Top 10 BEST STATES to Live in America for 2020


have you thought about moving because if

so I don't blame you considering the

current state of the United States you

might think every town city and state in

this country just plain stinks right now

but actually that isn't the case whether

you've lost your job and can't afford

the rent or just need a change of

scenery you're not alone over 31 million

Americans moved last year and if you're

already planning on moving why not go

big and trout an entirely new state now

I've already made a video on the best

states to live in for 2019 so check that

out if you haven't already

but before 2020 started stinking a ton

of states were actually thriving and

improved dramatically from the year


as such quite a few newcomers are making

the list this year

which I determined based on each state's

economy safety cost of living schools

and quality of life among other things

and just a reminder if your state didn't

make the cut it doesn't mean it sucks

well unless I made the top 10 worst

states in which case it's never too late

to relocate anyways these are the 10

best states to live in for 2020 number


actually we're gonna start off with a

quick honorable mention Texas well it

didn't quite make the list this year I

really wanted to include the Lone Star

State because it's headed in the right

direction and has so many amazing cities

with rapidly growing populations and

economies the Austin Houston San Antonio

and Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan areas

have all grown by over 20 percent since

2010 and for good reason Texas had the

fastest growing economy of any state in

2019 with an annual GDP growth rate of

4.4% and over 330,000 new jobs created

so it shouldn't come as a surprise that

this is the best state for business

particularly due to there being no state

income tax extremely low corporate taxes

ranging from zero to 1% friendly

regulators and an affordable cost of

living with a median home price of just

two hundred seven thousand dollars which

is why so many huge companies

particularly California tech companies

have moved here in recent years but it's

not all work and no play there's great

food friendly residents beautiful nature

and so much fun to be had in each of the

hip cities and towns so what's keeping

Texas out of the actual top ten well

among the bottom five states in health

care coverage there's above-average

crime and the schools are mediocre at

best not to mention the summer's here

are extremely hot actual number 10 North

Carolina another one of the fastest

growing states with multiple booming

cities that are among the best to live

in this nation North Carolina will

probably be a top 5 state by the end of

the decade but currently the rural parts

are really holding it back with tons of

crime poor education and a mediocre

health care system let's skip over that

for now though and get to the stunning

nature from the beautiful blue raging

Great Smoky Mountains in the west of the

gorgeous Outer Banks and Emerald Isle in

the east with serene forests rivers and

waterfalls sprinkled everywhere

in-between this is honestly one of the

most beautiful States in America and

similar to Texas the economy here was

booming before the great doom of 2020

with amazing job opportunities in the

cities especially the raleigh-durham

area where the median household income

is over seventy five thousand dollars

and while they just still aren't the

best across the state they have

increased by four point seven percent

over the past year it's pretty cheap to

live here with a median home value of

just two hundred four thousand dollars

whether you want the arts and culture of

Asheville the big-city life of Charlotte

or just an all-around amazing place to

raise a family in Raleigh the quality of

life here is incredible while the k12

public schools aren't the best at least

the state kinda makes up for it with

some excellent universities like Duke

UNC and Wake Forest number nine Iowa

Iowa isn't that state like super boring

how the heck did it make this list yes

there are a lot of corn and soy farms

here but aside from that Iowa isn't as

boring as you might think in fact it's

one of the best places to live in

practically every statistical category

first of all it's the most affordable

state in America and the economy is

growing fast just last year wages

increased by five percent for a median

household income of nearly sixty nine

thousand dollars which would already be

great for most states but it's

especially amazing in Iowa since the

cost of living is so low with a median

home price of just a hundred fifty-four

thousand dollars now to be fair there is

a disparaging gap between the rural and

urban economies which is the main

in the Hawkeye status and higher on this

list that being said there are so many

amazing cities here seriously like 15 to

20 different Iowans cities could easily

make a top 10 best cities to live in

list a solely on statistics sure it

might not be the most exciting life but

with top notch schools low crime

extremely friendly residents and some of

the most charming small cities and towns

in the u.s. Iowa is one of the best

places to settle down and raise a family

number 8 Idaho people have confused

Idaho with Iowa ever since it first

