What is the ideal pH for drinking water?

dr. Jaffe what is the ideal pH for

drinking water

his is highly alkaline water beneficial

or is long-term use harmful a very

important question about water since the

water we drink is much more important

even than the water in the food we eat

in regard to the impact on our mineral

balance I'm reminded that a classic

study was done in Massachusetts where

the town had two wells on the top of one

well they put sodium chloride salt

because that was the only place they had

to put a mountain of salt and they use

the salt in the winter to melt the ice

and on that side of town people were

taking in so much sodium and chloride in

their water which the chloride makes

your body acidic sodium is important but

sodium is kept outside of cells you need

a balance of sodium and potassium just

as you need a balance of calcium and

magnesium and a balance of copper and

zinc because inside the cell it's mostly

potassium magnesium and zinc so the

question is what is the quote ideal

water pH and the answer is if you can

get water that's neutral that's a little

better but what most people forget about

measuring pH is it tells you how acid or

alkaline is that liquid at that moment

however it doesn't tell you the strength

of the acid or the alkaline so I drink

Pellegrino water

I also recommend any of the classic

alkaline mineral therapeutic waters

there's Apollinaris there

LaRoche diner there are a number of them

usually the ones whose name you remember

our well enough marketed and prominent

enough in markets that you can find them

but it's an investment it's you know

when you pay by the liter water is

expensive I would not I would not get a

machine that makes water alkaline

because that's a false alkalinity that

fools the body and makes a fool out of

the person who spent the five thousand

dollars for the machine that in my

opinion is a laboratory tool but since

it does not help physiologically and can

potentially harm I don't recommend it so

the measurement of pH in the water is

much less important than the measurement

of pH in the urine after rest and if

that urine pH is below 6.5 then you want

more minerals in your diet and more

medium chain and short chain

triglycerides the short fats that

alkalinize you and the recycle glutamine

that contributes an alkaline effect but

you don't care about is whether the

water in the glass is pH five six or

seven or eight and why because just

measuring the pH does not tell you how

concentrated that acid or alkaline is

and just to be technical for a moment if

I remember correctly because of the way

Pellegrino is produced and bottled the

pH if you measure it before you drink

the Pellegrino is six point five I

happen to like the effervescence so I

like sparkling rather than still water

that's a preference I will recommend to

anyone who can that they get well water

from the below the bedrock level I call

that third aquifer

you don't want to drink the groundwater

you don't want to drink the water that's

just below the surface but in any area

any well digger can tell you where the

bedrock is and how far you'll have to go

down to get below that into an aquifer

where you can have well water

fortunately at my home that's what we

have if you don't have well water or a

friend from whom you can get well water

you can get from reliable commercial

sources Mountain Valley there are three

or four and they don't all leap to mind

right now but there are companies that

will deliver to your home or office five

gallons at a time of deep mountain

spring water not reverse osmosis not

processed in any way not purified for

you in their chemical treatment plant

but actually from the equivalent of

below the bedrock levels of aquifer

often these are artesian which means

they are under pressure and they can

actually draw a lot of water without

disturbing the water table so don't

worry about the forests or the glades

from which those companies draw their

their water