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true hey I'm doing good

yeah it is alright so I guess there's a

couple of different things

what phone are we actually using every

day cuz that's a good indicator what the

best phone is but also after a long 20

18 a lot of phones coming out tech Toba

Tek tobu as well like which is the best

phone if someone's gonna go out right

now obviously this changes every few

months but what's the best phone for me

personally right now

I mean I'm wait don't tell them because

then they'll click off the video give an

answer you have to wait till the end

well let's talk through some of the

phones that have really stood out for us

this year

yeah and if we think all the way back to

like February MWC we have the s 9 yes 9

plus which I was like 30 long time ago

but I say that if snow floss almost

sounds like I was last year the phones

that stood out for me s 9 plus the new

no 9 ashtag not spawn while we mate 20

Pro do that for me as well I love the

camera arrangement on the back why do we

have to May 21st you must eat I must say

a lot about the fat about the phone

itself right oh why wages giving them

out oh yeah there's some question

another hot cake let's talk design

because obviously this is the year of

notches right not again not not again I

mean it's good because it's been a

vessels edge to edge screens but a lot

of these phones look exactly the same

right I was having to just this

discussion over they I almost feel like

there's a company's making all these

photos or all of them and they just go

so which which design would you like

well do you wanna yeah yeah which we

where'd you on your logo where do you

want your notch do you want it there do

you want it there soars like that so

give me your top three phones this year

that stand out in terms of design design

wife's opera fine X well that's the one

with a thing coming out of it I love

that that's so cool that everywhere I go

that phone people always like that's all

displayed is no bezel I'm like yeah and

sounded a little motor yeah yeah and

people worry about like how quickly

opens what trust me it works really fast

with yeah I think next week for me

design-wise I would say s9 plus it's not

much of a difference from last year but

it's just a good all-around it's

evergreen I think they didn't have to

change that design as good as it can get

and I think me

20 pro as well I think they're pushing

while ways always push the color scheme

yeah that's just beautiful so best we

looking phones in your eyes are mate 20

pro opera fine X s night blocks that's

my pleasure for me ready for me it's

difficult cuz I'm a go holy I see you're

holding the new fancy purple one plus 60

yeah Thunder something Thunder purple


Purple Rain what's her name I don't know

it's really nice yeah it's kind of

simple which I like I like it

taking out the box straight away I'm

like that looks great but it almost

feels like this light spraying it that

color yeah and then I run up it just

just leave it we'll call it thunder

thunder purple they'll call it gradient

paint one of the most interesting

looking phones I think is the witch I

think I have it in my collection here is

the chamois me8 yes

I left mine back in London a terrible

person which that is I love so I've not

done a full review of this yet we

actually only got in the UK a couple of

weeks yes that's right but it has this

transparent back but what's interesting

is that even though you can see all the

little things going on a Qualcomm logo

all that good stuff that is fake as the

A's yeah it's ornamental yeah it is

genuinely transparent but onto a fake

live a player that's just like a dummy

yeah motherboard so it's a bit like that

is that a bit cheap and gimmicky or

actually does it stand out I like it I

like it I think it's a good idea people

like a look at but you don't have to

explain to everyone it's not real yeah I

think this is one of the most

interesting phones I agree with either

mate Tony Pro yeah especially in that

beautiful Twilight I actually quite like

the Sony Xperia except three I'm not

gonna include it because it falls off

tables slippery so it's just a little

different is I quite like the note night

as well yes because it's just it's a

refinement of the noh8 which was already

good and it's just one of those phones

where it doesn't have a notch it's kind

of symmetrical looking yeah good all

rounder functional still got a

fingerprint reader which are quite liked

and a love desperate and I love the

s-pen let me doesn't stand not every

phone has to stand out like some people

want a classy look in a premium phone

yeah so something functional functional

so I think the note 9 from that

perspective comes out top so let's talk

speed we've done design let's talk

performance and speed and stuff and as

you said the beginning you can't really

go wrong everything even mid-range

things play every game play every app

slightly different levels of quality

perhaps but generally it's very very

similar performers wise my top foe my

top free for performance would be May 24

oh if you're even we've all the