became a state way back in 1890 but

that's not gonna be the case much longer

considering this is the fastest growing

state in the nation why are so many

people flocking to this place most

Americans probably couldn't even locate

on a map you may wonder well because

people are finally finding out what a

gem the gem state really is of course

there's the Capitol Boise which is one

of the absolute best cities of any size

to live in and Idaho is also one of the

safest states with an insanely high

quality of life but the best part about

living here is all the beautiful

untouched wilderness don't tell anyone I

told you

the Sawtooth Mountains are honestly the

best kept secret in this country and

there are so many other diverse

environments from Lake Pend Oreille and

Coeur d'Alene to the otherworldly

craters of the moon and snake river

canyons in fact the Gem State actually

has more land dedicated to national

forests than any other state aside from

these incredible natural wonders though

Idaho also had the sixth fastest growing

economy in 2019 and the third highest

job growth rate at 2.8 percent and

although the median household income of

$60,000 a year is still slightly below

the US average wages are growing

insanely fast and went up by nearly 6

percent just this past year it might not

be as cheap as it used to be with all

the Californians moving here but Idaho

is still really affordable compared to

its other West Coast neighbors and

definitely worth the median home price

of $295,000 number 7 vermont if you're

not from new england Vermont probably

only exists as some vague land of its

home to Bernie Sanders and Ben & Jerry's

ice cream for all we know it might

actually be a part of Canada and that's

because Vermonters love their state and


want too many people finding out about

the amazing quality of life here sure

it's the second smallest state with only

around six hundred thirty thousand

residents but it's also the second

safest state in between the stellar

health care amazing public schools an

excellent economic opportunity a few

people that actually do move here each

year usually end up staying for the rest

of their lives and I don't blame them I

mean you're surrounded by so much

stunning nature with tons of mountains

lakes rivers and forests to ski kayak or

hike in it's no wonder Vermont is the

healthiest state in the country or maybe

that's because it has the second lowest

rate of uninsured residents at just four

point five percent and the main city of

Burlington which is basically the only

real city in the state is one of the

most picturesque and charming towns

you'll ever see plus it's got a booming

economy Vermont actually had the lowest

unemployment rate of any state at just

two point four percent before the

economy crashed and with a median

household income over $70,000 the

$256,000 median home value is pretty

affordable the only negative thing here

is the temperature in the winter no like

literally it stays well below zero for

three months a year

number six Colorado uh yet another

Mountain State except this time the

mountains are a lot bigger in fact even

the flat plains of Denver have an

elevation almost a thousand feet higher

than the highest point in Vermont and

Colorado's the highest state in more

than just one way

besides being first to fully legalize

weed the Centennial state also has 58

14,000 foot Peaks by far the most of any

state in all those mountains mean this

is an outdoors lover's paradise with

world-class skiing hiking mountain

biking rock climbing and rafting it's no

surprise Colorado has the lowest obesity

rate and one of the highest qualities of

life in the nation the Colorado didn't

make this list based on beauty alone

it's also an economic juggernaut sure

it's no longer the fastest growing

economy like it had been for the past

five years but the Centennial state

still boasted the fourth highest GDP

growth rate in 2019 and the highest wage

growth rate with the median household

income increasing by 6.4 percent to a

whopping seventy three thousand dollars

add in the fact that the

are among the best in the West and

you've got one of the best States to

live in for practically any lifestyle

number five Minnesota and we're back to

the Midwest far away from any real

mountains but who needs mountains when

you've got views like this if you're

looking for a cheap waterfront property

a Minnesota's probably your best bet

because the eleven thousand eight

hundred and forty two lakes technically

means there's even more shoreline here

than in California but that isn't even

the main draw the land of 10,000 lakes

is also the third safest state in the

country has excellent public education

and offers amazing economic

opportunities between the affordable

cost of living with a median home value

of just two hundred fifty nine thousand

dollars and all the great jobs at the

numerous fortune 500 companies offering

a median household income of 72 thousand

dollars Minnesota has the fourth lowest

poverty rate at just nine point nine

percent and it's also one of the

cleanest greenest and most bike-friendly

States with all the fresh air nature

preserves and community festivals and

fairs it makes sense that Minnesotans

are so happy and healthy although it

does get really cold in the winter and

