The 6 Best Pillows for Neck Pain - Better Spinal Alignment for More Comfort!

hey guys it's Sarah from sleep Ovilus

and today we'll be taking a look at the

best pillows for neck pain now if you've

ever woken up with a stiff or a sore

neck and thought man I got to get a

better pillow I promise you you're not

alone but don't worry

sleep Ovilus is here to help so even if

you don't deal with chronic neck pain

choosing the right pillow is crucial to

maintaining healthy posture while you

sleep that being said just remember that

I am NOT a medical professional so if

you're experiencing neck pain and you're

really not sure why it's best to see a

doctor however if you're pretty sure

that your neck pain has something to do

with the pillow you're sleeping on

you've come to the right place

so let's take a look all right so first

up on my list is the spine aligned

pillow by dr. lauth now this is a

cervical spine pillow also known as a

contour pillow that was literally

designed by a chiropractor to help back

in side sleepers specifically maintain

neutral spine alignment while they sleep

now you're gonna hear me say this a few

times but when it comes to alleviating

neck pain keeping neutral spine

alignment is kind of the name of the

game what that means is your head your

neck and your spine are all in happy

neutral alignment

nothing's craned upwards or sort of

falling down and that's gonna help you

to not only alleviate pressure in your

neck but also in your shoulder your

lower lumbar and it kind of just keeps

your whole body in a healthy posture so

that being said this pillow was designed

with three chambers two on the side for

side sleepers one in the middle for back

sleepers and the sides as you can see

are built with higher loft which is

gonna be better for side sleepers

keeping that healthy posture and then

the middle is kind of great because it's

got a lower loft which is better for

back sleepers but also it kind of

because the sides are higher kind of

almost locks back sleepers in place so

that you really can't deviate out of

that healthy posture too much but

additionally every single one of these

chambers is adjustable so if you want a

higher loft if you're a side sleeper

with broader shoulders and you need a

higher loft you can just unzip show you

here not make too much of a mess and

it's filled with a proprietary blend of

fiber and foam so it is offering that

sort of deep sink really great pressure

relief of sort of memory foam but you

can always just reach in ajar

and you know kind of just customize the

comfort to your liking and another cool

feature about this pillow is that one

side is actually designed to have a loft

that's higher so decide what the

company's logo is designed for sleepers

who are 5 7 in taller and then the other

side without the company's logo for

folks who are 5 7 in shorter I'm 5 feet

so I'm gonna stick to the shorter side

but that's kind of a cool feature this

pillow is really a perfect example of

something that's designed specifically

to help folks alleviate that neck pain

and keep neutral spine alignment and

prices range from 129 to 149 depending

on whether you choose the standard or

queen size alright so next up we've got

the Leila pillow and the reason I chose

this is because it's got a very lofty

build so that means it's quite tall it's

amply stuffed with a blend of kapok

which is a natural tree fiber and

shredded memory foam so that sort of

comes together to offer this really nice

balance between plush and supportive and

the memory foam does a great job of

conforming to your head neck making sure

everything stays in neutral alignment

but this is gonna be particularly

beneficial for sleepers with broad

shoulders particularly side sleepers

when you're sleeping on your side you

don't just want to alleviate neck pain

you want to alleviate that pressure in

your shoulder as well and because this

is so lofty it's gonna do a really good

job of that back sleepers can definitely

benefit from this too like I said does a

great job of conforming to your head

neck stomach sleepers this one's not for

you it's way too lofty but I got

something for you I'll show you later

now another thing I really like is that

it is adjustable like the spinal line

that we just saw so all you do is unzip

reach in you can see all that be careful

it can make a mess you can see all these

shredded fill in here and you know you

can feel free to remove as much as you

want to reduce the loft or even reach in

and sort of move the loft into places to

make it more lofty and this pillow is

either 79 or 99 depending on which size

you choose alright here we have the easy

breather side sleeper pillow from nest

bedding now similar to the Leila this is

amply stuffed with shredded memory foam

but unlike the Leila this is not blended

with any other material so it's just a

hundred percent shredded memory foam in

here which is going to offer great mold

ability which again helps to sort of

conform to your

had neck keeping everything in healthy

alignment but it also is gonna offer

more of a densely supportive feel and in

general side sleepers do need a bit more

firmer support and a loftier build so

this pillow really is tailor-made to

side sleepers but really takes it to the

next level is its unique boomerang

shaped construction so what this pretty

much allows you to do is while back

sleepers could rest comfortably in the