bloatware and whatnot

the Karen 1980s just it's fascinating

fast yeah and I think they've used AI in

a smart way in a sense that when you

take it out the box two years down the

line on your contract phone

it still feels the same way felt when

you took out the box that's great

1 + 6 1 plus in general they've nailed

that and that's really good you can

actually can actually feel how quick it

is like using the phone bit on day that

day to day basis and then thirdly for me

a dark horse would be Nokia I'm gonna

say the seven point one or four seven

plus seven yes because it's basically

seven specific stock Android is for

$2.99 or three - that's right yes so I'm

glad you silky smooth before most wise

you use there you think wow this is good

yeah so I think you got you got a

variety and even though like the Nokia

may run a mid-range processor and it may

not be as high frame rate in games for

most the stuff you're gonna do swiping

between home screens going Instagram and

the price point and the price point like

you can't complain so really we want

either an iPhone or as close to stock

Android as possible yeah yeah is a

question for you then whack on oddest

brands do stick to stock Android why do

the sequester well cuz we're seeing I'm

already one on way with Android one

which is what you get with a new the

latest moto Motorola phones and also the

new Nokia phones which is kind of

supposed to give us this pure Android

experience which to sign off on yeah

they guarantee upgrades as well well you

know what we've talked about this have

an option yeah so when the Galaxy S 10

comes out because Samsung view I still

isn't the best better overthought it's

got better but it's still not the best I

would love it if you could pay I don't

like 50 pounds more or even 50 pounds

less right and get it with Android one I

see what you mean yeah you know like

maybe you're losing out on Samsung's

features yeah but I just want that speed

while we're talking about performance we

can't not mention the razor phone too

and also this is the wrong flux of the

gaming device gaming for highs thing

everything makes a whole lot of

difference high refresh rates I love ya

90 hurts on the on the rock phone 120 on

the razor phone - does anyone really

want an overclocked 8 7 8 4 5 when a

phone with eight

five million a couple months you know

what though I think when game publishers

or developers when they create games I

think they actually develop it to be as

efficient as possible yeah for the

average well they have to because how

many people only raise a phone or what

and it's a rock phone but for people in

the world with that in mind it defeats

the purpose I'm not sold on that yet I'm

not I like the high refresh rate the

smooth scrolling I wish more phones did

that yeah and that's the other thing

these phones are great Burt like the

Seuss raagh isn't gonna have the best

camera the razor phone is a tank to hold

it's so hard for them to nail everything

like all round yeah be like okay so

gaming device but also great cameras

they're expressive they take someone to

come out and better tell me do like the

rock phone yeah next stuff is on the

corner hopefully next year we'll see

more gaming devices maybe you'll get

better better and the games and we'll be

optimizing as we've developed for it

yeah yeah best camera best camera best

camera on the phone right now I know

what I think it is yeah let me top three

give me top 33 yeah okay so iPhone 10s

yes I agree

pull out your pocket any scenario any

situation I agree these was just a great

point yeah you don't have to do any

extra settings you don't have to do

anything you're good to go and then I

think my second one would be may 20 pro

for sure like make 20 pro night mode is

oh it's fantasy and the three lenses

ultra wide zoom hybrid that's the

perfect combination I mean I've been I

air for the LA Auto Show and I've even

mentioned that we're in LA yeah we're in

LA cuz they're like what 20 minutes of

the video yeah oh this is his hotel room

shoot your whiny tissue I really like

the ultra wide-angle it's I use it way

more my word to it and you can use it

with night mode as well which is great

I'm just hoping that in next iteration

of the mate series wide-angle wise would

have a better a higher resolution yeah

and a wider aperture as well yeah yeah

now after three let's say off what we

think is the best camera I'm sure you

guys already have y'all haven't said my

third one yet I know that's why I'm

saying that Scott let's say it together

okay cuz I think I know what is gonna be

ah you ready alright three two one two

three that was in planned obviously was

a plan nice take paid for by Google

6:03 in my case my free Excel camera I

again yeah if have you tried Nightside


I haven't yet because it's not it's not

sure yet the the beta one that tested

transforms it doesn't it's magical for

my lenses one yes and yes but all in the

software this guy knows you know all in

the software before we go to pricing and

then I found conclusions best battery

life mate 20 Pro mate 20 Pro hands-down

weight 200 milli amp hours we've a I as

