✅ Best Pellet Stove of the Year [ 2021 Budget Buyer's Guide ]

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in this video we're going to look at the

top five pellet stoves available on the

market today

we made this list based on our own

opinion research

and customer reviews we've considered

the quality features and values

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so here are the top 5 best pellet stoves


the fifth product on our list is the pel

pro pellet stove

with an 81.6 efficiency rate pell pro

pellet stove

is a powerful heater that features 50

000 btu input

and 40 600 btu output that equals the

loss of heat

the high btu output allows this

appliance to occupy

up to 2 500 square feet of heated space

moreover its large capacity hopper can

give out up to 96 hours of burning time

it also has a powerful variable speed


of 120 volts and it plugs into a 110


pel pro has a 130 pound hopper capacity

that can offer up to four days between


it also features a self-emptying firepot

that extends the time between cleaning

additionally this pellet stove comes

with automatic ignition

and an intuitive dial thermostat that

can produce comfortable heat

made with steel hellpro measures 22.8

by 24.5 by 36.5 inches

and weighs 243 pounds

it is epa certified for its clean

burning performance

for being the best in class fuel economy

it is also mobile home improved with the

included fresh air intake

lastly it is covered by a 5-year firebox

and a 1-year electrical for the pellet


its pros are it has three different heat


it is durable it distributes heat evenly

and it comes with an artistic design


the cons are the control knob may be

hard to figure out

and it produces an invisible flame

pell pro pellet stove is powerful

affordable and economical

if these are qualities you are looking

for in a pellet stove

you should consider this one

up next in the fourth place is the q


q stove is a wood pellet stove that

serves as an alternative to standard

polluting fuels

its company aims to support sustainable

non-fossil biomass fuels

to save forests and reduce air pollution

it is perfect for recreational

activities like camping and patio


it is more efficient than outdoor

propane electric heaters

and campfires you can take it with you

when you go camping

hunting or rving because of its portable


it provides three times heat output of

up to 106 000 btus

with a 10-foot heating area

this is the highest btu output for any

patio heater

it is easy to assemble you will not need

any tools

all it takes is 5 minutes and you are

ready to go

it does not have any moving parts either

which means maintaining it

is hassle free and it will serve you for

a long time

the wood pellet fuel it uses is made

from sawdust

considered as carbon neutral and green

energy it will leave no tricks

it also creates less ash making them

safer and cleaner

you can also count on its heat and light

without augers

or electricity thanks to its gravity

feed pellet system

moreover it will only cost you 50 cents

per hour of fuel

this is less than any other heaters on

the market

it's pros are it is easy to assemble and


it is durable it uses sustainable fuel

and it has no smoke output however

it is expensive q-stove is a pellet

stove that is both beautiful and


moreover it is cost effective and more

efficient than gas

it may be expensive but it sure is an

ideal investment

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the third product on our list is the us

stove company gw1949

most pellet stoves come in big sizes

best for

1500 plus square feet homes but

if you live in a smaller house a small

pellet stove

is a more practical option the us stove


gw1949 is regarded as the best small

pellet stove in the market it comes with

forty thousand btus

and it can heat up to two thousand

square feet

moreover it measures 15 by 52

by 24 inches and weighs 131 pounds only

so installing it is easy it is even a

freestanding pellet stove

there is no need for a chimney all you

have to do

is drill a small hole in the wall to

install it

this epa certified non-electric pellet


uses a natural gravity feed system that

eliminates all mechanical parts

this means that there will be less

maintenance and breakdowns

gw 1949 is easy to use

all you have to do is heat the burn

chamber and flu

then start the pellet flow with a

propane torch

you can make adjustments just by opening

and closing the fresh air intakes on the


moreover it has a window that allows you

to see the flame

traveling up the stove's body its pros


it occupies less space it is easy to


it does not require any electricity


it heats up to 2000 square feet for 36


and it comes fully assembled however the

cons are

it does not suit big homes and it has no

option to use electricity

the u.s stove company gw 1949

is ideal for cabins used seasonally and

lacks electric hookup

its compact and easy to install design

makes it easy to fit into small spaces

the second product on our list is the

comfort build hp 22 ss

comfort build hp 22ss is a powerful

pellet stove

with the highest heating capacity of 50

000 btu

it can be used in large-scale buildings

thanks to its equally high heating area

of 2800 square feet

it is also notable that comfort build is

a brand that makes powerful pelt stoves

ideal for heavy duty usage during


you can be assured that this is one of

the best pallet stoves that money can

buy hp

22ss comes with a stylish design that

will look great in your living room

or any other place in your home it has

carbon black bay windows

with large glass viewing panels and

stainless steel door trim

it also has a handy digital control

panel with a thermostat that ranges from


to 84 degrees moreover

it is built with a large hopper capacity

it can hold up to 55 pounds of fuel so

there is no need to refill it often

it pros are it is powerful it works


it has great build quality and it comes

with a one year warranty

however the cons are it is expensive

and it has a large footprint


you can rely on comfort build hp 22ss

to provide you with efficient heating

all winter so if you have the budget

and space you should go for it

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finally our top pellet stove is the

castle pellet stove serenity

castle pellet stove serenity will

reinvent the way you heat your home this


with its new smart controller this


gives you the power to choose manual

thermostat and weekly operational modes

to heat your home on your schedule

this pellet stove lets you set a local


or manually set it on one of the five

burn levels

using its calendar and time-based

heating options

like other castle pellet stoves serenity

provides you affordability

style and practicality you will love to

have it in any room in your house

thanks to its space-saving and

attractive design

moreover this pellet stove is made to be

easy to clean

you will not have to stress over tubes


or hidden chambers with 31960 btu

it can heat up to 1500 square feet

it only takes around 5 minutes to get

serenity working

its ash pan is easy to use and you can

expect to use

40 pounds of pellet per day it is


and economical you will not need any


also you will not be using a lot of

electricity for the hopper and fan

it's pros r it has five fire burning


it is easy to use it comes with a smart


it is easy to clean and it has an

attractive design

however it is expensive

still you can be assured that castle

pellet stove serenity can serve you for

a long time

well built and durable it comes with

excellent features that are easy to use

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