you I'm sure you guys have

seen the expandable hoses have been

around for probably since about 2012 I

think when the first pocket hose came

out and they come out with many versions

since then in fact I've count eight

pocket hoses have come out that I recall

the pocket hose pocket hose ultra the

pocket hose the rib pocket hose do rip

two pocket hose top brass pocket hose

top brass two and the pocket hose brass

bullet and now I've got the pocket hose

silver bullet making 8 pocket hoses I'm

aware of I decided to compare it to the

Amazon choice flexi hose and the Amazon

number one bestseller the TBI pro so I

thought that would be a good way of

seeing how these three F hoses compare

now the Silver Bullet isn't really

advertising but I did see a big display

in bed the Bath and Beyond so it's a new

item it's just not really being heavily

promoted alright let's first talk about

the pocket hose Silver Bullet and my

question would be why have they keep

coming out with new versions why wasn't

the original good enough and that's

because the consumer ratings have only

been that great for a lot of the

previous pocket hoses so they keep

making them a stronger and stronger but

yet the consumer ratings still don't

reflect a great pocket hose experience I

would say this is the lightest of the

three it certainly is light it also

hasn't probably the least impressive

nozzle of the three because that's

that's really all there is to it so

without further delay let's attach the

Silver Bullet and see how it looks


this is the Hercules hose which I've had

I for two years and has worked pretty

well talk about that later now we're

gonna attach the pocket hose

silver-bullet all right Bailey this is

not for you all right what's cool about

these expandable hoses is that you turn

the hose on and they slowly fill up the

water and expand what's that Bailey look

at it there it goes

alright looks fully expanded no leaks

Bailey is inspecting it to make sure

it's okay I think it passed her test cuz

she walked away from it you know I've

turned the water all the way up so we

have a very narrow stream I don't know

if you can see how we'll narrow that

stream is look on the air that is and

then as you turn it it widens up and

that's that's all the way open all the

way over the fence yeah I'm gonna water

my half dead plant over there that's all

I really have out here is living

I'm gonna close this all the way up

everybody look at the ball all right on

first used it seemed to work pretty well

I'm going to sit under pressure for

maybe about 20-30 minutes which I don't

think is unreasonable I think that's

about how long someone would probably

use their hose come out here and check

it and then drain it and go to the next


while that one's under pressure I'm

gonna say something about the

retractable hoses they've been kind of a

little bit mixed reviews there's the

features are that they're light that

they are easy to carry around because

there's only a couple pounds the only

problem is that people haven't really

been too happy with them because over

time they've tend to not hold up now

obviously review like this I'm not gonna

be able to test at long-term durability

but when I do have a problem with any of

them I will let you know on one of my

other social media sites it seems like

every year you get a new retractable

hose it's better than last one but you

always see end up hearing complaints

that they fail so I don't know if

they've really gotten this technology

down because the problem is that for

these retractable hoses to really work

you have to use them and then drain them

and then take them inside out of the Sun

in order to not degrade them now behind

me I've got two metal garden hoses at

about here for two years now outside in

below freezing temperature and

temperatures over 115 degrees Bailey

plays all over them we walk on them step

on them I try to cut one in half and

they still work perfectly those are the

hoses that I prefer as far as the SC on

TD hoses go

these are tractable one's a little bit

too dainty for my purposes but let's see

if this one holds up and then we'll go

on the next two alright it's been about

30 minutes and it still held up so

that's a good sign now I've got to drain

the water out and let it retract alright

while the water is starting to slow down

here it is retracting alright so the

water is now gone and what I have to do

now is disconnect this and dump all the

remaining water out and the stored

inside that's how the process goes I

don't like the metal hoses which I left

under pressure I left outside for two

years don't then do any of that stuff

step on it

step on it

you're still a fan of these to be honest

but let's check it out

I can I want to do this in a way that

all the water is gonna stay down there

and come out at the end which is doing

and there we go not too bad pretty quick

process and it is extremely light that's