I'm not talking northeast or regular

Midwest cold more like negative forty

degrees Fahrenheit number four Utah

Utah's new to the list this year and

it's a ready shot all the way up to the

top five well if you've been sleeping on

it it's about time to wake up because

the Beehive state is having a moment

there's a reason it's been the fastest

growing state since 2010 and before you

say something like oh it's just a bunch

of Mormons Boren you sure there is a lot

of that here but that doesn't change the

fact that this state is so beautiful and

as one of the nation's strongest job

markets not to mention there's an

incredibly fun hipster scene in Salt

Lake City with tons of concerts

breweries and unique restaurants and

coffee shops now you're probably already

excited to check out the scenery if

you've seen photos of any of Utah's five

national parks or 43 state parks that

the Beehive State is just as much a

working professionals paradise as it is

a nature lovers paradise the economy

here is thriving with tremendous fiscal

stability and great infrastructure it

was actually the second fastest growing

economy in 2019 with a 3.8 percent GDP

growth rate and the three point

1% job growth rate between all the

amazing jobs in tech mining health care

energy and finance the median household

income grew by 6% last year to a

glorious seventy seven thousand dollars

and the unemployment rate was just two

point five percent before the world

started tumbling down

if above-average schools excellent

health care extremely low crime and one

of the highest qualities of life in

America sounds good to you then it's

time to move to Utah number three

Massachusetts statistically

Massachusetts should be the number one

state pretty much every year it blows

away the competition in most categories

and it's usually among the top three to

five states in pretty much every other

category it's the fourth safest state

the second healthiest state has the

second highest minimum wage of twelve

dollars and seventy-five cents and the

lowest uninsured rate of just three

percent while also having some of the

world's best health care in hospitals

and consistently ranks as having the

best public schools in the nation for

both K to 12 and higher education so it

makes sense the base state has the most

highly educated workforce with over 50%

of its residents possessing at least a

bachelor's degree well that and the fact

that there are so many good-paying jobs

in the Boston area that require those

degrees and by good-paying I really mean

the best paying Massachusetts has the

highest median household income of any

state at eighty six thousand three

hundred and forty five dollars but

statistics aside this is also a gorgeous

state with the beautiful Berkshire

Mountains and a stunning coastline all

along Cape Cod and there is so much

history and charm to the cities and

small towns here with great museums art

and culture so why isn't Massachusetts

number one well it's expensive facts of

couse it's isn't exactly the most

affordable place to live with a median

home cost of four hundred twenty seven

thousand dollars in upwards of six

hundred fifty thousand dollars in the

Boston area

oh and the traffic here is terrible

number two New Hampshire just a short

drive north brings us to our third New

England state on the list

speaking of which for such a tiny region

it sure has a ton of amazing states New

Hampshire is one of the best places to

raise a family with exceptional public

schools the lowest poverty rate in the

nation and

the lowest crime rate in the nation it's

no wonder the Granite State offers the

second highest quality of life in the

u.s. especially since it's also the

least polluted state and the number one

state for Economic Opportunity the

unemployment rate was just two point

four percent pre-crash in the median

household income of over eighty one

thousand dollars makes the $295,000

median home price very affordable and I

even even mentioned the nature New

Hampshire is filled with incredible

scenery every which way with the White

Mountains being one of the most

enchanting and magical places I've ever

been there honestly just isn't much

wrong with this place I mean hey there

isn't even any state income or sales tax

now before we get to number one make

sure you leave a like and subscribe if

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a new series on the 10 best places to

live in all 50 states and comment what

you think the best state is down below

but without further ado number one

Washington once New Hampshire went

number two were you really expecting

anything else first of all the scenery

here is just breathtaking from the

snow-capped Cascade Mountains to the

gorgeous San Juan Islands to the

pristine coastline to the HOH rainforest

to the Palouse hills and otherworldly

deserts this state has literally every

type of environment you could imagine at

an amazing schools health care

infrastructure and a booming economy and

you've got the highest quality of life

in America and despite the economy

already having grown so much over the

past decade the GDP here still grew by

3.8 percent in 2019 and wages grew by

5.7 percent to a median household income

of nearly $80,000 a year

Washington checks all the boxes and

that's why it's the best state to live

in for 2020