Testing the 6 Best Pepper Sprays for Everyday Carry / Self Defense 🔥 (Sabre Red vs POM vs Fox Labs)

welcome to the urban survivor channel

and in this video we're going to be

comparing and testing several of the

best and most commonly available pepper

sprays and gels

from a few of the top brands including

sabre palm and fox labs

pepper spray is legal in all 50 states

but each state has different regulations

about the strength of the spray and the

size of the canister

so before you purchase any kind of

pepper spray be sure to check your local

laws to make sure that they are legal

for you to use and to own

if you're unsure about which pepper

spray is right for you hopefully this

video will help you decide

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pepper sprays and gels you can find

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the first spray we're going to be

looking at is the saber red compact

pepper spray with clip

which is probably the most affordable

pepper spray you can buy

all of the products from sabre we're

going to be looking at in this video

have the saber red formula which has a


mc content and uv marking die which is

sold in most states

this pepper spray has a twist top safety

and to use it you just slide it


and then you can press down with your

thumb one reason i don't like this


as much as some of the others for

everyday carry in your pocket is the

fact that it doesn't take much for the

safety to slide off

and it can accidentally deploy in your

pocket and it's most likely going to

ruin your day so in my opinion

it would be better off kept inside of a

backpack or purse

or inside of a drawer or anywhere else

where it would be safe from accidental


next we have another very similar

product from sabre but instead of a

twist safety

this one has a flip top safety which is

much less likely to accidentally deploy

in your pocket or on a keychain

this model comes with a keyring on the

bottom but you can also get one with a

quick release

so you can easily take it on and off

your keychain

it's also got some nice grooves for your

fingers and it's a really great option

for everyday pocket or keychain carry

this is the compact pepper spray from

palm and this product has a 1.4

mc content with uv dye which is one of

the stronger civilian grade formulas

you're going to find

this also has a flip top safety which is

one of the strongest flip tops

out of the ones we have here and it also

feels the least likely to lift up


it's slightly more compact than the

saber keychain model

and it's another good choice for pocket

carry the three sprays we just looked at

have about a ten foot or three meter


but generally speaking larger canisters

have longer range

which brings us to our next product from

fox labs which is the mean green

fox labs makes a handful of different

products but but this one also has a

green marking die

which should make it easier for police

officers and sheriffs to identify the

person who was sprayed

this product doesn't come with a pocket

clip so you'll most likely need a

holster for it or you'll need to keep it

inside of a backpack

or it would be a good option for home

defense next up we have the saber red

crossfire pepper gel

which is the largest canister we have

here and it's also the one with the

longest range at about 18 feet

this canister also has sabers crossfire


which makes it more accurate and it can

be fired at any angle

one thing to keep in mind about gels is

that generally they are more accurate

so there's less of a chance of cross

contamination which is good for indoor


but there's also less chance that the

gel will be inhaled

so they're less likely to cause

respiratory effects so you'll need to be

more accurate with gels

and make sure to hit your target in the

eyes this also has a flip top and a

pocket clip

and if accuracy and distance are your

main concerns this is a good one to


last we have the saber red tactical

pepper spray with clip

which is one of the best ranged pepper

sprays you can buy this one comes with a

tactical clip

which makes it larger than the other

items here but it also has an excellent


and it comes with a canister of saber

red spray inside which can also be


this is one of the most powerful sprays

so if you're looking for something

highly effective and nasty

that would be good to use against

multiple attackers this is one of the

best ones you can buy for everyday carry

or home defense use

all right so now we're going to test

these sprays and gels on a target

so you can get an idea of their range

and how much product is actually in the


we're going to start off by spraying at

the distance it says that they are

effective on the packaging

and then adjusting accordingly first

we're going to test the saber red small

pepper spray and start at 10 feet which

is the manufacturer's stated range

when i first fired there was a slight

gust of wind which blew my first shot

completely off target

so when i fired again i had to adjust

the angle slightly to get the spray to

land in the target's face

but once i found the right angle it was

easier to consistently land shots in the

same place

after a few more shots i can feel it

losing pressure and it's getting harder

and harder to land spray in the eyes

so in order to be effective with the

second half of the canister

you'll need to be about five to eight