the one thing I do like about these

hoses is how light they are now onto the

flexi hose all right next up we got the

flexi hose this one was 30 bucks is

listed as a Amazon's choice that's the

reason I picked this one else get a lot

of reviews for it it comes with this

nozzle which I don't find it be

particularly impressive all the way it

certainly is functional definitely

heavier than the pocket hose Silver

Bullet my biggest gripe with this one is

this on/off switch is very difficult to

turn I found that it it took channel

locks for me to get this thing loosened

enough after doing enough it kind of

loosened up but I literally could not

turn it the first time I had it out of

the box so that aside let's take a look

at how the flexi hose works

all right next up its the flexi hose and

it comes with this nozzle as well so let

me let me attach that and see how it

works this is kind of a cheap plastic

nozzle it seems like something you'd

find almost at the dollar store I'm not

overly impressed by the nozzle itself

but let me make sure this isn't tangled

it is tangled there it goes

we have expansion now two of the

instructions say you're supposed to put

the water on slowly and then ramp up the

pressure which is what I'm doing here

the pocket hose didn't say that but I

did it without it anyways okay now I'm

gonna go all the way full blast full

water pressure okay the water pressures

all the way up let's try it out I'll

start off with a stream oh I need to

turn this this as well oh whoa

okay head of tighten that up a little

bit more a little bit

oh come on Bailey

Bailey look at you now okay so let me

try the different settings center

vertical suits my bae likes the best

flat that's like four bushes okay

okay full that's like full pressure

shower i'll look at this one really

really missed cone oh wow and back to

stream again so what i'm gonna do is

leave this under pressure for about

thirty minutes

like i did with the first one come back

out make sure it's not leaking and then

retract it

i got to brush her off and i'll look at

that alright it's been 30 minutes it

looks like it hasn't popped or is

leaking so that's great so now what i

got to do is drain it out coil it up and

go to the next hose I'm just buying it

as you can see it's starting to contract

see this okay completely empty now as

you can see it's the water's coming out

as I do this this one was a success

let's go on to the next one now all

right it's time for the TBI pro this is

the most expensive at forty bucks but

it's also listed as a number one

bestseller on Amazon with a 4.5 rating

and it also comes with this nice nozzle

here compared to the flexi hose nozzle

cheap plastic so I have a feeling this

one's gonna hold up longer they have

this tab here so you can not have to

hold the handle down when you're

spraying that's kind of nice they also

have an on/off lever which is much

smoother the only thing I didn't really

like about this one is that compared to

the pocket was Silver Bullet which seems

like it dries almost immediately this

one seemed to kind of stay damp for a

while I see my only complaint about that

one but you also get this hose splitter

which is kind of a nice feature and this

is maybe limited value which is a hose

holder and they also give you some extra

washers as well so so let's take the TBI

Pro up back and see how it does on our

first test

we've got the TBI Pro and they had their

zinc nozzle which is very nice is heavy

I'll be care see how this one works

this looks very familiar doesn't was

just like the other one from the flexi

hose but this one look how easy that one

goes no channel locks required for that

one and it's expanding it's pretty cool

huh I like it all right it is then

expanding I'm gonna crank the water all

the way up full pressure here this seems

like it's much better made than the

other one it shows you the spray pattern

let's go through all these oh okay

that's a very fine mist

okay cone

oh that stream um um um

a wider stream okay

alright there's a lot of different

choices in this one and so far it looks

like it's holding up as well so once

again we're gonna leave this one under

pressure for 30 minutes to come out and

see how it does and then go on to our

next test all right it's been a half an

hour and this one is not leaked either

so it's time to drain this one I see you

see it's for trekking now it is

retracting alright checking out the size

of these and there they are

looks like the TBI is about 19 feet as

we walk down to the end here you'll see

that the the flexi hose is about 18 feet

and the pocket hose silver ball it's

about 20 feet all right they're already

a lot of tests I can do but I do want to

show that all these hoses are non kink

so here's the TP I Pro first as you see

I am kinking it it doesn't really kink

that's the thing I'm squeezing it and

it's still still working perfectly so

these hoses are very good at not kinking