well were they and and the Q&A to chip

is pretty efficient as well so yeah this

thing will last me two days the reverse

wireless charging oh I was at a bar the

other day in San Diego right and this

girl's phone I was she was probably if

it wasn't a random person and I was like

hold the phone hold my beer quite good


hm be let me show you what happens it

and it lit up yeah and she's like how

did you do that yeah it's such a great

bar trick here but then you have to

instantly explain this is so slow

yeah is very slow you'll get like 5% in

half an hour this is the first iteration

of it right so I'm guessing in the

future it'll be faster and maybe we'll

get a bigger battery enough not to fight

we don't like it though I mean it sounds

kind of gimmicky but it was a generally

quite useful thing you got from zero to

five percent you could call nuber that's

it I should be making adverts you're not

think though like it's such a simple

idea that you think why not because

until now all the other phones have like

we've had to ration the battery so much

now you big on wireless died you know I

am oh I'll tell you what so imagine I'm

at my desk I own I just place my phone

down yeah I don't want to keep plugging

I'm plugging sure so I love the hole I

put it down use it pretty but that's a

good point

back up yes sir for me charge if you win

a game cars with no wireless charging

I'm like what's this because I love just

it's just there get rid of this card

yeah give me another one

burn it that YouTube money man all right

so we're gonna mate 20 pro for battery

the one thing about most of these phones

that we have here which I've just thrown

out on the floor because they've got no

table is they're just so expensive yeah

mate when I was like 900 the iPhone 10s

is a grand

they're no nines like 900

yeah I sing a lot of money is a lot of

money but I think value for money 60 or

the Shelby I agree

I mean 499 I mean if you want to fly to

your phone these are still five hundred

quid they're still very expensive spent

for most people yeah yeah and it's half

the price yes of the iPhone 10s yes

second you get the chamois or the 60 you

get so much fun of money I'm gonna feel

you can go wrong in that sense I think

it's good but one place are actually if

I have some competition in that yeah age

range flagship pricing space so for

flagships Valley for money showing me a

pro one plus 16 plus 16 that's alright

if mine is not 9 issue then I'd say

iPhone or the mate 20 Pro or even the

picture 3 except 109 fix it 3 or even in

options on this cheaper front on the

child like the Nokia 7.1 that any day

all day maybe the Moto G 6 plus I do

quite like the honor 8x and I'm gonna

say let's not forget on earth

cheap and cheerful cheap and cheerful I

think you have a lot of options now yeah

and that's what matters yeah but these

still have things like these Samsung j3s

and a nines and yeah

LG blah blah blah haven't even talked

about the LG v 40 which else we just

stop there are you sorry yeah you're

right yeah I don't know why they're up

to you the LG g3 was my first ever video

oh really first ever video I love the g3

but LG what's happened cuz they when

they v30 v40 comes out the thank you

everyone's like oh actually that's a

pretty good yeah and then within about

five minutes someone else has come up

with the same thing but better yeah

they're behind they're playing catch-up

software's all bit behind software's

behind release even like release of the

phone right in the UK lease is just

their PR just isn't very good at giving

it to us yes so you don't you end up

being like well I can't talk about it so

no one knows about it

what's the best phone Tommy gadget boy

yes Felicia so at the moment the phone

that I use every day yeah no matter what

other phone I'm reviewing before you say


can we just say this video is not

sponsored by anyone no matter what we

are about to say someone's going to say

because we're sponsored by that brand

this video is not sponsored at all I'm

gonna go this is tough it's split am I

allowed to be set to be greedy no right

now I'm using the may 20 Pro okay and

the 60 but the 60 because I'm reviewing

this at the moment okay

once I'm done with my review I'm going

back to the note night oh and see that

current good camera yeah battery's

decent I love the s-pen it's just like a

great all-rounder but I just find it a

little bit big yeah gadget boy best

phone you can buy right now no slash

best friend 2018 no Samson not sponsored

yeah what about you

I love the iPhone 10s but I tend to use

Android phones more and right now I am

using me to me Pro and I think I'm gonna

say the mate tomato is my okay it's the

best friend to buy right now when we

have a pile of phones like this I guess

it's quite get indicator of what we

think is good

buy what we have in our pocket that's

right that's right thank you so much

come on Tommy thank you check out his

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social media it's disgusting really but

it's been a real pleasure to have you

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