feet away also as the canister expires

the last bit of the spray is going to

have almost

no pressure behind it so as it leaves

the canister there's a good chance that

it might blow back right at you

so keep that in mind as the can gets

lighter and get ready to back away


so you don't end up inhaling any of the

formula yourself next we're going to

test the saber red keychain spray with

the flip top

at 10 feet my first few shots were blown

off target and none of them landed

anywhere near the target's face

so while it's likely that they might

have some respiratory effects from these


it would most likely not be much of a

deterrent i'm moving in a bit closer to

about eight feet now

and i'm having an easier time landing

shots in the target's eyes

again as the can starts to lose pressure

i have to arc my shot and at this point

five feet probably would be the longest

effective range

overall i was able to land plenty of

spray in the eyes so that combined with

the respiratory effects of inhaling the


would be very uncomfortable for a single


now we're going to test the palm compact

pepper spray at 10 feet

and as you can see my first shot needed

a bit of adjustment before it landed in

the eyes of the target

of the three smaller sprays it looks

like this one has a slight advantage

over the others in range

i was able to get in a few more decent

sprays at this range that landed in the

target's eyes

before the canister lost pressure and i

moved in to about seven feet to finish

it up

overall i was able to land a decent

amount of the spray in the target's face

which should be more than sufficient the

spray on the palm is also clear

so it'll be less obvious who you sprayed

with it but it can still be detected

with uv light

next up we have the fox labs mean green

and we're going to start off standing

further back at the manufacturer stated

17 foot range

and as you can see there was some heavy

wind that threw the spray off course

but i really don't think that this range

is feasible so i'm going to move into

about 14 feet

and i began to land shots with more


the range is still much better than the

small canisters

and another thing that's nice about the

larger canisters is that there's a lot

more formula inside

which will help to ensure that you get

enough opportunities to land some good

sprays in the target's face

you can see how easy it would be to spot

somebody who has been sprayed with the

green formula

now we're going to test the sabre red

crossfire pepper gel

which is the only gel tested in this

video which also has the longest range

of all the products here

at the manufacturer recommended 18 feet

the first few shots needed a little bit

of arcing but they were all pretty much

direct shots in the eyes in the upper


as you can see from this close-up the

gel is a lot cleaner and tighter coming

out of the canister compared to the


it continued to be more accurate and

effective at long range for a few more


but i was a bit surprised that there

wasn't more formula left to be sprayed

but overall there was plenty around the

eyes of the target and this would most

likely be effective against multiple

targets if needed

and it's nice because you can also do

this at long range finally we're going

to be testing the saber red tactical

prepper spray with clip

which is another spray with a longer

range at 12 feet

i was able to land a nice shot in the

eyes easily and what's nice about this

one is that there's a lot of formula

deployed really quickly

after a few shots the range declined

slightly so i finished the test by

moving into about 10 feet

and i was able to get a lot of good

shots in before emptying the canister

this is another one to really watch out

for at the end because the spray went

all over the place and i inhaled some as


overall there was a large volume of

formula that came out of this can

and it seems like it would be very

effective for multiple targets at close

to mid-range

so my two favorites for everyday carry

are the palm spray

and the saber red compact keychain spray

i like the palm because of the flip top

the compact size

and it's one of the strongest civilian

formulas and it also has great range for

such a small canister

you can't go wrong with the saber red

compact flip top keychain either

sabre is a really well respected company

and they're the leader in the pepper

spray industry

and this model seems very safe has an

excellent grip

decent range and is designed for easy

access and quick deployment

which is exactly what you want in a

pepper spray for home defense i like the

saber red crossfire pepper gel

and the saber red tactical pepper spray

i like the saber red personally because

for me cross contamination is a bit of a


inside the home but if cross

contamination was not a concern

i would go with the saber red tactical

spray in general i much prefer sprays to


because of the increased chances of

respiratory effects

and even though you'll probably end up

inhaling some of the spray yourself if

you do use it indoors

you can rest assured that your targets

will probably inhale and get some in

their eyes as well

which is the most important thing if you

have any experience with any of these

pepper sprays or gels

or perhaps there's another that you'd

like to recommend you can let us know in

the comments

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