next time I'm gonna try the pocket hose

silver bowl but I'm gonna take off their

nozzle and use the one from the TBI Pro

because supposedly all these can use any

nozzle let's find that out and then try

the kink test pocket hose silver bullet

with the TBI Pro nozzle and the kinking

is also not an issue I'm squeezing it ah

still working I will say that when the

pocket hose silver bullet is completely

expanded it does seem a little bit

tighter than the TBI if that makes sense

the TBI seemed like it was a little more

flexible when it was completely expanded

and last but not least I have the flexi

hose with the TBI nozzle which I happen

to like the most on there let's try the

kink test all right again no kinkajou

does not kink it's working fine so I

think all three of them Bailey I think

all three of them past the kink test I

think this one as far as flexibility

while expanding it falls in between the

other two

not quite as flexible as the

I'm a little bit more flexible than the

pocket ho silver bullet to take a look

at the three nozzles included this is

the pocket ho silver bullet this is the

flexi hose and this is the TBI obviously

the TBI the by far the best of the

nozzles it's actually a really nice

nozzle these are a little bit

underwhelming not too bad but this is

certainly the best so there seems to be

about three categories of people who

have problems with these retractable

hoses the first category would be those

who use it and within a few uses at

bursts they burst in the seams they

burst of the fittings that just doesn't

work almost right out of the box then

there are those who have no problems for

a season they put it away for the winter

and they pull it on the spring and then

it doesn't work like maybe the cold or

the dryness being in the garage degraded

it during the cold months then the third

category would be those who didn't

follow the instructions they leave it

out in the Sun under pressure or and

then it doesn't work because it's not

designed to do that I posted pictures on

social media and here's some of the

responses I got we had one it was

working well until one day turning on it

made a loud pop and water started coming

everywhere I had the original pocket

hose it fell apart pretty quickly

I had one rip down the middle on the

second use hole waste my money anymore

on those we've had the same one for

three years now and I love it

I've had three notice I said had leaked

broke etc this person has the they

believe the xhose they love it they say

that it's lightweight and easy to

maneuver around in store this person

said tried a few they all broke probably

my favorite comment is on Twitter from

bubble truck window-cleaning says I use

one for work every day I'm a window

cleaner they work all year long the best

part is it stays extremely flexible and

cold freezing temperatures there are

designs that break but there are designs

that work excellent I think that sums it

up pretty well so as you can see the

experiences really seem to vary a lot

and I think that those three things that

I talked about are the reasons why so

it's really hard to tell how long these

three are going to last I've had him out

here for a while now and they're all

working fine I of course I'm following

the instructions I can guarantee if I

put it under pressure out of the Sun

they wouldn't last more than about an

hour in fact here's a clip of the

original pocket hose of brass bullet

when I wanted to see how long it would

last out of the Sun lasts about 45

minutes check this out it is a hundred

and eight degrees out here

Oh No Oh No

all right so we got we got a problem

here what is going on here oh that's

just that's terrible oh look at this

look how much is coming out of there

that's not a fair demonstration because

that's not following the instructions

but that's what happens when you leave

it outside under pressure but overall

all three of these are working pretty

well so far if I had to choose one of

these I would go with the TBI Pro it

seems to be better made it might be $40

but it has those nice accessories with

it as well they seem like they're also

well made again the proof will be over

the long haul how well all these hold up

and I'll let you know if anything

changes if I had to pick a second choice

I would go with the pot could hose

silver bullet it's the lightest of them

all and the previous brass bullet again

it lasted throughout most of summer and

failed only when I broke the rules

basically I don't like the flexing hose

as much mainly because that lever on

there is almost impossible to turn

sometimes to me that puts it below the

other two all right so that's all I've

got if you've had experiences with these

retractable hoses tell me what you think

in the comments below anything changes I

will certainly let you know how it goes

with these three please follow my social

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