middle it really creates the seamless

transition for side sleepers who want to

roll from side to side without losing

that neutral spine alignment and again

we have another adjustable pillow and

the reason that I'm picking so many

adjustable pillows is because sleep is

something that we all do differently and

our bodies are different so when it

comes to alleviating neck pain a

one-size-fits-all rule is not

necessarily going to apply so as you can

see you can unzip here's all the sort of

popcorn sized pieces of shredded memory

foam you can feel free to reach in and

manipulate the fills you can customize

the loft and firmness to your liking and

this pillow comes in one size only and

it's about 120 bucks up next is the

avocado pillow and the reason I chose

this one is because it's designed to

offer support or pressure relief for

sleepers of all styles and positions so

this is gonna be a good all position

pillow for folks trying to alleviate

neck pain it's filled with an even mix

of kapok which is the natural tree fiber

we looked at in the lay low which gives

us sort of this plush fluffy feel and

natural Dunlop latex shreds which gives

more of sort of a bouncy response to

pressure so unlike with shredded memory

foam this is gonna sort of let the

sleeper rest on top of the pillow rather

than giving you that deep sink into the

material so if you're someone who feels

sort of trapped into that deep sink of

memory foam for example this might be a

good alternative for you another reason

I chose this pillow is that when it

comes to loft and firmness it's got sort

of a happy medium quality going on so

it's got a medium firm feel it's got a

medium sized loft so again it's gonna

lend itself well to sleepers of all

positions and styles but should you want

to manipulate the loft it is adjustable

so again just unzip reach in be careful

this can definitely make a bit of a mess

and just remove as much as you want

stomach sleepers who find this to be a

little bit too lofty I would definitely

recommend going in removing the fill and

this pillow comes in standard queen and

king sizes ranging from seventy nine to

ninety nine all right up next is the

down alternative pillow from pillow guy

now pillow guy makes two down

alternative pillows one for back and

side sleepers and one specifically for

stomach sleepers and I want to show you

the one for stomach sleepers because

stomach sleeping can be kind of a tricky

position during the course of my

research I talked to a physical

therapist within the sleep Ovilus expert

network and he reiterated that sleeping

on your stomach you're at greater risk

for putting too much pressure on your

neural arch the upper bony parts of your

your upper spine your lower back your

lower abdomen the list kind of goes on

and on so it is particularly important

to have the right pillow if you're going

to sleep in the prone position now I do

dive in a deeper detail about what makes

a perfect pillow poor stomach sleeping

in my best pillow for stomach sleeper

review but the key things to remember is

a low loft and a soft level of support

that being said this pillow is filled

with a proprietary blend called poly gel

fiber and basically it's a down

alternative but it's very easily

compressible so this as you can see this

pillow is able to sort of compress down

to a super low loft that pretty much

just creates sort of this fluffy very

thin barrier between you and your

mattress and again that's what you

really want because if your pillow is

even a little bit too lofty it's gonna

Crane your neck upwards and put your

head in your spine out of neutral

alignment and that's no good so again

very important to keep healthy posture

in there when you're in the prone

position and if you're not sure you're

sleeping on the right mattress and your

stomach sleeper you might want to check

out our best mattresses for stomach

sleepers review as well

now this pillow comes in standard queen

and king sizes and ranges from seventy

nine to ninety nine depending on what

you choose alright last but certainly

not least is the out cold pillow from I

love my pillow now this is filled with

one solid piece of the brand's

proprietary foam which does offer that

very deep sink into the material

conforms really well to your head neck

which like I said is going to do

good job of holding everything in

neutral alignment but it was also

designed to be lighter and more

breathable than traditional memory foam

now while it is not adjustable it does

have a dual construction wherein one

side is covered in this really really

soft micro mink material and it's flat

so it has a traditional loft and on the

other side it's covered in this I see

crisp phase-change material just super

cool to the touch which by the way can

serve to sort of soothe sore muscles but

it also features a shallow contour in

the center and this contour is gonna do

a particularly good job of helping back

sleepers maintain that healthy spine

alignment and the price ranges from 119

to 129 depending on the size you choose

well there you have it folks those are

my top pillow picks for sleepers trying

to alleviate neck pain but remember it

would be a shame for your pillows hard

work to go to waste if you're sleeping

on the wrong mattress so if you think

your mattress needs an upgrade just

google sleep populists best mattresses

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